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Hollywood, CA HEAD HEART & BALLS This is Peter Foldy's contribution to the memories of the the.... the sixties. With Houston Graham, Angelica May, Adam Carolla, Jordan Potter. It's 1969 and a young musician named Pete must overcome his insecurities, his overbearing parents, and a pot-induced anxiety attack in order to get to Woodstock and lose his virginity with the girl of his dreams. Written and Directed by Peter Foldy

Hi there, just a child of the seventies who enjoyed this band. I was lucky enough to be at one concert in little Truro NS. I distinctly remember some kind of flyer that one had to sign to do with electing the band for something...............or pledging to an issue maybe.......I'm not sure. Can you please enlighten me? Thanks so much for your time. Babyblue  

Hi Ron I was surfin the net and thought, what the heck why not try and see if AC are around. I couldn't believe how much there is on you guys, you made quite an impact in those days. Anyway glad to see you here. Jeremy W. Winnipeg Man

I was wondering what the band is doing these days. I remember many years ago spending some time with them during one of their tours. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ron for about a week. It was quite a nice time. Silvia M. Michigan

DYK. That Ronnie was asked by Kiss to join the band.



Not sure if Ron will get this message but I met him in Vancouver when the band performed there. He asked me to come up on stage and I did, it was such a rush. I thought he was really nice. Brenda W. Vancouver B.C.
"Even though we toured all the time, there were a lot of unaccounted funds. We lost tons of money."

Žádné výsledky pro požadovaný dotaz jimi bertucci nebyly nalezeny.
Nous ne sommes pas à Hollywood mais bien sur la rue College à Toronto qui, depuis lundi 7 septembre, possède sa promenade des célébrités, composée pour l’instant de six étoiles. Dans ce quartier de la ville il ne pouvait s’agir que de célébrités italiennes!


Email us or call 416 941-9905 Toronto or 323 536-6668 Los Angeles .......................................RONNIE BARTLEY

Ronnie is a real outdoors man he loves to go sailing every chance he gets...Visit the store and buy a cd.

Captain Midnites Dirty Feat 30,000 watched as the four musicians surprised everyone with the on stage energy that was enough to make the audience stand up and scream. The Star newspaper was quite impressed with these young lads.

Ron Bartley has been around music since before he was born. His parents were the hit-making duo known as the Singing Sweethearts who performed across the country. At a very young age Ron would pick up his dad's Gibson Hummingbird guitar and mimic entertainers such as Elvis, Johnny Cash and others. Born in beautiful Vernon, Manitoba, his life as a boy was everything from a Rockwell painting. His folks would one day get a telegram asking that they come and perform in Toronto, the hub of the entertainment world in Canada. Little Ronnie, who was then about 10, welcomed the change. After all, he had heard so much about the big city and all its excitement. In the summer of 1960-something Ron met Jimi. They were 13 years old, living in the annex of Toronto. They hit it off right away, spending most of their time at St. Albans Boys Club, a community centre that became a big part of their teens. They talked about music and how much fun it would be to form a band. They began hanging out together and would sometimes borrow instruments to jam and make up songs. They became inseparable and would often skip school just to play. When Jimi 's parents bought him his first bass guitar it was the talk of the neighbourhood. It was a "Hofner Beatle Bass". Soon after, Ron would have his first electric guitar, a Gibson Jr. They would spend many hours playing and writing songs. It was evident, even at that time, that the talent these two boys had would result in something great. Jimi was asked to play with a band called "The Death". He told Ronnie about the offer who was quick to say "take it, it's a great opportunity", considering that these guys were older. One of Jimi's first professional gigs with The Death was opening for James Brown and The Famous Flames in Mimico, Ontario. Soon after, Jimi would introduce Ronnie to the band as lead guitarist. They played for a while in local clubs and high schools. One day Jimi approached Ron saying he was not into the music this band was making and wanted to start his own band. Would he like to be in it. They both were overjoyed with the idea of starting a totally original band. An so was born the LondonTones. The music had that British flavor that the boys were looking for. The names of the bands changed often, as they were always searching for the perfect marketing word. JUST US represented the young entrepeneurs that were ready to set the world on fire.....and you know what? They did. The band was performing at The 813 Club, primarily a Jamacian nightspot that served up some of the best curry lamb in the city. One night after a long performance a man approached the band and gave them his card. He commented " I like your sound and look, call me I think I can help you guys out." The boys couldn't wait to see if this character that saw them in such obscure environment was on the up and up. They connected with Jack Morrow and he quickly could see that these boys were extremely talented. He signed them to a 5 year contract and began shopping the band. Within a couple of months he had a recording deal and concerts set up. It would not be long before they would have their first hit record. More iUpdates on Ron coming soon. Read more about the band at AC history.  Drop Ronnie a line -

Moses Hazan has worked with AC and Jimi for many years. You can hear Mo's incredible flute on "Workin For The Man" and sexy sax solo on Jimi's underground hit "Winning Side"

(Cont'd from page) During one of our rock-steady nights, this elderly man with a voluptuous woman wearing an extravagantly large, maroon, velvet hat was silently watching us play. He approached us after our first set and proceeded to hand me a business card. "Call me tomorrow, I've got big plans for you guys," he said nonchalantly, before leaving the club. He was right, he did have big plans for us...As our marketing team was busy designing and distributing memorabilia to the masses, the band was racking up sky miles and every other day we would arrive in a different destination. The fan base was getting bigger and demand for the band was beginning to take its toll. We would sometimes do as many as 55 cities in 60 days; this would include meet-and-greet sessions, radio interviews, in-store appearances and how can we forget those special gatherings that promoters put together for after the shows. These theatrical events would consist of that old cliché,S, D & RnR, and if you've heard anything about this traveling carnal zoo, 99% of the dirt is probably true. For many years I lived the life of a rock star, within my own outrageous bounds. My sweet clairvoyant Mama would save every postcard I sent and review or newspaper clipping about the band, as she mailed off our popular 45-records to her relatives in Southern Italy. By this point I was in need of a passport, more countries, more concerts, more everything. The overindulgence became monotonous and practically routine. I was a sequined soldier, defending...(read more)  
Watch Ronnie on All American Boy. Jimi called Ron and asked if he could to a television show with him. Ronnie the trooper that he was... was there to lend a hand. Also featuring Kerry Ladd on bass, Jody Colero on keys, Danny Smith on drums.
The idea of sharing many years with someone in a very intimate musical relationship is triompho. It was a brotherhood. The bond was more than we could have ever expected. Then, to lose one of those special people, serves only to awaken the life in ourselves. All we can do is continue doing what we do best. Brian was making music till the end. I loved Brian and will miss him and think of him forever. Ron AC  
Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. To their credit the record company, BNOrecordingUSA, decided to listen and have put together what is sure to become one of their top-sellers. This long-awaited compilation, which happens to also be the band’s...(ORDER NOW) 



Did you know that Ronnie was asked by KISS to join the band and was also shmoozed by Triumph 
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HITS - ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN-BNO-0111109 What?! All the HITS by Abraham’s Children on one CD? Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. To their credit the record company, BNOrecordingUSA, decided to listen and have put together what is sure to become one of their top-sellers. This long-awaited compilation, which happens to also be the band’s newest release, brings you all your favorite songs remastered, including the group’s biggest hit, Gypsy. 
Ronnie had an incredible collection of guitars. His favorite was a classic Gibson 335 which he used on many of the recordings. His other guitars included a Stratocaster, 59 Melody Maker, Les Paul, SG, Martin and a Hummingbird. 

Buddah Records: Was the ultimate bubblegum label . It was the home to 1910 Fruit Gum Company, Neil Sedaka , Paul Anka, Abraham's Children, Ohio Express , Shadows of Knight, David Cassidy, Melanie, Gladys Night and The Pips, and an endless list of others. The founding member of Buddah was a visionary man named Neil Bogart. Abraham's Children first met Neil, when he was invited to attend a showcase of the band, in Toronto, Canada. GAS Records , the Children's Canadian label , had set up this elaborate concert showcase in the premier hotel, Inn On The Park , Neil was flown in with around 15 other major US labels.  




 This messgae is for Ron. I'm sure you won't remember me but I was at your concert in Detroit and later my friends and me took you and the band to a party that got a little out of hand. Hope all is well great to see the website.I will look for you on tour. Fiona Windsor Ontario 

 Just bumming around on you tube and searched for Abrahams Children and lo & behold there they were. To me this was an awesome find, as I saw this band numerous times in the early 70's. A freind of mine at the time ( Ted Kalis ) booked bands into area hotels in the St. Catharines area and these guy's played at the Queensway hotel in a bar called the Purple Onion Room. Ted called me and said ,Gord I've just booked this band you have to see. I was amazed...(read more)

Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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Sept. 30 1972

There are plenty of local rock musicians who boister the rosters of independent labels. Above a member of Abraham's Children.

Peter Foldy had a hit in the 70's called "Bondi Junction" that can still be heard on many radio stations across Canada. Mr. Foldy lives in Los Angeles and has directed several movies including "Silver Man" "Widows Kiss" with Beverly D'Angelo "Tryst" with Barbara Carrera and many others.

I saw Abraham's Children in Moncton N.B. and they rocked. I was wondering if their tour will be bringing them out this way. Richard New Brunswick 

  Ronnie and Jimi first met when they were 13 years old in the annex of Toronto. They both attended St. Albans Boys Club.  

I always thought that Abies Babies were the nicest bunch of guys. My friends and I had a great time hanging out with them during their stay here. Nancy Regina Sask.
Charlie Bill, Record Critic... Bertucci sounds more like Axl Rose from the Appetite for Destruction days--think ... Truer words were never spoken SOUND ADVICE Biaakil
Did you know that Goddess of Nature was featured on a K-tel's true Music Power 22 Original Hits sold over 11 million copies...well there were other great songs on it as well. 


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 Hey Ronnie remember Thunderbay and your fishing expedition what a trip. Abbey D. - TB Ontario 
 "We sold hundreds of thousands of records, but never got an accounting of anything" Bertucci stresses. "Any time we went into a city to play, the record stores would always be sold out.We used to do in store meet and greets, and I remember one store in Winnipeg where we stayed in there for two hours signing albums.
Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. To their credit the record company, BNOrecordingUSA, decided to listen and have put together what is sure to become one of their top-sellers. This long-awaited compilation, which happens to also be the band’s...(ORDER IT NOW) 


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