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Very impressive! You know, all this time, especially being here in Malaysia, I felt my music collection wasn't complete (or even my soul) without having the song "Gypsy'. It's such a haunting beautiful piece that I almost melted just hearing the clip. Can't wait to get my hands on the CD. Was one of my all-time faves growing up and it still is. Allan - Malaysia (send us your feedback)
Brenda MacKenzie I remember this! Wow!I remember the hosts name was Grantly.Too funny.Jimi you were the reason why I bleached 2 streaks in the front of my hair.I believe I looked a bit like Peter Rabbit when I walked! ;)
Well Marisa, your youngest fan may be my son. If he dislikes a song, he won't waste his time listening to it - he LOVES Radio Ga Ga and It's a Kind of Magic by Queen -- but when he listened to Gypsy he just stood there and when I asked if he liked the song he nodded his head and wanted to listen to it twice more! He loved the end especially 'when the wind blows'. :) Allan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (01/28/06) 
 I'm honored Jim B. for you subscribing to me, wow. I wouldn't have had the life I've had without the happiness Abie's Babies has always provided me, thanks for the many splendid years! Klaatubes Oregon,
Wow man I think I remember playing some of those? songs with you Jimi in the 70's............. ouchiwawa/thrash 
Did you know that Goddess of Nature was featured on a K-tel's true Music Power 22 Original Hits sold over 11 million copies...well there were other great songs on it as well.
 I saw Abies Babies in 1975 in Montreal , Canada and it is still one of the best concerts I ever attended. Rene. Val d'or, Que.
Thank-you Marisa. Hard to believe that Brian is gone. He is surely not forgotten. The Seventies were so exciting for Canadian musicians. Brian and Abraham's Children played significant parts in the ultimate history of Canadian rock n' roll. Yours in great music ...Nevin Grant CKOC Radio Hamilton  
 Jim Was that you in the photo with the lovely lady ??? George O - Mississauga Ont 
Video de Musica Abraham's Children - Gypsy (1973) Descripcion del video: Canadian bubblegum/rock band, popular in the 70's. From their only album, Time. Rare LP. Reissued on cd which is bound to become very rare as well. Abraham's Children Pop group formed in Toronto in the late 1960s with Jimi Bertucci (bass), Ron Bartley (guitar), Bob McPherson (keyboards) and Brian Cotterill (drums), and Shawn O'Shea (guitar) as of 1973. Known first as Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet, and later as Abraham's Children or simply The Children, the band played in Toronto clubs before being signed to Gas Records around 1972, and then to Buddha Records in the US. The band quickly became popular, largely for their energetic performance style, and played for large crowds, eg, at Toronto's Centre Island and Nathan Phillips Square, as well as on Canadian television shows such as Musical Friends and Canadian Bandstand. They began touring widely in Canada and the US. Their sound, initially verging on commercial "bubblegum," later evolved to classic rock. Their first single was the 1968 self-released "Hot Love," followed by "Goodbye Farewell" in 1972 (No. 10 in Canada on RPM's Adult chart) and its Italian equivalent, "Bye Bye Bambino Occhi Blue." Their sole LP, TIME, was released in 1973 (GLP 2001 Gas Records), and the additional singles "Gypsy" in [...].
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Cool. When did you play the Whiskey? Peter Foldy. Hollywood, CA (send us your feedback)  
Hey Jimi, is a great pleasure to receive your news. I'm touring with Mauri Sanchis in Spain: Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, etc. Ok, we chat soon.
Ciao, my friend.We chat soon. Spain
Hey Jim ... I just YOU TUBE'D the song GYPSY ... wow ... I was 20 years old in 1973 and did that song ever give me goose bumps today ... I remember definitely seeing Abraham's Children in all of those festivals all those years ago but I had forgotten which song you guys did ... fantastic memories ... great song!  Fernando C. Canada 
 What?! All the HITS by Abraham’s Children on one CD? Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. To their credit the record (more AC) 

I was the session assistant to senior recording mixer Mark Smith at RCA Recording Studios in Toronto for "Abraham's Children" recording of "Gypsy" in December 1972. Most of the music tracks were already "in-the-can" from previous sessions and I was involved with recording the lead vocal? tracks & some additional piano embellishments played by the lead vocalist (can't remember his name). See my Facebook page "Dan Schear" click INFO then scroll down to "RCA Recording Studios" for details Dan Shear Toronto
My favorite song of theirs. I also like "Goodbye farewell". It was played a lot growing up in Monteal in the 70s. Another CDN classic song from a time far away. Todays music TOTALLY SUCKS compared to back then.
So many of these sonsg are so hard to find on CD, stuff from Abraham's Children, Edward Bear, Fludd, Bearfoot, Copperpenny, Ken Tobias and others.
Thanks for posting this? song! Cheesa
Well you tap on her window and knock on her door See if she’ll let you inside But the Gypsy Lady from Country Creek Let’s you stay all nite She was brilliant as Gold Her beauty was as real as the sky ? She foretells tomorrow by looking in your eyes She’s known all around as, “trouble to the younger men” She takes boys in her arms And turns them out in “changed over men”


 Above Jimi and a pretty fan...looks like more than a fan...loverboy.
yes they were in Nova Scotia in? 1973 because I saw them in Stellarton so they must have played in the Halifax area. Lois NS
I am pretty sure they played a dance in clayton park jr high when halifax west high was being renovated back in the 1970s. me and a buddy help carry there gear in the gym
from there van if not was a good cover band always remembered this song. can someone tell me if it was them was only about 14 at the time. ? carb 
My? brother got to see them in Saint John,when this song was a hit, we were both summer students working for NB Power but I was working in Dahousie, he still likes to rub it in, prick! 
I went to their website and bought? 3 CD's... never tire of listening to thier music, especially Gypsy.
I have the album "Time" by Abraham's Children on CD. I don't know? how to upload music on youtube. The album is a classic.
An excellent song by Abraham's Children brings back memories of high school I would appreciate it if they could post Thank You which was the first single released from the album TIME it? is definitely another gem. 
Sault College 1973? What a show!?
What a great band! I am glad I discovered this band thru your videos. Thank you.? What city were these guys out of? ---SteadyCam1969 Don Bowlby - TORONTO
si entendiese ingles a la perfeccion seguramente? no lo necesitaria, pero entiendo tanto ingles como vos seguro español (POR FAVOR, pensemos antes de actuar). Argentina
Love this tune! Love this band! Still have my vinyl copy? of this album. Kyle Mille (Hot Love)
One Fantastic group !!! Pat Palmer - Oliver, British Columbia, Canada
I? never knew this group was canadian. I absolutely still love this song...(Goddess Of Nature)
You hit the nail on the head. I've got chills sitting here. Haven't heard this since I was a teenager? in the early 70's. This is some amazing time travelling my friend. Thanx for the classic comment!!! Corea Kixx (Gypsy)
They? played the Brandon University Dining hall in 1972 morley bolero (YouTube feedback)
This is? a 60s classic. This music will never die. I love this song denise kelly (YouTube feedback)
I? hear the great sounds of CATHY YOUNG as the Gypsy.. a Juno Award winner on your tracks! How cool is that! Cathy Young Toronto Canada - the coolest

Hi Jimi is AC planning on playing in Toronto in the near future? Alfie Loreti. Toronto Canada
Hey Jimi, loved the music. Was that you singing. Great voice.Virginia N. - Toronto, Canada
Scarlet Anderson
Abe's Babes Oh the memories this brings back.
This is a short documentary piece on a Toronto group that hit the big time in the early/mid 70's. They signed to Buddha Records ( home of the the Ohio Express and the 1910 Fruitgum Company) which caused them to be labeled a "bubblegum" group. In fact they were anything but bubblegum, however being good looking, young guys that served them well in an era which put a premium on female, teenage fans.
Jimi Bertucci dropped by CHUM during our 50th anniversary celebration in 2007, and I had him come into the studio with me to chat awhile. We always liked the guys a lot, mainly because they never succumbed to the "Big Head" disease that so many other performers seemed to catch back in the day. Pat Bergin (CHUM RADIO) click the link
One of my favorite Canadian bands of the early 70s, only saw them live once but had all of their music only two albums if I remember correctly. When bands had organs and the flute was popular. Don Doiron Halifax, NS
Sean MacLellan - We used to play Gypsy, Goodbye-Farewell, and Goddess of Nature. Yarmouth NS

Hi There


May I please have one. Vickie B. BC

rita b - Just a great song thanks!?
 Got home to find a great surprise from Abraham's Children founder and friend Jimi Bertucci. An autographed CD-Single of the phenomenal hit record "Gypsy". You've really made my day Jimi B. and I can't thank you enough! It's going into a frame and onto my Cancon wall of greatness. Gord Ritchie - Redding California
Hi Jimi hope you get this message I saw some of your youtube videos live at the Whisky and they were awesome great band. When will you be performing in LA again?



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OK tell us what you think good bad sweet sour ........................................... Visit the store and buy a cd.


Jimi B. it's here!! Thank you soooo much. It's amazing. We'll be ordering Time on CD off your site Kimberly says. Thanks so much. We'll play it on our McIntosh system tonight, just got back, thanks Jimi 


 I never know what to say. Ok I loved you when I was a teenager. You played in Brandon and I was right in the front row of the concert. After the show you signed my record and gave me a big kiss on the more  I was wondering what the band is doing these days. I remember many years ago spending some time with them during one of their tours. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ron for about a week. It was quite a nice time. Silvia M. Michigan (read more)
" What perhaps sets this group of young Canadian talent aside, is their friendliness. They have not acquired the attitudes associated with top recording artists, that of the mighty visiting the small. Rather, all four could be described as being average young Canadians, if you could call producing two hit songs both of which are on local hit parade, average". (read more) ABRAHAM"S CHILDREN NEW CHAPTER
 Hollywood, CA 2007 - When I think of 911 these days I 'm reminded of the loss of a musical brother and friend. During our time together we were challenged by life's inexperience and youth. We wanted to make music, not because we were gifted musicians, but in spite of it. The moment we began playing we felt the rush of togetherness and that was our commitment to each other. Our craft allowed us to become members in a club that very few have the honor of sharing. Brian was not only a member of this illusive fun house of creative energy, he was an ambassador. It helps when you have a hit record. And of course there is the serious side of the artist...dedicated and proud, offering valuable input always with a positive outlook. I don't recall a time that we as a band had any real combative confrontation in the group. At times we would pull the silent treatment with each other like big boys do...and chill. Brian would...(Brian's page)

  I will be doing a tribute to Brian tonight on CHUM between 7-7:30 PM. I'm going to play a segment of the 50th reunion show when Jimi Bertucci was an in-studio guest, and Brian called in. We talked about the Toronto music scene of the 1970s, Canadian Idol etc. You can listen via the stream at if you're not located within the station's broadcast range. If you want me to do so, I'll be happy to e-mail an mp3 of the segment, just reply to this. Scott Carpenter To Brian's wife and friends, our condolences. Scott Carpenter  
 CRUSHING GRAPES (cont'd from On The Radio) Filled with excitement Robert ran back to his agent's office for the promo picture and returned to Columbia. The next day they called him. "It was three months with Sinatra over the summer and then they flew me out here to do three more weeks of pick up shots, staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel," said Davi.
This bigger-than-life bad boy who had studied opera still maintains his moral values when it comes to selecting projects, which begged the question; "How does a man with so much dedication towards his faith perform horrific acts of violence in many of his movies?" I could see my query had touched a nerve, as a moment of silence followed before the answer came. "I didn't start as an actor. I started as a singer. The roles I play bring me to the public." He continued with words about spirituality and faith in a well-informed monolog of truth and curiosity. He expressed his fondness for the rituals of the Latin mass, for its theatricality and mystery. "My cousins were cynical. One, in particular, couldn't understand my blind faith, as he was seeking out everything else. He went on to explain that there had been many roles he refused to take because he thought they were too dark. On the other hand, the acting allows him to do what he really enjoys best, and that is to sing. "My singing expresses the totality of who I am," Davi added. I wasn't sure whether he had answered my question or not, and I wasn't going to backtrack to words long forgotten. I understood the logic behind Mr. Davi's explanation. Moving on I asked him about the sixties and if drugs had played a role at anytime for him during the free love days. "I always got high on life and I liked girls a lot".
Let's skip to what Davi is doing today. This pop-jazz crooner is doing just that, performing his latest series of concerts and receiving accolades for "Davi Sings Sinatra." Quincy Jones declares Davi to be the reincarnate of "old blue eyes" right down to the attitude." On the film side, his latest movie "Iceman" is creating a Hollywood buzz.
Robert Davi is the American dream. A youth determined to succeed with his fantasy and aspirations of grandieur. Now, in his prime, this rugged man knows there are no limits to what one can accomplish as long as he remains focused...his words. I listened to Mr. Davi sing and you can't help but be drawn in and intoxicated by his sublime power of hypnosis. BUBBLEGUM HERO
Saturday night was fantastic at the Italian Walk of Fame in Toronto!! It was fun performing for a great audience!! Superb inductees; Lou Biffis, John Saxton, Jennifer Dale and Robert Davi! A memorable moment was working with Actor/Singer Robert Davi in prepping the band for his performance of Frank Sinatra songs! Fantastic voice ...the room resonated with the audience's applause after Mr. Davi uttered his first line... "I got the world on a string" ...and boy did he ever!! Thanks to Jimi Bertucci, Marisa Lang and all the committee members for taking the time and effort in recognizing the great works of Italians around the world! I look forward to next year and hope to see you all there!! Side note to the IWF...perhaps next year's inductee can include Jon Bonjovi (wink wink)! Click like and share if you would like Jon Bonjovi inducted into the Italian Walk of Fame !! BUBBLEGUM HERO
Just bumming around on you tube and searched for Abrahams Children and lo & behold there they were. To me this was an awesome find, as I saw this band numerous times in the early 70's. A freind of mine at the time ( Ted Kalis ) booked bands into area hotels in the St. Catharines area and these guy's played at the Queensway hotel in a bar called the Purple Onion Room. Ted called me and said ,Gord I've just booked this band you have to see. I was amazed how good these guy's were and bought their album and played it forever until in one move I lost it. I was eccstatic to find they have a CD out that I can purchase as I always wondered what happened to them, I had heard they had gone to California and that was that!! Great news from a fan forever,met them back then and thought they were a great bunch of guys. PS if you have contact with the band ask them if they remember Ted and the Purple Onion Room. Gord & Joanne Brown St. Catherines ON Joined The FanFactory  
Hiya, Marisa :-) Just thought I'd lethca know AC "Time" CD arrived today . . .thanks a million!! I couldn't be happier with the CD. You were right on the mark . . . the plastic case is very cool and reflects the look of the album to a "T". I'm happier to have a reissue of the "original" with the artwork and stuff instead of simply having the tunes on a Best Of. It's just like my LP copy of Time. It will have an honoured and permanet place in my CanCon CD collection :-) Thanks again . . . and have a great weekend!! Scott . 

 I just wanted to see Abraham's Children...I was going to buy a ticket honest, honest.
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 YAHOO ANSWERS Bertucci, in particular, still exudes his rock-star sexuality to the glee of the females in the crowd. Unlike some bands that have come before, AC has managed to retain their long-time fan base while appealing to, and ultimately attracting, a new younger audience. Their live performance is nothing short of dynamic so it's easy to see why their popularity continues to grow. (read more bubblegum)
Hi Jimi, "In grade 8 I went to a high school concert to see a band called
Abraham's Children. I stayed behind and had the band sign the back of my new shearling jacket. I was only 13 or 12 not sure, and my Father was waiting. When everyone had left, and I was was still inside...he came in for me.*eeks*I guess the bands truck that said 'Lock up your daughters The Children are coming' tipped him off. Many many years later...40 ish...I found the lead singer here! Love ya Jimi Bertucci :) So nice to keep up with the past, where things had brought you musical
joy." Brenda M

Sonny - First time I’ve heard this song. Great. Zoomer Radio.? Mr Spectacals - #119 on Hot 100. I first heard about this song while reading the "Bubbling under Hot 100" book :)?
 I was fourteen when I first saw Abraham's Children. I tried to get back to their dressing room but this security gurad told me to forget it. I did manage to to see them at the meet and greet. They signed my poster and my 45 of "Thank You" Yvonne C. Halifax NS  What a wonderful thing this internet. I was searching for Abraham's Children not knowing what to expect. I remember a big party they attended in Moncton and I happened to be there. They were so awesome and friendly. I now live in SF but will always remember that night. Anthony W. SF Cali 
Jimi your show at the Hollywood was amazing. You have such a great rock voice. Everbody at my table enjoyed the concert. You rock. Nick Mancuso Toronto.
Dorothy Hinz7 months ago
I was in grade nine that year and the band came to play for our Graduation at Wellington Jr. Hi. in Edmonton, Alberta. I remember the thrill when one of the members of the band held my hand and kissed it while I was trying to get an autograph. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. Needless to say, I didn't dance much that evening as I was too busy drooling all over the stage.?
arthur cranic
Absolutely fantastic tune. Thanks so much for sharing it!?
It was an honor to be a part of the day and part of the walk of fame. I couldnt be happier or more blessed. Thanks for the support. All the best. Bobby Curtola, Las Vegas, NV 
Hi There! My name is Gordon And Im from Scotland. Whilst at work today I was Hi-Fi playing all the NEW POP/ROCK songs. Anyway I like yours and a couple others alot.Yours is Fun! So what I done is when I got home I downloaded it. I was wondering If you would like me to put you on our Station? Let me know what you think! Gordon - Scotland  
rfif1541 - I never heard of this they are really good. Back then Canadian music didn't play a lot here. If we had today's access to music back then they would have been big here
hmmm.....I'd say, Jimi's poetry reflects a certain vulnerability, depth, and soul most men do not display, let alone possess. Lisa - California.
Jimi this is my friend Paul and of course you know Paul. It was a great show wish you were here...Paul, Las Vegas , Nevada  
Jimi you really rocked the house in Yucaipa last night, awesome job my man. I got some great photos...cheers John Rowlands Palm Springs, CA Joined The Fan Factory 
HI, I received the two books today (July 3). What a thrill and I'm enjoying the stories a lot. Thank you so much and the autographs are pure treats for me. How kind of you all to do that. Fran - Germany  
Great music...fabulous and awesome Jimi...great night all in all. Had a great time...glad to have been part of it. Thank you! Love the CD collection!! The best of luck for many, many sales and many more concerts. Victoria, Toronto, Canada  
Hi Marisa...hope youre keeping well...the Pics and Interview are now on my website... Rock N Rays Hall Of Fame page..Thanks...You are the Best !!XO Ray - CKOC radio Hamilton, Ont. Canada  
Nice seeing you at that cattle call in Hollywood remember...
I saw Abraham's Children 22 times. Yes I was a grade A groupie. I travelled all over Canada and some parts of the states to see them in concert. They were an awesome bunch of guys and a hot band. Rachel B. - Calgary, Alberta
Your concert in Sault Ste. Marie was incredible I have never been to a concert like that. I remember reading about the show next day in the Star, I think the writer enjoyed it as well. Regina Adams - SSM Canada

I can't believe it took me so long to find you guys on the web. I remember when the band played all over Nfld it was like the Beatles were in town. You fellas sure had the girls going even this oneGreat to see this website with so much about Abraham's Children. Thanks for the memories and the music. Fiona D. - Carbonear NFLD

  Hi,I just recently came across the website of Abraham's Children, oh the memories came flooding back to 1974 when they played at our school Queen Elizabeth Composite High in Edmonton, my girlfriends and I had the opportunity to meet and spend sometime with them. It was a wonderful day and one that won't be forgotten. I received at the time their drum cover signed by all four.(Jimi, Brian, Ron, Bob) One of them had the nickname SquirrIey, I think it was Brian. I kept the drum cover around for years until my parents decided that it neeed to go once I left home. After touring the website, I was sadden to hear about Brian, I still remember his sense of humor and how the four of them could be the best of friends one minute and angry the next and it was Brian who always turned things around. When we the girls get together and reminisce about old times, this is alway brought up, I wonder what happened to Abraham's Children and now I can share the website with them. This has been a great afternoon touring the website and catching up on Abraham's Children. Carol- Fort McMurray, AB 
From a 45 year old that just got his first computer, Gypsy was my first download and burn. Boy am I gonna have some fun.As an 11yr old I used to listen to Jim,Ron and the guys practice in Jims basement. At 70 Hucknall Rd in Downsview Ont and somwhere on Dufferin St south of Bloor St later on.I remember Jim as a real nice guy.He new I really enjoyed his music and Invited my friend Brian and I to watch them practice.Needless to say it was something I will never forget.I was to young to go to clubs but was able to buy the vinyl.So if what I see on the list of up and coming tour dates, I will see them in Woodbridge in October.I dont know if Jim remembers the little guy down the hall with four sisters but I sure as hell remember him! I too play music recreationaly and am sure Abrahams Children was an influence. Thanks and look forward to a live club preformance. P.S. I also remember you had a nice wife and toddler size daughter back then,hope all is well. Rick Rawlings of Alton ont. (send us your feedback) 
One On One On Radio (cont'd from iUpdate) would choose to be in control of their own ear intake, by loading up their CD player or IPOD, with a not so random collection of tried and true tunes. However this can become boring, if not re-invented regularly. That's ultimately where the significance of a DeeJay comes into play. There must be an interactive quality, where you are feeling they are reaching through the abstract distance, and really speaking directly to you. It has to make you feel more alive, intelligent and synchronistic, at very best, as if you are literally tuned in to something greater than yourself. Dave puts it in his own words, "Radio must provide something that folks can't do by themselves. That, in fact, is what my show is all about. It is amazing how many listeners have told me they are once again enjoying the radio experience." And after hearing his program, every Thursday and Friday night on Oshawa's own 94.9 The Rock, I can see why the response to his provocative material would be positive. It's humorous, touching on life's irony, while throwing a hardball straight in your face. He'll change it up, next is a curve, and before you know it, you've struck out, are sitting back in the dugout, but enjoying the thrill of the game, all the way. He might be a switch hitter, but his versatilities and dedication are what make him a champ. The young man that felt his share of emotional upheaval and challenged his dreams, can feel accomplished knowing his repartee over the years through the airwaves, has more than likely not only reached global ears, but perhaps those of other planets. No matter where you are, tune in on the web. Learn more about Dave at Ciao Magazine California
TO AC - I was on the net the other day with my son we were looking at bands from the 70's, as a thought I asked him to see if you had a website .There you were. As I read through the pages the memories began to flow, so Iam writing to share a memory with you . It was 1973 - 1974 I was a young teenager living on manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario. It was our spring dance at Manitoulin Secondary School in west bay .The band played that night and were awesome. Come the end of the night as you were all packing up to leave you had no idea how to get from west bay to little current . as my friend and I were going to little current anyway we offered to take you were you needed to go. We hopped in your station wagon ( I think it was a station wagon) and we road with you to little current. You guys droped us off a! nd headed on your way. To this day I remember that night. I how great you guys were to 2 country girls and how giddy we were for weeks afterwords. I say you again once more (that same year I think around New Years) at the Gasworks in toronto. That was the last time. I am glad that I could shared this memory with you . Thanks for the memory. carol finch (send us your feedback)  

Ciao bello! Tanti Auguri for your concert tonight It will surpass all expectations, I am sure. Keep me informed. Elena - Germany.
 A CD single, that's amazing. I'm really honoured to be offered that from you Jimi, I can't thank you enough. It's so crazy all these years later being able to chat with you here. That song came on chum early in 1973 and I ran out right away and bought it at Sam's in Scarborough. It became one of my roller skating tunes that year too. I bought the album later on and I couldn't get over the thickness of that dam vinyl. I'm so pleased to have these treasures for our main stereo room here at home Jimi, you're fatatic. Gord Ritchie - JL Oregon
Great job Jimi! I've been listening to it over and over again and it is definitely a catchy theme. I really like the build up from the intro... very upbeat, clean and fresh... works well with the whole concept of the event... I think the guitar riffs add an Italian sound/touch which I really, really like... horns sound great too.Sandra - Toronto, Canada LISTEN TO SPERANzA TO SEE WHAT SANDRA IS TALKING ABOUT. Hi There i've been checking out the A. Children sites & wanted to get in touch with Jimi. I still have a couple of reminders of the band (a poster of you all in front of a tree) & a poor copy of Gypsy... but I've been waiting for The Greastest come out on C.D. Abrahams Children was one of the greatest rock groups to amerge from Canada & i'm proud to say I know them...anyways if you could help me here I'm at Sincerly Paul Sanders Orangeville Ont.Can  
By JIM SLOTEK - Toronto Sun - Recently, while lined up at The Sun cafeteria, I found myself next to Shawn O'Shea of our business office -- the best-preserved grandfather you'll ever meet and a bit of an old hipster. I admitted to him that in a sentimental moment, I'd downloaded the '70s radio hit Gypsy from his old band Abraham's Children, and offered to buy him a coffee in lieu of royalties.He demurred, good-naturedly, offering the opinion that the song's been out of print for a long time and it should pretty much be public domain at this point. I got the feeling he felt it was just nice to be remembered. (Send us your feedback and add a photo please)   Hi Guys(AC) I know you won't remember, but I met you in Charlottetown, PE in 1972. You played at the Confederation Centre. One of the first radio interviews I did. I was 17 at the time . Alot older now no wiser, still rocking & rollin on the radio. I'm having a hard time finding the hits from the 1970's. I host the Saturday Morning Retro Rewind on OCEAN100, live every weekend, featuring the 70's at 7. I played all your hits when they were hits. If its possible, I'm looking for a CD with all of the hits on it. With your permission, I would like to add them to my 70's Canadian gold rotation. Ron Gillespie Production Manager CHTN-Ocean100 /CKQK-Krock105.5 ...ok gang call Ron and request some AC & Jimi B music.... 
My parent's first new car was a 73 Buick station wagon. I remember as a 13 year old camping in it the first night we had it. With the AM dial on CFCY, Jimi was interviewed about Abraham's Children playing in Abraham's Village here on PEI! They played "Thank You" after the interview. That song stuck to me like glue all these years! I found the song again last week. Not having heard it for 35 years, I enjoyed the memory trip back in that new 73 Buick Century! Best wishes from PEI! JD   Nice site! I remember Abraham's Children's "Thank You" and "Gypsy" getting played on CKLW back in the day. Now I play those and other AC songs on "The Lost And Found Oldies Show" Fridays 3-5pm EST (plug plug) and they always get good response! "Who ARE these guys? They're great!" Keep it up, Jimi B! Sammyboy 
I did have the honor of attending the Inauguration of President Obama in Washington D.C. on January 20th. To respect the privacy of certain individuals, certain events that took place and certain information has been held very private. Unfortunately the tabloids just obtained the attached picture and it will be no doubt be published this week. I wanted to share this news with my family and friends before it becomes public. There is no need to keep it a secret any more. The picture speaks for itself! Oprah and me. Paul  CIAO CARO JIMIB!!!! COME STAI? I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT YOUR WEBSITE IS MY OBSESSION, I HAVE TO SEE IT EVERY TIME I GO IN TO THE INTERNET, IT'S SO INTERESTING, HAS A LOT'S OF FUN AN GREAT STUFF IN IT, I 'M JUST SO PLEASED AND PROUD TO BE PART OF IT JUST LOVE EVERY THING YOU DO!!! XOXOXO (KISSES & LAUGHS), EVERYBODY LUVS YOU HERE IN MEXICO, ALL OF YOU!!!!! ELIZABETH ROMO LIZ ROMO mexico, zac zacatecas 
REVIEW Jimi B. Jimi B A & M 9069 - Jimi ( Bertucci ) B's career has been incubating for 10 years since he fronted " Abraham's Children, " a band which had a lot of success in Canada. Through ups and downs he has been writing material which documents a young man's odyssey through the streets, his encounters with society's special cases, his romantic dreams, and philosophical notations. A bassist primarily, his music has a rhythmic attitude which is appealing. The lyrics are catchy, poetic, topical. Jimi seems to be the kind of performer we expect to be a star and sing to us about our vulnerability whilst living in the grand style. He sounds more like a New Yorker than a Torontonian- or maybe it 's just that now we've grown up and can produce and recognize star qualities in ourselves. Jimi B is a classy artist, and his debut album should be well received, because it is all in the grooves - Keith Elshaw In The Grooves - Q107 FM . visit Keith at  REVIEW - JIMI B A&M 9060 With his self-titled album Jimi B has decided once again to venture out into the touchy world of rock. Jimi Bertucci started out with Abraham's Children in the early 70s and managed a couple of Canadian hits including, Good-bye Farewell in 1972 and Gypsy in 1973. Jimi B hasn't recorded since Goddess of Nature in 1975. For his first album, the Toronto native has enlisted BB Gabor and other top session musicians. Gabor is probably best remembered for capturing the publics imagination a couple of years ago with Metropolitan Life and Soviet Jewellery. Handling all the song writing and production Jimi B comes up with a pleasant album of rockers that rely on catchy hooks, while his singing strains to catch the sincerity of singerslike Springsteen and John Cougar. Jimi B's preoccupation with the American Dream makes Red White & Blue and All American Boy seem a bit contrived for a Canadian kid. However Touch Me and Wickless Dynamite are standouts on the positive side of the spectrum. MUSIC EXPRESS  
I have been a longtime fan of yours and have followed your career ever since your early days with the Canadian band "Abraham's Children". You are a very talented songwriter and singer and I love listening and singing along to your songs . They are beautifully written and full of emotion . We also happen to have something in common. I am Canadian too! When do you plan on touring in Canada again. I want to make sure I don't miss any of your shows. Your amazing music has had a big impact on my life and I would like to take this opportunity to "Thank You" for sharing it with the world! Love, Rose  jimi b! You the man! I give it up! I didn't know I was in the presence rock 'n roll royalty! Too busy killin' myself with this record. Never again will I go this road alone, brother. To Toronto, to you, & Nick, & a girl by the name of Jen Marion who I wrote a song for called "Los Angeles" the day I found out she left town to go back to the great Northwest. Now, the great wave tsunami is rollin' down your street & we're all watchin TV. I wish I had the opportunity to give this, this, oh, this, los angeles, los angeles, los angeles ... Al'right, boss Take care.Kevin Los Angeles - Ca

Dear Abraham's Children,

I should have done this a long,long time ago.I've known for awhile now of Brian's passing,and I was deeply saddened when I heard this.Words cannot describe how I have felt for the song "Gypsy" after all these years.I always listen to it.From the very first time I heard it on the radio in the early seventies,I still have this connection to it today.Yes,I had the album,"Time".I loved it."Gypsy" has a nice rich texture and Brian's vocals are beautiful.I like everything by Abraham's Children,but "Gypsy" ,for me,was powerful."Goddess Of Nature" and "How To Be A Lady" are other songs I still listen to.When I'm working in my studio I always play quite a variety of easy listening music and these three songs are sure to be played.I was shocked when I heard Brian passed away.I never did know whatever happened to Abraham's Children and where the guys were or what they were doing.Sometimes I like to leave things alone and just enjoy the music and memories.You can never re-create a memory,only enjoy it and remember the way it was,and leave it alone.Thank you for the music and memories Abraham's Children.God bless you. Respond if you receive this. Warmest regards, Brian LaSaga  

The Silence That Roared...(cont'd from talk2u) He was proud that his dream had been achieved with all his children, with the exception of Jimi, and we all know that story. He enjoyed his leisure time by sipping espressos and chatting with friends at the Diplomatico Cafe. His awareness of fashion was as notable as his trademark pencil-thin moustache. Although reluctant to sign Jimi out of school at an early age to pursue music, he realized the importance of passion by surprising a young Jimi with a Hofner Beatle Bass. He encouraged all his kids to reach high and to use common sense. Salvatore set out to build a strong foundation of beliefs and integrity within his family. He accomplished that and so much more. His marriage and devotion of 65 years to his lovely wife Alfonsina could be written as a romantic fairy tale, how the boy from the bario swept the uptown princess off her feet. He will be missed only to be remembered forever JB 

 It was around 1978 and I was working the door at the Piccadilly Tube while going to O.C.A. (Could you ask for a better life, art school by day, rock 'n roll by night listening to some of the best music in the world!). Saturday night and the joint was hoppin'...(read more) I love this group seen them many times, they should get back for a reunion with the boomers they would sell out. Play the same stage with Wednesday, what a? concert that would be.. Gary Woods
Holy crap.I forgot about this band.Thank? you utube. Randall Robertson   my? winnipeg friend was talking about this group last night and so wonderful you have this posted. Great song. (Goddess Of Nature)
A riveting look at life in the blog, where verbal wars defend opinions, beliefs, philosophies and down right dirt. The offerings? politics, sex, celebrities, religion and more. Dare to enter the forum of demon literary egos as they splash into cyber monologs and anticipate the kill of words. Mr. Bertucci's wit is razor-sharp and he wastes no time in biting the innocent lurker...(GET IT NOW IF U DARE)
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Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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March 17 1973

Many companies plan to host product and artist presentations, including A&M, Ampex, Avenue of America, Capitol, Columbia, GRT, London, Quality, RCA, UA, La Buick Sound and WEA. In addition, Avenue of America will host a dinner gala, featuring Abraham's Children, Rose, David George, Greg Mitler and Side Effect. The Maple System will hold its annual meeting (closed to nonmembers) during the conference.

 Ron 2004 Amber Studio
 I had a chance to meet Ringo last night and he is really very charming. Hey he’s a Beatle!  
I used to watch Abraham's Children on Musical Friends a teen show on French TV...Simon PQ 
I always thought that Abies Babies were the nicest bunch of guys. My friends and I had a great time hanging out with them during their stay here. Nancy Regina Sask.   
Like I just mentioned, I received the CD in perfect condition.The cover shot is so nostalgic to me and so is the shot of the boys in the air which was inside the CD case. Brian - St George's, Newfoundland.( look at Brian's beautiful artworks )
I used to watch Abraham's Children on Musical Friends a teen show on French TV...Simon PQ 
I went through you web site and gave a long listen to your music. Good stuff. I did not realize the popularity of your band away back when. Ed Ginglo -Unity Press Toronto Canada

I saw Abies Babies in 1975 in Montreal , Canada and it is still one of the best concerts I ever attended. Rene. Val d'or, Que. 
 I remember having a brew with one of the band members of Abraham's Children, I think it was the blond guy. Blane Richards Flint Michigan 
I remember they always wore incredible outfits and lots of makeup. By the end of the show their mascara was all over their face. Rudy Melford. Washington 
 I was seventeen when I first met Abraham's Children. They were skiing in Kimberly BC. Susan W. 
Well, now I really do have to see you perform! max 

hi all, glad to see a site dedicated to jimi and his music, both new and old. listening to the abrahams children 30 cd brings back a lot of memories. i run into ron bartley all the time, he live a few blocks from me out here in bowmanville. Cam Bowmanville 
Comment on your video: ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN - Short Comment on your video: ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN - Short I remember this song too from around then too. I was 12 or 13. This is the first time I've heard this since then. I totally forgot about it. Wow. Lots of great Cancon from that era. Edward Bear, Poppy Family, James Leroy, Bells etc. 

 Photo by Mary Frampton
I would have sent a photo but age has away of keeping me a good distance from cameras. Saw the band in 1974 in Ottawa at some political function...they were hot and really rocked.They wore some pretty revealing outfits and it showed well.I still hear their songs on the local oldies station.Thanks for the memories. Susan T. Ottawa Canada 
Hope you`re doing well and that business is good. I`ll look for your "star" next time I`m in T.O. Take care.....Elena - Munich Germany 
It was an honor to be a part of the day and part of the walk of fame. I couldnt be happier or more blessed. Thanks for the support. All the best. Bobby Curtola, Las Vegas, NV

Abraham's Children were my all time favourite band. They were always so nice and kind. They had incredible fashion and were really hot looking. Becky - Grand Falls, Nfld.
I had the pleasure of hanging out with the band when they were here in BC doing a concert. They were great guys. Susan L. PG BC
I always thought that Jimmy was the cutiest guy I had ever seen and when he was on stage he was so wild and so sexy. Claire W. Melrose Park IL
Hey you still rock. Caught your show at The Toronto that new song. Sorry. I don't submit pics anymore. Age agrees with you but not with me. Al C. - Aurora 
Posted a new song: "Take Care of Business - " Nevanka S. Toronto Canada

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jimi for a couple of days during his tour. He was such a gentleman. Angie Battista - Brooklyn NY  
Thanks to Brandy for sending us this great billboard sign. AC best wings...ummm
Hi! I, used to have a Abraham's Children T-Shirt, when I, was a kid! Tammy Eva Coughlan
I grew up with some of these guys back in good ole T.O Mike Storozuk
 Is this the same group that played @ Bills dance hall in Colliers in the 70's? They were awesome! Gina R. Spaniards Bay
I remember this song too from around? then too. I was 12 or 13. This is the first time I've heard this since then. I totally forgot about it. Wow. Lots of great Cancon from that era. Edward Bear, Poppy Family, James Leroy, Bells etc. Joe Smith
 This was played heavily on Altantic Canadian AM radio. ? (1973)
Here I am, remembering it, with fond memories 37 years later.
Went to see these guys? at the Digby Forum in 1973. I can close my eyes and still see the band and the first real light show i had ever seen. We were young and proud, but respectful of others. Dear Baby Jesus, please zap me back to 1973..... please. NS
I had this? album and traded it for Lighthouse Live. Great memories.
Wow? - love this song. Saw and met these guys in a high school gym in Yarmouth, NS. Brian Cotterill playing a double set of blue Fibes. Brian's use of the Fibes influenced my decision to get a set too. Kyle Miller
Listening to this? all these years later brings me right back to my high school gym, afternoon concert, when we were still so young and so innocent. This concert was one of the highlights of my entire school life. How awesome to hear it again, thanks for the upload! Kim Brunelle
I have this CD, it's a priceless piece of memorabilia! Love the? song Gypsy, great tune. Deborah Shea
brian was also my? dads cousin thats weird becuse i play drums and vocals too let him R.I.P he lives on with his music 
Yes? - when listening to the little transistor radio....long hair and carefree...sighTheHippy59  
meeee toooo... 39 years later. what? a great song. MrBuckwilliam Gypsy You Tube)
Kick ass....loved this song since the day I heard? it in 1973....only took me 39 years to track it down.......right on! Spiritt Wind (Gypsy You Tube)
 When do you think the band will tour again. Wayne NY NY
 I still think that Thank You is one of the best pop songs of its time and even now. Jessica F. Fountain Valley, CA
Sharon MacDougall
Can almost taste the desire to go back in time and listen to this stuff! This is real talent and real music. So proud they are Canadian!
Robert Lemuel
like a lot a canadian musicit didnt get played in the us but i m from detroit and got to here it all on cklw. this is one of the best.
Love AC"s songs! There best song might be 'Goddess of Nature.'
Jimi bertucci he co wrote some songs w bb gabor I have this listed on my old chum charts great song !
Laurie Nauss
I have an 8-track of Time used to play lots in car,plus I hooked up 5 speakers was like surround sound in the 70s, many great memories.
johnny dark - goddess of nature wow! i had forgotten this was a song by abraham's children.
Excellent ! Les membres du groupe ont visiblement écouté beaucoup de groupes de Motown. 

 Clark Graff You know what else I remember and I have thought about over the years? Morgan Jones (remember him?) and I were sitting in a little Pizza place in Fredericton, I think. We were having lunch when this tall elderly white man with a blazer on and a hat and cane came into the restaurant. He must have been 80 years old. He sat down in I suppose could be described as a familiar and comfortable manner. He looked at the waiter and said "I would like a glass of beer please." That's it. That's all that happened and I have never forgotten that moment, so I owe you for that. Funny life isn't it?

Ventura, California

Larry Dale - Yes I paid , through paypal and their web site, for a CD of TIME and it's been months and no CD.
Terry VanDeelen - My brother in law Pat Bergin introduced me to Jimi Bertucci at a CHUM 50th reunion concert at Nathan Phillips Square back in 2007. He was a super nice guy! This is a great song
We just received this we are on it...
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