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Abraham's Children 30 - BNO 010905 This double cd set has it all including the kitchen sink. 30 songs, some are classic, some are lost treasures that any collector would give up their sister to own. There are songs in here I have never heard of and of course hit after hit. I enjoyed the interview clips and some of the comments made by, I presume Jimi or one of the band members. Listen to " Would Mother Approve " a haunting piece that tells the story of a fan that gets infatuated with a rock group only to learn her mother does not approve. " Dreams To Sea " a progressive cut that would make YES spin... all in all this is worth having if you like to explore the depths of AC. Included is a great little comemorative booklet filled with photos documenting the band's history. Without a doubt this is the collection to own. There are a couple of duds on this but overall and some of the interviews are fun to listen to. 30 stands the sands of time. and will probably see good sales. Produced by Jimi Bertucci and BNOrecordingUSA . Executive Producer - Marisa Lang, Songs published by James Bert Publishing Socan/Ascap order30 
 Toronto Canada: Ron Bartley has been around music since before he was born. His parents were the hit-making duo known as the Singing Sweethearts who performed across the country. At a very young age Ron would pick up his dad's Gibson Hummingbird guitar and mimic entertainers such as Elvis,...(more)
WOLFMAN JACK became a big fan of THE CHILDREN. His intro of the band at Toronto's Center Island that attracted over 25 thousand fans almost caused fan hysteria.The band received incredible audience attention that security guards had to be called in. A group of young ladies found their way into the The Children's dressing room. Todd Rundgren, Manfred Mann, Canned Heat, Rory Gallagher, A Foot In Coldwater. Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show, Diamond Back were also appearing. This was the third time that Abraham's Children appeared on Center Island. The first time they were called Captain Midnites Dirty Feat 

David Marsden & Marisa. Catch David's show on the Rock.FM every Saturday and Sunday night from 7 p.m. until midnight. Read the interview One On One On Radio from the Ciao Magazine interview.
 The multi-dimensional persona of you Mr. Bertucci is alluring, intreguing and the best high I have experienced in some time. Your poetry is >entrapping and frustrating as it immediately conjures motion to want to >soothe your passionate yearning. One is brought to a state of quandry and >hope......that you are nurtured not tortured..LOVE >RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoPamela. have a good sleep Pamela Toronto, Canada. (Give us your feed back good or bad)
Dear Abraham's Children,I should have done this a long,long time ago.I've known for awhile now of Brian's passing,and I was deeply saddened when I heard this.Words cannot describe how I have felt for the song "Gypsy" after all these years.I always listen to it.From the very first time I heard it on the radio in the early seventies,I still have this connection to it today.Yes,I had the album,"Time". I loved it."Gypsy" has a nice rich texture and Brian's vocals are beautiful.I like everything by Abraham's Children,but "Gypsy" ,for me,was powerful."Goddess Of Nature" and "How To Be A Lady" are other songs I still listen to.When I'm working in my studio (read more)
ALWAYS FRESH - Maria Grazia Cucinotta - The orange skies and balmy evening brought a melancholy rush ...(more) 
Jimi and Ronald... Mc haming it up. The Ronald MacDonald House in Loma Linda, California, provides a home away from home, to children that need treatment for illness or injuries. Jimi gives his support in any way he can. BUBBLEGUM HERO


Blogger: yes, Joy you should no longer "attack" poor Elizabeth, that narrow minded idiot who can't form two intelligent words of her own that are not part of the same old same old party line. That kool-aid comment is just another example of avoidance of the issues by attacking the candidate

VDB: HUh...avoidance - issues-narrow minded idiot I know this a long shot, but are you a Liberal....(order the book)

Girls just want to have fun. The fabulous Connie Stevens and Marisa Lang Beaco enjoy the sun and the star and of course the papparazzi. for more great celeb photos, stories and more. Photo by photographer Mike Bellissimo. 

Daddy and baby...but who is it?  

 Little Adam Lang




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Welcome to - the official site of pop/rock group Abraham's Children, internationally recognized for their huge success in the 70's with a string of hits that included songs like Gypsy, Goodbye Farewell, Goddess Of Nature, Thank You and more ...songs that can still be heard on radio stations today. These guys have been rockin' for over 30 years. Their latest album, ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN 30, released a couple of years marked the celebration of 3 decades of great music by The Children. Over the years the band has toured extensively and played to audiences that have ranged in size from intimate clubs such as L.A.'s legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go to large stadiums and arenas. Check the tourdates page and mark your calendars to see AC live. Once again, AC is set to embark on the killing road and will be playing the old favorites, as well as new material, to the thousands of fans that can still appreciate good music and a quality performance. We know you will enjoy cruising our pages. Here you will be able to listen to the music, browse the store, check upcoming tour dates and hear what others have to say. This is one of the very few sites that offers exclusive items and music of Jimi Bertucci and Abraham's Children. Over the years we have had millions of visitors from all over the globe. We thank you for not only surfing on our site, but for all the support through your purchases and comments. Please feel free to tell your friends so that they can discover some great music. Keep in mind we love to receive photos or any live footage of the band. If you have any AC material that you feel we could use we will gladly credit you. If you have any questions, feedback or comments please email us Enjoy! Marisa Lang - President & CEO BNOrecordingUSA  
Bruce Palait of MANNA the rock band is asking everyone to order an AC classic t-shirt, that most likely, will become a collectors item. (click here) Not many left. 



Congratulations to Claire Cascone Of Toronto, Canada the winner of the AC Abstract Tee. We hope you enjoy your winning gift. Wear it with pride. Thanks from the staff at   Read the "Y" she won the AC Abstract







 OZZIE & STELLA ................are back. The lives and time of millennials. Dealing with dealing.
HAMILTON, ONT. - This question always comes up in interviews so, as a dedicated journalist, I wanted to get the scoop for our records. My question to Canada's Fab 4, as they were sometimes labeled, was this. "What was the largest venue in which you ever performed and why was it so special?" (read more)
This young handsome man lived his dream and more. Ok! who is he and we'll send you...
COVER STORY ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN A NEW CHAPTER - "Mrs. Norton once referred to children as Fragile beginnings of mighty end." Avenue of America's Gary Salter is now preparing his Abraham's Children for a mighty beginning rather than "mighty end." Their release on the G.A.S. label, "Goodbye Farewell", was slow to start but with the combined efforts of manager Jack Morrow and A&R man Paul Gross, they have now had the single listed on almost seventy stations across Canada - a rarity, so early on release. Morrow's telephone hype included calls to John Oliver/CHEC Lethbridge: Al Jenssen CHAK Inuvik: Greg Stewart/CKWS Kingston: Mike Christie/CKOM Saskatoon: Dave Hammond CFCY/ Charlottetown: Doug McAllister CHNL/ Kamloops and (read more)
 CANADA'S FAB 4 - Like so many other bands, AC has gone through some changes over the years. Although the original line-up has altered, the spirit of the music remains strong and, in many ways, more fresh. With time, musicians hone in on their craft and in certain cases become mature players. Jimi Bertucci, lead singer/songwriter and founder of the band, has done just that with Abraham's Children. The group explores the possibilities of the now sound and uses their AC experience as a foundation to create a tasteful and unique pop adventure. It's interesting to note that these guys have been rockin' and rollin' for over 30 years and still maintain a bright and positive outlook about their music in a business that can sometimes make you cynical. Their sex-appeal hasn't waned either. Bertucci, in particular, still exudes his rock-star sexuality to the glee of the females in the crowd. Unlike some bands that have come before, AC has managed to retain their long-time fan base while appealing to, and ultimately attracting, a new younger audience. Their live performance is nothing short of dynamic so it's easy to see why their popularity continues to grow. Originally considered a bubblegum pop group, AC's sound can now be categorized more along the lines of the pop/rock genre. Don't miss Abies Babies...really. ML 
TREND SETTERS? Abraham's Children had one of the most elaborate and creative wardrobes. Even when they weren't performing they looked hot. Their tailor Jerry was this cool Jamaican.......he would always get such a kick designing new things for the band. The more outrageous the better. One outfit he designed for Jimi was this full length jumpsuit made of purple sequins, (below) The suit would weigh about 50 pounds after a live concert, and Jimi always claimed he lost at least 7 pounds per show.....nice program. The designer would usually design two of each outfits. This white satin suit with full rhinestones on the lapels was worn at a Liberace concert and Liberace made Jimi stand up at his show. The crowd gave Jimi a big round of applause... Jimi and Lee became good friends, that's another story. Read about Jimi 's first encounter. with Liberace in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada.
I hope this message gets to Jimi B. I have been listening and downloading your songs for awhile now and was wondering when some new songs would be added, I really like your style of music it is very well written and played. Does Jimi write all the lyrics and music. Annie Henderson Belfast-Ireland  
Thanks Annie good to know we are rockin across the big ocean. If we get to Belfast we'll look you up. Jimi Bertucci
Toronto - Marisa and Robert Davi met up at the Italian Film Festival wrap party held at Toula’s on top of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto . Mr. Davi’s film, The Dukes, which he directed and also starred in, ended the festival’s 5-day long run with a bang by getting rave reviews. A departure from his familiar role as “the bad guy”, the "dramedy", as he describes it, showed us all there is a lighter, more charming, side to the man. The screening took place earlier that same evening at the Bloor St. Cinema and marked the film’s Canadian premier. 

Hey gang keep in touch with AC. Join the group and let us know what you've got happening. And don't forgetn to like. Later 

I don't believe you get tired of touring and performing live. There's a certain magic when you step onto a stage flooded by rainbow lights and the buzz of electricity. Both band and audience undergo a transformation, at least for the temporary duration of the performance. Confessing your most inner thoughts to thousands of perky ears as they shake their heads in approval is oftentimes surreal..... To look over to the other side of the stage and feel the energy is delisouise...frozen moments in time I call by George Onuska   
FRANCO NERO Toronto-Canada - Abies Babies Manager Marisa Lang enjoys the company of international renowned actor Franco Nero. Mr. Nero is well known as one of the original Spaghetti-Western kings. His classic flick Django is still one of the best selling dvd's of all time. Mr. Nero was first discovered by director John Huston, who cast him in "The Bible: In The Beginning" (1967). That same year he appeared in Camelot as Sir Lancelot, where he met his long-time romantic partner Vanessa Redgrave, whom he later married. In 2010, Nero and Redgrave paired up in the film Letters to Juliet. The handsome blue-eyed actor was recently in Toronto to receive a star on the Italian Walk of Fame along with the Common Spirit Award for his contribution to the arts. Visit for more great celeb photos, stories and 2012 gala tickets. Photo by Mike Bellissimo.  
T.I.F.F. All aboard! Look who Marisa Lang and Jimi Bertucci happened to bump into at the Toronto International Film festival...Melissa DiMarco (centre), actress/TV personality and host of Out There with Melissa DiMarco. An abundance of yummy hors d'euvres were served and the champagne flowed at the Italian Cinema party aboard the Kajama Tall Ship docked at Toronto's harbour. The three had lots to chat about, including the launch of the Italian Walk of Fame which Bertucci and Lang are spearheading. They even took time out from their schmoozing to shoot a short scene that will air in the coming weeks on DiMarco's TV show Out There With Melissa DiMarco. Stay tuned. Photo by Tony Morrone  

Ok ,so they say he's one of the greatest goalies...who am I to argue. Roberto Luongo Lu Lu Lu as he is better known to his dedicate stable of fans gets his star on the Italian Walk Of Fame. Roberto is the youngest recipient to receive this important honor. Visit for more great celeb photos, stories and 2012 gala tickets. Photo by IWOF staff photographer Mike Bellissimo.



Grantly host of Canadian Bandstand told the band they were his favorite of all the bands that performed on CB - AC performed on the show more than any other band.
Dear Marisa - Unfortunately there are no clips, photos or any kind of footage available from Bandstand.CKCO TV did have a small clip for their anniversary show but I don't know where they got it and I have been unable to secure a copy. I still have many people I run in to who remember the show and love to talk about it. I have a lot of fond memories and I sure get choked up when people remember the show and want to talk about it. Thanks again for remembering and If you come up with something, I would sure love to get some copies. Grant Hoffman (host) Canadian Bandstand. BUBBLEGUM HERO   
AC... trains boats and planes. Each town or city blended into each other...where are we? WE had a philosophy on the road: You can spend the night, but don't use my toothbrush in the morning. How preposterously arrogant.But as much as some don't like to admit, rock n roll is a...(read more The Killing Road) THE BLOG - A riveting look at life in the blog, where verbal wars defend opinions, beliefs, philosophies and down right dirt. The offerings? politics, sex, celebrities, religion and more. Dare to enter the forum of demon literary egos as...more

Marisa and Ian Thomas met up at Alli's Journey. Ian performed a couple of songs for the event...

AC ROCK AND SPARK CENTRE FOR A GREAT CAUSE - The George Weston Recital hall is just that, a recital hall. When I walked into this incredibly designed structure per l'arte de l'arte at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, I was quickly reminded of my days in Europe sprinting from one acoustically perfect theatre to another. (read the story) 


 Model Stephanie Lang

Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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Nov. 4 1972

GAS, a subsidiary of publicly held Avenue of America Recording Ltd., plans developing an initial five act roster before arranging worldwide label licensing deals. Newly hired a&r director, John Stewart, is presently working with two new vocalists, David George and Bennett. Vocalist Robert Blthe and Abraham's Children are under contract acts. Buddah recently began issuing "Goodbye Farewell" to its global licensees.

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Marisa ..... A big thank you for helping out with the Juno tribute. Larry LeBlanc Toronto Canada

 THE BLOG Bill I would not waste my time or money to see a hacker like you on the big screen. It's bad enough I accidentally see you on TV and that irks me deeply. Why don't you try washing your hair…you see Bill, with HD television we can all see your ugliness, physically and what's in that small pea of a brain. Bill am I being too hard? Gee!....(order the book)

What do Randy Quaid and Jimi have in common? Well it seems that "Real Time" Randy's new movie features a song written by Jimi..yes it's "Goodbye Farewell" the big hit that put AC on the map of radio ears. 
Reseda, CA - Yes it's the ageless Dick Clark. Back in the seventies Dick heard of a young upcoming band named Abraham's Children. He had heard one of the bands songs on the radio...curious  
 Las Vegas NV Jimi takes a moment to snap a photo with Lassie's mom, the beautiful June Lockhart at the tre grand Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas - Ms. Lochart was (read more) 
I listen to your music and found it very  well recorded and produced. What label are you signed to. I'm sure you must tour lots. Paolo Souza - Argentina
Jimi B's Schizo JIMI B (A&M) Rating: NN Toronto's Jimi B. might have only one name but he's got two musical personalities, on this his first A&M record. Side one is a painful collection of music which Jimi and his buddies B.B. Gabor and others sound like many more reviews about Jimi
Bobby was the quiet....but not reserved member of the band. When it came to making a decision ...the wait was forever....oh those poor waitresses ...(read more) 
 CHELSEA LONDON Alan Caddy - It was in the early part of 1972 that I first met Alan. I recall he was a slender man, that stood about 6' tall, with a very heavy British accent. He was introduced to us by Gary Salter, then president of Avenue Of America record label. Upon my initial encounter with Alan we hit it off and I could see that I would like this man. Gary had mentioned that he would probably be producing our album which we were ready to start...(read more)
 DYK...Jimi was a sunshine boy in The Sun newspaper (check it out)
 Burtonstock Burton Cummings surprise party was themed Burtonstock , psychedelic flavors. Oooh so groovy (check it out)
When I went to Napster to rip off songs & put it on CD, sone of the Canadian artists including Abraham's Children who had a song called "Gypsy" (which peaked at # 119 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Singles Charts) & the song is on vinyl & "Goodbye, Farewell" which is in mono sound & i'm not sure if that song was on CD or vinyl. Thanks, Matt Michigan. (feedback)

 I was so impressed to see so much written about Abraham's Children. I remember seeing them live in Buffalo, NY and they rocked the arena. They worn these weird outfits almost space looking. Richard Porter - NY 

When it was annouced on the radio that Abraham's Children were appearing at the arena I called all my girlfriends so we could line up and get our tickets early. The show was incredible and we got our albums signed by the band. Rosanna Rosenberg - Michigan


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