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Toronto Sun - Recently, while lined up at The Sun cafeteria, I found myself next to Shawn O'Shea of our business office -- the best-preserved grandfather you'll ever meet and a bit of an old hipster. I admitted to him that in a sentimental moment, I'd downloaded the '70s radio hit Gypsy from his old band Abraham's Children, and offered to buy him a coffee in lieu of royalties.He demurred, good-naturedly, offering the opinion that the song's been out of print for a long time and it should pretty much be public domain at this point. I got the feeling he felt it was just nice to be remembered. (Send us your feedback and don't forget to add a photo) .

Director, musician Peter Foldy and Shawn having a gay ole time aboard some chartered boat in Halifax, NS. Peter was supporting his hit, Bondi Junction and opened for AC during a tour of many cities in Eastern Canada.
 Hello Shawn not sure that you will remember me but I was the girl with the poster and album you signed. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for signing everything for me. You guys were amazing. I have never seen so many fans outside your hotel room. Anyway thanks. Amber S.- Vancouver BC (talk2us) 

On the road again. AC would sometimes tour for months at a time. Put the cig out Jimi...

Hi an old fan from way back. I went to see you guys at the University of Alberta and I recall Bruce Coburn was opening for the band.Well an hour after Bruce finished his set we got word that you were stuck in a blizzard and would be very late. Well to make a long story short the band finally showed up 3 hours late and most of the packed house had left. When you arrived I remember Jimmy jumped on stage and apologised and asked if we still wanted them to play. The remaining crowd moved up to the front of the stage and the band performed unplugged. The wait was worth it. Charles Hanson - Edmonton AB.
 Shawn signing autographs for a bunch of dedicated fans at a meet and greet event.
 Shawn was always my favourite Baby. Joy H. Sudbury, Ontario

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Email us or call 416 941-9905 Toronto or 323 536-6668 Los Angeles ......................................... SHAWN O'SHEA

Shawn is busy working on a new novel and doing some gigs locally...........Visit the store and buy a cd.


Shawn O'Shea

Can't Go Home

Hi Shawn I was surfin the web and thought I would put Abies Babies in and see what would come up. Wow couldn't believe how many pages are available for your band. I do remember that your popularity was quite big at the time. I tried to explain to my son who is 22 now and he thought that was rad..."my mom the groupie" he said. Well maybe a bit, but mostly it was those great songs that are still playing on the radio. I recently visited Toronto and was thinking of looking you up to see if you were performing somewhere. But I didn't. Anyway I just wanted to say Thank You lol for the beautiful music you guys gave us. Janet R. Kingston, Ont.(send us your AC memories) 

Toronto Canada: Shawn O'shea - First came to the attention of AC when Jimi suggested that a second guitar be added to the group, The material was taking a more heavier sound and the addition of another guitar would enhance the super pop group. After many auditions with characters that were hungry to join a happening goupo de musica, Shawn was introduced to us. Mr. O'Shea added a complimentary addition to the new AC sound. The band would rehearse for a month straight preparing for the "Lock Up Your Daughters Tour" that would see the band doing 45 dates in Canada and the US. A veteran of the Canadian music scene, Shawn O'Shea has performed from coast to coast (including the Arctic) in clubs, colleges and stadiums. He has shared the stage with such Canadian acts as Kim Mitchell, Teenage Head, A Foot in Cold Water and Moxy as well as international artists like Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper and Taj Mahal. His creative band Fat Mouth had a very heavy cult like following. The group was known for its raw and loud power live. Fat Mouth included Gerry Fielding drummer ala tight which continues to work and produce with Shawn. In 2001, Shawn released his first solo CD 'Serfin' The Beat' containing 10 original tracks of the riff-rock he's well known for (read review) . Shawn's second CD (working title 'Rebel Station') featuring 11 new songs is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2008. Shawn produced the first CD (2000's 'Bay Ridges Blues') for Toronto bluesman Jimmy Fraser, and completed Fraser's second CD ('The Circus Goes On') in the fall of '07. He also handled the production duties for Canadian lounge-country artist Angus McHardy's 2002 CD 'Stolen Memories'. The spring of 2008 found him producing new Toronto singer/songwriter Laurie Harvey. Shawn's other credits include his 18-song, pop musical 'Crazy Nights' (completed in 2007) and his science-fiction novel, Sister Snow. A sequel to 'Sister Snow' is on the drawing board, but no completion date is currently set. (courtesy of www.shawnoshea.comDrop Shawn a line


Toronto Centre For The Arts 09 - Photo By George Onuska 

Recording session in Toronto for Juliana - Photo by Archives in Style.

Earth quake Relief concert in Boyd Park, Canada

Watch Shawn on the video Can't Go Home

The new HeyMacs is here. A song by Canadian artist Murray McLauchlan " Down By The Henry Moore" and the boys do a great take on it. 

THE KILLING ROAD (cont'd from brian's page)...S, D & RnR, and if you've heard anything about this traveling carnal zoo, 99% of the dirt is probably true. For many years I lived the life of a rock star, within my own outrageous bounds. My sweet clairvoyant Mama would save every postcard I sent and review or newspaper clipping about the band, as she mailed off our popular 45-records to her relatives in Southern Italy. By this point I was in need of a passport, more countries, more concerts, more everything. The overindulgence became monotonous and practically routine. I was a sequined soldier, defending my public persona by means of gratifying my supporters. At times it seemed that even the simplest form of stability was a luxury. The revenue I was collecting afforded me the ability to drive a great car, to have a recording studio built into the mansion on the hill, and all the material goods one could drink, but no sooner than I would sit down to enjoy a quiet brunch on my patio overlooking the shore, I would receive a phone call notifying me of the next scheduled tour. No time to soak up the sunlight or read a good book, I had to hit the road again. It felt good knowing that our faithful followers found some satisfaction in our egocentric endeavors. Everything imaginable was available to us, meaning the abundance of candy and promiscuity was part of our daily menu. Our intrigue was not limited only to musical fans. Our collective group of admirers ranged from gay politicians to bored rich brats looking for kicks with rock bands. The subtle, unrecognizable torment we sometimes faced was stored deep underneath the layers of laughter and eye-piercing facades. We wanted the fame, we demanded the attention, only to find ourselves weighed down by a burden of responsibility. Luckily, time has a way of slowing down the fast-paced highway of popularity; a good thing if you're caught up in the redundant ruckus. In the end, we can reflect as mature connoisseurs of our self-appointed space and smile, knowing we slayed many dragons along the killing road. From Ciao Magazine  

Shawn O'Shea, Gerry Fielding,Vince Moffat By day, they're mild-mannered reporters. But tomorrow night, they don their Guitar Hero capes and do their rock 'n' roll duty at the Opera House at Newzapalooza V -- The Battle of the Media Bands. Bands from the Sun, the Star, the Globe, Canadian Press and Reuters, plus Back-draft, a special guest band from the Toronto Fire Depart-ment, will perform for fun, and fundraise on behalf of the Children's Aid Foundation. Acerbic Trevor Boris, of MuchMusic's Video On Trial, hosts the event, with judges Farley Flex of Canadian Idol, This Hour Has 22 Minutes' Geri Hall and Yuk Yuk's boss Mark Breslin. The Sun's outfit, The Screaming Headlines, features movie critic/vocalist Jim Slotek (who will harshly critique his own performance), Jim's son Michael Slotek on rhythm guitar, Queen's Park correspondent Jonathan Jenkins on drums, Sun alumnus Ian Harvey on bass, and the Sun's own veteran rocker Shawn O'Shea (ex of legendary Cancon band Abraham's Children) on lead.



 HITS - ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN-BNO-0111109 What?! All the HITS by Abraham’s Children on one CD? Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. (GET IT NOW)

Shawn O'Shea - Surfin The Beat - So I sit down to check my email and decide to slip Serfin The Beat by ex Abies Babies guitarist Shawn O'Shea in my drive.. His first solo cd since who knows when. Mr. O'Shea's songs are structured like Legos, each block fits nicely into the next. His voice on the tracks could resemble a younger what's his name? Though "Serfin" displays a certain mature I have been around the block a few times je ne sais qua, its originality is sometimes lost in the shuffle of the shuffle. The background girls known as Katy Squad are tight and slick. Lou Reed would be so proud of them. Drummer and engineer, Gerry Fielding, displays a requiem of sound and consistency with each song complimenting the groove. These guys are no strangers to recording great stuff, whether it's at the Record Plant or Gerry's Garage. I like it, it's direct, raw and it rocks. (ORDER THE CD NOW) 

In a world where global warming has banished most of the population to undersea cities, a psychotic blackmailer with a deadly viral weapon threatens the lives of millions in the present . . . and the future. Sister Snow's reclusive life is shaken to its foundations when she accidentally stumbles onto previously impenetrable secrets of her sacred order, forcing her to question everything she believes in. Her hopes of a second chance with newly found family and friends spiral into an 'Alice-in-Wonderland' like nightmare, with ruthless criminals
making the stakes much deadlier than she could've ever dreamed.

  JAMES BROWN AND THE DEATH (cont'd from The Store)...It might seem odd but, to a 14 year-old kid, being in the same room with one of the most famous musician entertainers in the world was a moving experience. The crowd was kind and tried to understand why a group like ours was opening for an R&B icon. We played our 45 minutes to polite applauses, but it was apparent that they were there for "the man". After the show, as I sat in my dressing room with sweat pouring down my face, James walked in. He shook my hand and said, "you boys rock". Years later, while performing at The Roxy in Hollywood, James happened to be sitting outside the club in a white limo. Our bass player, Kelvin, knocked on his car window and told him an old friend of his was inside the Rainbow Room. His curiosity led him to come in and see who this old friend was. I watched him approach the table where we were feasting on the famous pizza for which the Rainbow Room was known, followed by four very large body guards. As I introduced him to everyone, he looked at my brother-in-law Gary and said "aren't you that guy from Alien Nation?" He then sat down, had some pizza and proceeded to bring up that gig at The Mimocombo. (google photo)

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Shawn has shared the stage with such Canadian acts as Kim Mitchell, Teenage Head, A Foot in Cold Water and Moxy as well as international artists like Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper and Taj Mahal.

I was surfing the web and thought I would google Abraham's Children. I was so surprised to see so many links. I hope this finds it's way to Shawn. Remember the girl with the funny hat..ha ha Halifax, NS read more feedback (talk2us) 

Dear Shawn not sure if you will receive this message or even remember. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your concert and hanging out with you after the show. Sorry about the restaurant ordeal you know small time. Anyway hope to see you one day perform again and good luck Angela C - Brandon , Manitoba.(talk2us read more)

Shawn you guys rocked the arena wow what a concert we all were a bit wasted but we sure had a great time. Good to see bands like Abraham's Children were visiting the great white north. Ah the good ole days. Thanks for a dynamite show. Perry Long - North Bay, Ont.(read more)


What do Randy Quaid and Jimi have in common? Well it seems that "Real Time" Randy's new movie features a song written by Jimi..yes it's "Goodbye Farewell" the big hit that put AC on the map of radio ears.  By Briaakil
 This is a message for Shawn. I hope he gets it. I remember you guys playing the arena in Sault Ste. Marie. It was the night that someone pulled Jimmy's necklace off his neck and someone else took his ring off his finger. That was quite a concert and afterwards hundreds of fans flocked to your hotel. Yes I was there as well. It was insane and the cops couldn't believe it. I hope life is good for you and thanks for the memories. Andrea H. Calgary AB. (send us your encounters)


  St. Petersburg Blues Philharmonica Band


 Wayne Epp - Toronto Totally changed the band, and gave AC a heavier sound. Shawn and Ronnie sounded amazing together. I think they pushed each other to be better musicians. Wish I could go back in time, or schedule a reunion!
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