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A CULTURE HOOKED ON OIL - Do we even have a choice anymore of whether to drive or not? Face it, our society is car-happy, and I'm talking rev the engine, let it burn, straight addicted to gas-guzzling beasts! A slight glance into the media will prove my point that the major car manufacturers are spending multitudes more on marketing SUV's than they are on whatever hybrids or economical mileage models that are available today. Perhaps if a high-class dealer, like Mercedes or BMW were to really push an ad campaign about their brand new, more "earth-friendly" vehicles, it might start a trend among people who can afford to be conscious of such things. However for the majority of Americans, our main focus is getting to and fr0om either work, or the stores we must frequent during our typical routines. The way in which most suburban areas have spread, without planning by civil engineers prior to their developments, has left our cities widely in convenient in nature, where use of freeway is necessary to existence as we know it. Now it is relatively well - known that the real culprit for outrageous levels of Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere is not smokestacks or big businesses as much as it is the exhaust pipes from millions of cars crammed onto the pavement daily. his is slightly more complicated to regulate considering the sheer amount of contributors to the problem . Nevertheless the negative effects of smog and global warming are dispersed across the earth, without any sense of causation or blame.They call these "social costs", meaning the entire public picks up the pollution tab, usually paying by way of suffering health risks. So what can be done to alleviate the stress on the environment, in regards to meeting the Kyoto Protocol or the conflict...(read more)

The year was 1966 if my mush of a brain recalls and excitement was in the air. My new band, The Death, was scheduled to open for none other than the king of soul, Mr. James Brown and the Famous Flames. It would be an unusual line-up. The Death was like a psychedelic in-your-face type of a band and The Flames were as tight as a cork in a bottle of Chateau Palmer Bordeaux wine. Nevertheless, we felt like we were pros. Our dressing room had the sweet sent of jock essence and the different names carved in the old wooden benches gave me a deja vu of my hockey days. I was sitting waiting for the stage manager to come and give us the cue when the man himself walked by. Noticing me, he stopped and asked, "you know where our dressing room is brother?" Ah, ah yeah, it's the one right across from the restrooms", I replied. "You must be the opening act," he said. "Yes sir, we are", I answered. "Sir? Come now, call me James." Wow, James Brown asked me to call him James...(read more James) (google photo)




Mr Moore is a American Hero. A true man of freedom with the guts to speak the truth. He pokes through the lies of the far right and brings to light what I feel is the truth. He should go down in history as a advocate for the masses, the poor and the middle class in the political jungle controled by the far right. Moore is a true American Hero.


Michael Moore will truly go down in history, as a 400 pound avocado...excuse me did you say advocate. I love when the left argues with the left they both end up being right. You gotta laugh at that one. (Get The mini book The Blog)

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"Murder In The Office " I will never forget the tragic morning of August 24th. I can still feel the anguish and unsettling in my stomach with just the mention of that date. I arrived at the office around 8:00 o'clock, as I usually do, only to be surrounded by police vehicles and detectives swarming the building. I approached the front entrance and asked the two officers guarding the door what...$19.99 Plus S&H  n

Murder In The Office
dude....your songs come im not in your band?? Reza Moosavi - California (read more feedback) 
I just received my HITS cd, I haven't stopped listening to it. Jack R. North Bay, On 

" Bridge Uncrossed ", Whether in his prose, poetry or musical lyrics, Mr. Bertucci exhibits a flair for creating a richly detailed and colorful visual experience for his audiences and readers.The setting for his latest work, Bridge Uncrossed, is the unassuming small town of Higgins Falls. The myth, or bizarre occurrences, started back in 1961 during a hot summer's day. The Hemingways, a family of four...$19.99 Plus S&H (audiobook) n

Bridge Uncrossed
Jimi this is my friend Paul and of course you know Paul. It was a great show wish you were here...Paul, Las Vegas (read more feedback)

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  Photo by Deborah Samuel

Story by Graham Rockingham The Hamilton Spectator
nice shirt did you borrow it from 2 and a half men.

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HITS - ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN-BNO-0111109 What?! All the HITS by Abraham’s Children on one CD? Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. To their credit the record company, BNOrecordingUSA, decided to listen and have put together what is sure to become one of their top-sellers. This long-awaited compilation, which happens to also be the band’s newest release, brings you all your favorite songs remastered, including the group’s biggest hit, Gypsy. Other chart-hitting tunes include Thank You, Goodbye Farewell and Goddess of Nature, Deni, Rockin In The City, among others. And if that weren't enough to sweeten your taste for bubblegum pop, the record company has gone a couple of steps further. Each order includes a signed postcard of the band as well as the complete lyrics to all the songs. Hard core fans will especially appreciate this very special one-time bonus offer not available anywhere else. The collection of songs featured on this CD will be sure to take you for a pleasant stroll down memory lane, a time when transistor radios were the iPods of the day $22.99
HITS - BNO 0111109

Time - Abraham's Children - BNO 3001 This is the only album that AC would release. This classic piece of Canadiana musical art is still as fresh today as it was when it was originally released. It is the ultimate bubble gum trophy. The album put out three hits "Goodbye Farewell" "Gypsy" and "Thank You" all these songs charted well and a couple of them went to number one in many major markets. BNO has remastered this with the help of Garwood Wallace in Toronto, Canada. The sound is awesome. This remains to be a big seller and anyone that ever had the album should definitely get this classic cd. Big strings tight harmonies and some incredible playing. Although the band was considered a commercial success, songs like "Workin For The Man" "Woman O Woman" are as heavy as heavy can be, do not underestimate the power of pop. Produced by Allan Caddy, co-producer Paul Gross, Engineered by George Semkiw, Assistant Egineer Hayward Parrot, recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto Canada - REVIEW

TIME - BNO 3001 The only album the band would record

Abraham's Children 30 - BNO 010905 This double cd set has it all including the kitchen sink. 30 songs, some are classic, some are lost treasures that any collector would give up their sister to own. There are songs in here I have never heard of and of course hit after hit. I enjoyed the interview clips and some of the comments made by, I presume Jimi or one of the band members. Listen to " Would Mother Approve " a haunting piece that tells the story of a fan that gets infatuated with a rock group only to learn her mother does not approve. " Dreams To Sea " a progressive cut that would make YES spin... all in all this is worth having if you like to explore the depths of AC. Included is a great little comemorative booklet filled with photos documenting the band's history. Without a doubt this is the collection to own. There are a couple of duds on this but overall it stands the sands of time. Produced by BNOrecordingUSA (listen)

 30 - BNO 10905

Jimi B - JIMI B BNO-9069 This album was previously released on A&M Records. When Jimi started the production of this album he made sure he had some of the best players on the session. He recruited Prakash John on bass who is well known for that famous bass line on Take A Walk On The Wild Side with Lou Reed. He recorded for many great artists and spent many years as the bass player for Alice Cooper. Today Prakash has his own band called The Lincolns. Mike Sloski is perhaps the hottest studio and live drummers working today. He worked with BB Gabor for many years. Rob Guseve on keyboards just listen to Wickless Dynamite and we need say no more. Peter Follett on guitar check out All American Boy for a classic rock n roll lead. Other guests include Jody Colero on keys, Kevin Bell guitar, Paul Massey on that great trumpet line, Cathy Young backing vocals.Seton Raspa iUPDATE REVIEW Produced by Jimi Bertucci Executive Producer Manfred Malinowski Engineered by George Semkiw and Steve Vaughan, asst. engineer Paul Massey. Recorded at Masters Workshop, Toronto Canada

 JIMI B - BNO 9069 
Jimi B - Through The Eyes Of Vincenzo - BNO1022 This is the first cd that mr. B put out since his move to Cali. Some pretty impressive songs and playing by his band that included, the late Kelvin Womack on bass and backing vocals, Vinnie DeFloria on guitar, Dave Valdez on drums, Robert Hoelting on keys and backing vocals, Jimi on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and piano. With some additional players. Bob Feldman on bass, Mike Cherney on guitars, Gregg Fisher guitar. " Dark Side " was one of the most downloaded songs on mp3 and number one for 19 weeks on stationmp3. Other cuts included are " Don't Close Your Eyes " " Sempre " my favorite " 1965 " a recollection of Jimi growing up and seeing the Beatles " Radio Tree " umm. This is a great effort for Jimi and should do well. Recorded at Studio 9 Los Angeles, and SRO Studios, Fontana, California. (listen now

 TTEOV - BNO 1022
Postcards & Musica -Jimi Bertucci - BNO-092201 a collection of songs picked by Jimi. An interview with Gord James of the now defunct 1050Chum radio. A couple of pre-production ideas which we are sure will morph into complete songs. Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Some great songs some ok songs and some treats. Jimi introduces his son Salvatore. A collection of his photographic works can be seen at photosby. "Radio Tree" "1965" a recollection of Jimi growing up and seeing the Beatles." "I Wasn't Searching|" "Golden Bells" one of my fav ...nice collection to own.  

Juliana was born into an entertainment family. Her father is pop rocker Jimi Bertucci who splashed onto the music scene with his band Abraham's Children and a string of hits in the 70s. Her uncle is Gary Graham who starred in the hit TV series, Alien Nation, as Matt Sykes. Listen to Restless Heart and feel the new country that expresses the true meaning of soul searching. This EP will introduce you to an artist in the making. Order it know.n  read more about Juliana 

Shawn O'Shea - Surfin The Beat - So I sit down to check my email and decide to slip Serfin The Beat by ex Abies Babies guitarist Shawn O'Shea in my drive.. His first solo cd since who knows when. Mr. O'Shea's songs are structured like Legos, each block fits nicely into the next. His voice on the tracks could resemble a younger what's his name? Though "Serfin" displays a certain mature I have been around the block a few times je ne sais qua, its originality is sometimes lost in the shuffle of the shuffle. The background girls known as Katy Squad are tight and slick. Lou Reed would be so proud of them. Drummer and engineer, Gerry Fielding, displays a requiem of sound and consistency with each song complimenting the groove. These guys are no strangers to recording great stuff, whether it's at the Record Plant or Gerry's Garage. I like it, it's direct, raw and it rocks. more about. Shawn
In a world where global warming has banished most of the population to undersea cities, a psychotic blackmailer with a deadly viral weapon threatens the lives of millions in the present . . . and the future. Sister Snow's reclusive life is shaken to its foundations when she accidentally stumbles onto previously impenetrable secrets of her sacred order, forcing her to question everything she believes in. Her hopes of a second chance with newly found family and friends spiral into an 'Alice-in-Wonderland' like nightmare, with ruthless criminals
making the stakes much deadlier than she could've ever dreamed.

THE BLOG - A riveting look at life in the blog, where verbal wars defend opinions, beliefs, philosophies and down right dirt. The offerings? politics, sex, celebrities, religion and more. Dare to enter the forum of demon literary egos as they splash into cyber monologs and anticipate the kill of words. Mr. Bertucci's wit is razor-sharp and he wastes no time in biting the innocent lurker.

Blogger: and then it will be me and u. i am serious i am so attracted to you i can tell u are a hotti. n 


THE SHOES - Jack Lofton was the All-American Boy. A Harvard alumni, and active member of the alpha pi sigma fraternity, he graduated top in his class, with a degree in Business/Marketing. His family started the successful business, Lofton Investments, which later merged and became Lofton, Kruger and Vincent, a billion dollar a year, international investment group. Young Jack became Vice President of the company as soon as he finished his schooling. He met his wife, Rene, while yachting in the Caribbean over spring break. They fit comfortably together, she being the daughter of Harmon Fitzer, a shipping tycoon...(order it now only $11.99 plus shipping)


Natopus - Transition - BNO -1985 This is what some people might call a new age cd. Well it is. When Jimi first moved to Los Angeles he hooked up with a musician named Bob Slap. Bob had been working with Valley Of The Sun a label that specialized in new age music and self help products. Slap asked Jimi if he would like to help him with a project, albums later. Jimi was asked by the president of the company to produce something on his own. Natopus was born. This cd has sold extremely well in Japan over the years. The music was also used in the audiobook "Bridge Uncrossed" at the top of this page. Read by actor/ director Nick Mancuso.Recorded at Horizon Studios in Malibu, California.n 
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Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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Nov 18 1972

Ave. of Americas' opening bid for the singles market "Goodbye Farewell" by Abraham's Children is a confirmed national hit, and has just been released Stateside by the giant bubblegum label Buddah Records

March 16 1974

New Abraham's Children single for UA is "Rockin' In The City," produced
by Paul Gross at Toronto Sound


Blogger: As a long time and I do mean long time fan of Larry King, I am tired of the negativity towards the McCain ballot...I started out leaning towards Obama and now I am 100% for McCain...tired of Obama and all the excuses made for his poor judgement in his associations...tired of the Palin what they spent on her wardrobe compared to what Obama has spent on his comparison and now a night with Joy bashing McCain...great!!! I am embarrassed for her manners on how she has treated other guests, mainly the probably giving up Larry and the View at the same time....Guess Hannity & Colmes and the Price is Right will be my new choices due to the negativity!!!: .(order the book right here)

VDB: What are you offering Kono..three sentences at time that could be expressed in two words or less. Listen mamas' boy if you have any balls bring them out and let the games begin. Little box I reside in. Don't forget to lock your straw hut Crusoe. READ MY POSTS. Rich Republican, beautiful and a house that greets me with style. So go and bend over for the Moore's you so gladly admire. Make sure he uses Banana Jack lotion it won't hurt as much. Being a hierodule has many advantages, the pity flows like ancient water, the village perceives the idiot with a compassionate sigh and the lack of morals is often replaced with pointed curly shoes that beg to ring their bells. I would love to supply more entertainment for you, but I am so sick of ignorant travelers on lost roads of selfism. Have a nice leu.

 DYK...Jimi was a sunshine boy in The Sun newspaper (check it out)

Her Love (08/28/06)

Yesterday she wiped the tears from my eyes
Holding my face her kiss was gentle and warm
Her smile would bandiage my fragile ego
Knowing I longed for comfort from my grief
The blades were a visiting nightmare
Trying to dilute my shattered beliefs
The doors were locked with heavy irons
Guarded by serpents of err
I was saved with her I was alive
I could feel and sing without chains
Staring her beauty entranced my salvation
She knows not of my love for her
How deep I have fallen to spiral in eternity
And still the poisons challenge with envy
Should the shackles on my heart still my pulse
Lost in dark forests I become blind errant
Searching for her light I strangle unreasoning
She comes to my rescue in meadows of green
Reaching her arms lift my soulness journey
We embrace as one my safety is capacious
Never to doubt her love never to doubt her
...(order some poetry signed)

Great Work Jimi!!! Wonderful to see your creative juices have not been stifled in the slightest!! Vito Rezza - Toronto Canada (feedback)
Serra - wood, silver cross, silver spacers, leather $29.99 plus S&H clasp

I was surfing the net and couldn't believe it when I came across the AC site. Wow what a treat, some great reading and awesome pictures. I remember the Island concert it was one of the many shows I saw. This was one of my favourite bands. Gary H. Sarnia, Ontario
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