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(cont'd from shawn)... overlooking the shore, I would receive a phone call notifying me of the next scheduled tour. No time to soak up the sunlight or read a good book, I had to hit the road again. It felt good knowing that our faithful followers found some satisfaction in our egocentric endeavors. Everything imaginable was available to us, meaning the abundance of candy and promiscuity was part of our daily menu. Our intrigue was not limited only to musical fans. Our collective group of admirers ranged from gay politicians to bored rich brats looking for kicks with rock bands. The subtle, unrecognizable torment we sometimes faced was stored deep underneath the layers of laughter and eye-piercing facades. We wanted the fame, we demanded the attention, only to find ourselves weighed down by a burden of responsibility. Luckily, time has a way of slowing down the fast-paced highway of popularity; a good thing if you're caught up in the redundant ruckus. In the end, we can reflect as mature connoisseurs of our self-appointed space and smile, knowing we slayed many dragons along the killing road. From Ciao Magazine n   
GOULD (cont'd from jimi page)...I could list all his achievements but that would only reveal that I read his bio in the program. I want to write about what I heard from this genius ivory tickler. I know I will probably sound so cliché, he was a virtuoso boy, do I need piano lessons.....The less said of this man the more. When the string quartet, which was made up of Erika Raum (violin), Aisslinn Nosky (violin), Steven Dann (viola), and David Hetherington (cello), joined Mr. La Plante I was taken to a mystic place feeling the passion of each string as it resonated through my head. How wonderful to be treated to a natural high. If the CBC continues to display this kind of adventure I will stop saying they are a foo foo organization. BUBBLEGUM HERO.

BLACK ON BLACK: The legendary Johnny Cash was much more than a mere country crooner. He was as innovative as such artists like The Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra and others that helped pave the way to a musical spectrum of change. For over 50 years he entertained us with his black persona, but underneath that dark fashion was a gentle and caring man. His music represents the simple individual coping with life's everyday struggles to maintain a sane existence. Despite his compassion for the ordinary man, he will always remain elevated, at least in the sense of musical history. Receiving 11 Grammys and writing 48 single records to reach the American Top100, he created a perfect blend of country, folk and pop styles. Each of his five children have performed on stage with him at one point or another during the 38 years he spent touring the globe. His talents as an entertainer go beyond music; he collaborated on several films over the course of his life, as well. His voracious spirit and strong influence will not go unfelt after his passing from this world. 1  BUBBLEGUM HERO 

 Photo by Mary Frampton

 Thanks to an AC fan for sending us this photo of Jimi and a dj at VOCM in Nfld.`Canada. At least we think it's Jimi.




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Jimi  B, Steve Lopez, Mike Babbitt, Bryn Anderson

  Canadian Musician - Jimi B A&M SP9069 Recorded at Masters Workshop Producer Jimi B Engineers Steve Vaughn, Paul Massey - Jimi B's self titled disc comes as a breath of fresh air to Toronto's new wave scene. It's well produced and contains some excellent playing. BN's singing and writing are great. He punks out successfully on the first-rate new wave songs and also shows that he sing a moving ballad. Jimi B has a lot of fun with the new wavish material like "Shake" "Red White and Blue" and "Touch Me". The bouncing rhythms, weird vocals and strange metallic sounds make the songs terrific. Perhaps The oddest song is "ODee" which is reminscent of the spoons or Talking Heads. B. shows his other side in songs like the pop-ish "All American Boy" and "Unit #1980". Two ballads have been included in the album: "Strange Feeling" and "Wickless Dynamite" B. sings with conviction on "Strange Feeling" but he sounds a bit strained on the other. They're strong tunes nevertheless and round out the album well. 


“Yo Joe whaja got happin” . This is how I envision my relationship with Mr. Pantoliano had we been good paisanos growing up together in Hoboken, playing ball hockey in the streets or splashing one another in the Hudson River on those hot summer days. Dreaming was a big part of our m.o. Yeah we would be buds for sure, popular with the girls and hanging out at the local joint. One day you’re punching each other in the arm and the next …
I don’t know if Joe is a vegetarian or likes peanuts, yeah google this. What I do know is he is one of the best actors out there. In a complex industry that recognizes your accomplishments by your current or last project, one can sometimes be intimidated pondering one's future.
Not Mr. Pantoliano. He’s solid. This is a face that TV wants and for which the screen cries out. He acts, writes, produces, directs and finds time for Broadway…bada bing. This attractive Italo-American player has more than just cliché acting appeal. He commands. He feeds you with emotional powder that keeps you high during his performance. This is more than acting. This is an individual who draws from his inner soul with precise delivery. Perhaps his own personal struggles have helped fuel his determination to have a better understanding of his disorder, which in turn has led him to a path of recovery. The founder of No Kidding, Me Too (www.nkm2org), a project which is very dear, gives him purpose in helping others understand and recognize the symptoms of mental illness. Mr. Pantoliano has come full circle. Artists have a certain need for controllable pain. That can be a good thing, if it’s controlled. Joe uses it all to get to the best possible results whether in film or in life. (Joe and Jimi goofing off. Joe received a star on the walk of fame and a Common Spirit Award. Jimi presented the bad boy with both.)
The Malibu Series (cont'd from AC-now) That same day he informed me that he was being interviewed by entertainment editor Robert Hilburn of the Los Angeles Times and that a photographer was coming to take some pictures. He said I should hang out and watch the session. I agreed. The photographer arrived and I let her in. She introduced herself as Mary Frampton from the Los Angeles Times and I gave her my name. She needed a few minutes to set up her equipment and we began talking. She noticed that I was looking through the classified ads of the Times and inquired what I was looking for. I explained that I had just moved here from Canada and was looking for a permanent place to live, by the beach, and that I didn't have a lot of money. She inquired what line of work I was in and I explained that I had just released an album on A&M Records and was down here promoting it. She asked if David was working with me and I said yes. Our conversation went well and I could see that she liked me. At the end of the shoot she gave me her phone number and told me she lived in Malibu and could possibly accommodate me with a room....I was so overjoyed. I called her the next day and arranged to go and see the place. When I arrived at her home I knew it was perfect and the bonus was she had an old white piano. We agreed on the rent and I moved in. This was one of the most prolific times of my writing career.(more of Mary's photos coming soon) Scott Carpenter - ICON DJ (cont'd from Bubblegum) onto the scene and never looked back. "We have come full circle in many ways," added the Boogieman.
As a touring musician I enjoyed visiting radio stations in small towns, hanging out with their crew and experiencing that personal touch that was part of the romance of radio. The impersonal times we have now hurts the artist in many ways. Who really suffers from this cyber environment?...Bands and artists who at one time depended on airplay royalties are now required to be creative and resort to live tours more often to make a decent living. There is no accountability, or very little, for internet royalties at present. This is a mission that would require a budget of millions of dollars to track downloads, streaming, looping etc., a challenging task that will no doubt happen in time. Scott went on to say that music and radio have become distant relatives. "Some of the top air talents have gone back to the smaller and medium markets and they tend to like it there, so I think that's going be the breeding ground for whatever happens in the next phase of radio. I was a musician too and I was on the road before you were. I spent a couple of summers touring with the Dick Clark caravan and I couldn't wait to get the hell out of that and get back into doing smaller clubs and things of that nature back in Flint, Michigan...that's where the creativity was." He added with a little chuckle in his voice, "You know Jimi, when I was a kid I used to make as much money going out to the Detroit recording studios and only doing demos."
Over the years he has often told his two sons, who are professional musicians in a smoking hot band called The Sandbox Kings, " just get the music out there and forget about record companies as they don't exist in the same fashion anymore. Build your audience, create a following and follow up with your fans." These ceaseless efforts to find one's vocal platform reinforce the very essence of what live performances are all about. Our society is a reflection of its creative domain, and the artistic messages abound with colourful splendor. The reverse is also true, as we reflect society and our humanness through all conduits of artistic freedom.
Scott Carpenter is a realist. He left radio in 1999 to explore the IT field and feels very comfortable in his new-found career. His days at CHUM and WPGC are now memories of a glorious past that allowed him to be a part of radio and music history. JB watch the video

THE BASEMENT - The musty smell was enough to send anyone running, but not us. We were self-made inventors and champions of keeping ourselves occupied. The old noisy furnace was like some creature out of a bad B movie and the paneling on the wall…well there wasn't any. This was our crib. If we wanted to share our thoughts, our pleasures, or just get away from the big folks we could. The basement, a word synonymous to the Italian culture with cantina and serious family gatherings was our club med. We ruled this archaic dungeon and what we lacked in design and modern comforts we made up with ball hockey and pretend theatre. Mike, Sam and I were the three amigos. A weekend never went by without a visit from the dapper compari Brunino and the gang. We would eat, drink the fruits of our fathers labors, laugh and eat some more at a table that always seemed brimming. Then we would retreat to the old couch, undo a few belt knotches and chill while we digested the never ending meal. Those days were filled with imagination and creativity that far surpassed the mindless techno environment we face today. Mike and Sam were like brothers to me. We shared many curious thoughts and when we weren't bouncing off the walls or playing floor hockey in the basement, we were busy manufacturing wooden hockey games that kept us occupied for hours. My memories of Mike are filled with the youthful adventures of inquisitive boys who were determined to explore life and whatever it threw at us. The basement was our world, defined by the many hours we invested in developing our characters that we would carry us into adulthood. We embarked on our journeys, destined to taste the victories and challenges, knowing that we would meet once again in the basement of Heaven.
OIL (cont'd from the store) the Middle East? My best guess would be to subsidize more alternative energy research and development, something on the public agenda that took a serious dive during the Reagan administration, and has never fully recovered its significance. Finding ways to harness hydrogen would likely be more profitable than drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But then again, advancements bin technology do tend to be surrounded by potential controversy. We return to the idea of people on the extremes too often dominating the conversations with their blatant, unbudging opinions and presuppositions. Nothing in turn gets done, as with Congressional gridlock we've faced on and off over the years. When environmental concerns were first brought to the forefront of the country's political agenda, back in the 1970's, legislators were more than willing to cooperate without burden of bi-partisan split, especially in regards to issues that directly affected the health and safety of human communities. I mean how obvious must the evidence be to induce change. Does a piece of smog have to hit you in the head before you realize the damage being inflicted by our common actions? We, the constituents, all share the responsibility and the consequences of of the American Dream, and could definitely be putting more concentrated efforts towards stopping dependence upon foreign oil. Can you imagine if this supermarket strike had been about gasoline? That's what it will take to make a significant change and halt in the increasing pollution trend that began in the days of Model T Ford Ciao Magazine 
Is that I can't believe it's not butter "Fabio" and the fabulous looking Ms. Marisa Lang. 
Posing for the camera. Marisa and Jimi have been working together for many years...
I should have wrtten this years ago. I had an incredible time with the band touring one of their tours. They were fun and very polite as a band. They signed our albums and posters, I still have them somewhere. Thanks for the music and the kindness to some very excited teens. Deborah Fisher - Halifax NS


CKRC in Winnipeg, Manitoba was a big supporter of the band. AC charted with all their releases.

Photo by John R. Rowlands


Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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Backroads Productions'
Paul Gross is doing a session
with John Moran and Peter Rochon- he's currently on the chart with Abraham's Children's "Goodbye Farewell."

Goodbye Farewell was the first Buddah Records release. Followed by "Gypsy" and "Thank You" which Dick Clark played on American Bandstands rate a record. Did we win...We asked Jimi and his memory seemed a bit in the clouds.  

I feel so blessed to be able to make music. Jimi



Capital has no loyalty. Capital creates jobs, not people. Capital follows demand levels based on highest return on investment to supply demand. I suggest being cautious about labeling individuals as workers or managers based on their reluctance to get out of bed in the morning; I personally know two very prosperous night owls.


Capital creates jobs not people….Umm. Are we talking about the capital that grows on the vines of illusions? I think perhaps your demand theory is compacted by loose leaves of hemp. And who makes investments? Mr. And Mrs. Supply. I commend your two prosperous night owls and hope they are not blinded by the light, as you appear to be. (get it now a good read)

Our friend Carlo Coppola who had the balls to over-throw our soldiers and plott himself on a red Baldwin grand piano seduced the black tie crowd.He entertained the audience like a pro and received thunderous applause. The celebrities in attendance were quite impressed. Thanks Carlo... all you had to do was ask.

 Ethan Bortnik was recently certified a Guinness World Records title-holder as The Worlds Youngest Solo Musician to Headline his own Tour. We are so happy for Ethan. His performance at the 2010 Italian Walk Of Fame was awesome a true entertainer. He received 3 standing ovations...way to go Ethan definitely a BUBBLEGUM HERO




 Hi I saw Abraham's Children in Winnipeg in 1974 and got to meet them. I thought they were the nicest guys ever and very sexy. They signed my lp which I still have. Any chance the band will be performing anytime. Gail H. Winnipeg, Man.
 Hello AC! The incredible Jimi B. is offering a classic band sticker upon request. I'd love to have one for the stereo room, I have loved you guys forever and wil always. Thanks so much for the songs and great times in our life. Cheers, Gord. Oregon USA


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