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Toronto, Canada Glenn Olive and Jimi met at the age of 13. Glenn had a band called The Jr. Beetles at the time. When the two got together it was magic. Jimi, with his Hofner Beatle Bass, made quite an impression in the neighborhood and Glenn, a bass player himself, thought it was really cool. They formed their first band together called The London Tones and would often play at St. Albans Boys and Girls Club in the Annex of Toronto. Not long after, they added Ronnie Bartley. The young mod band would play high school dances, community events and whatever was available.Check Glenn out at Planet Earth on FB BUBBLEGUM HERO
 THE ENTERTAINER - So I'm strolling along the Queen's Quay on a cold gray day. The needle on my iPod painfully needs a break while the few brave Seagulls scavenge a trash can that was probably filled by winter touristos. My ears perk when this unfamiliar voice, almost with husky Springteenish overtones, invades the stereophonic separation of my head. I ask myself in confusion, "Did I download this?". I stop to gawk at the frozen ships docked in remnants of ice in the cold waters of Lake Ontario, still listening to the head invader. This storyteller has captured my attention with his musica di mondo. Kevin Kelly is a product of Hollywood, which in itself struggles to achieve any kind of real or honest potential of survival in an industry unsure of its future. His songs come from the heart, not that that is a pre-requisite for artistic recognition, but rather it's a breath of unsmogged LA breeze, if this is even possible. Kelly's latest release, Lost In The Cracks Of The Modern World, features some fine players including Canadian pop star, Jimi Bertucci, on bass comfortably adding his flair to The Great Hollywood Ending, a piece that is fitting considering Kelly's roots in the acting world. Lost In The Cracks won't sell platinum or even gold for that matter, but songs like Look For You, Get Out Of My Temple, and the mystical New Orleans may one day find their way to the ears of social pretense and awaken the desperation in the weakness of their existence. BUBBLE GUM HERO 
AMGOLO DELLA MUSICA LEGGERA - a cura di: Mario Marasco - E' I'unico cantante Italiano residente in Canada che attualmente sta riscuotendo successo anche ne campoinglese. Capeggia il complesso de; " Abraham's Children" ed oltre ad essere un ottima impostazione di voce che le permette di interpretare divinamente sia i pezzi ritmici che melodici. I componenti del complesso sono: Brian Cotterill, Ron Bartley, Jim Bertucci e Bob McPherson: Il complesso appartiene all scuderia della: "Avenue of America Records Ltd." E' stato emesso il primo 45 girl dal la G.A.S. Records - un grande sucesso americano tradatto 

Brampton, Ont. - I was somewhat out of the Burgess loop. His voice resonated Broadway or stage with a mature and seasoned delivery. Serenading our senses with familiar songs and melodies, the focused crowd appreciated his rendition of You Raise Me Up, a song recently made popular by Josh Groban. The organizers of the 100th anniversary of the O.P.P. had brought in heavyweight Michael Burgess. Burgess is an icon. How do I know that? Because I googled him. The more I read about this talented man, the more I discovered that his story has been adopted by many other artists who share a passion for their craft that is grander than life itself. Michael has done it all, theatre, film, TV and on occasion has even found himself in an ice arena. Mr. Burgess continues to penetrate inquisitive newbie ears, like my own.BUBBLEGUM HERO Photo by George Onuska

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DYK...that Jimi was born in a small town in Southern Italy in the province of Calabria. He would often go down to the river to play and meet his friends. His mom would have to come and get him when it was dinner time.
Brian Cotterill was the drummer and crooner on "Gypsy". The Squirell as he was called loved touring and visiting different parts of the world. We were brothers, friend, and buds.
 DYK that Jimi opened for James Brown. At the ripe age of 14 he was in awe. When Mr. Brown asked "what you doing here boy" Jimi stood up and said " I'm opening for you sir " Many years later Jimi and James would make contact again. Read about The King of Soul and The Death. (read the story)

Nimble figers Bob McPherson groovin BUBBLEGUM HERO
 All THAT JAZZ BASS - When I first started playing bass I thought it was so kool to have a Hofner Beatle Bass. I was the talk of the neighborhood. I had people asking me to play in their band without even knowing if I could play. As the years went on I began to add to my collection of bass guitars, of course I could do this now because I was a working musician. My next bass was a Rickenbacker, I guess I was following in the steps of Paul McCartney. Then came a Gibson. But soon I became bored with the commercial basses that I was so accustomed to. I remember one day I was listening to David Clayton Thomas 's band rehearse above the Concord Tavern on Bloor Street when I noticed that the bass player was using a real old tattered bass. I went closer and saw it was a Fender Jazz Bass....he asked if I would like to play it I quickly said was awesome. David walked in the room and asked what the fuck I was doing there..I said with a nervous sound that I was just checking out the bass. He asked me to leave, of course in a DCT way. I remained friends with Scott the bass player and many years later had another encounter with David. That's another story. Oh yeah I bought a Jazz Bass which I still have to this day.

YAHOO ANSWERS - Like so many other bands, AC has gone through some changes over the years. Although the original line-up has altered, the spirit of the music remains strong and, in many ways, more fresh. With time, musicians hone in on their craft and in certain cases become mature players. Jimi Bertucci, lead singer/songwriter and founder of the band, has done just that with Abraham's Children. The group explores the possibilities of the now sound and uses their AC experience as a foundation to create a tasteful and unique pop adventure. It's interesting to note that these guys have been rockin' and rollin' for over 30 years and still maintain a bright and positive outlook about their music in a business that can sometimes make you cynical. Their sex-appeal hasn't waned either. Bertucci, in particular, still exudes his rock-star sexuality to the glee of the females in the crowd. Unlike some bands that have come before, AC has managed to retain their long-time fan base while appealing to, and ultimately attracting, a new younger audience. Their live performance is nothing short of dynamic so it's easy to see why their popularity continues to grow. Originally considered a bubblegum pop group, AC's sound can now be categorized more along the lines of the pop/rock genre. Ats-Abraxas - South Wales Valleys


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Marisa was glued to the radio and television. She sang along with popular songs and imitated the bloob tube celebrities. As a teen growing up in Trieste and Toronto, she would keep in touch with the world with all her subscriptions of teen magazines. Her bi-coastal lifestyle allowed her to have a good sense of fashion and trends. Her father was a proud man that served in the Italian Army and her mother was the loving caring protective Italian mom. A graduate of York University majoring in Psychology she would soon discover that entertainment was somehow still flowing through her creative senses. She decided to leave a successful career in Psychiatric research and form her own company Marisa Lang Management. Over the years her company MLM would go on to manage some very important artists, administrate an extensive catalog of music for James Bert Publishing of which she is part owner. Her company WOW2210 Productions is in production of a sitcom reality show called "All About Me" starring Nick Mancuso and Jimi Bertucci. "To me being a part of this historic event is an honor, the IWOF represents hope to the future of our heritage". BUBBLEGUM HERO

HOLLYWOOD - There's something magical, without getting too ethereal, when a group of people can get together for a common goal and enjoy the spirits of a traditional patriotic celebration. The host was funny and charming, innocently jabbing his American cronies and praising the humbleness of Canada. I think. Dave Foley, the unassuming actor that has been on a few television series including Kids In The Hall and Talk Radio, was comfortable and proud as he displayed his loyalty of the Great White North to several hundred transplanted Canucks in the audience. There were cameras there to interview the celebrities, and I guess many of them were... only I was unfamiliar with any of the dozen camera huggers. Our Bondi Junction man Peter Foldy was there smiling and sending nods across the room to old buddies that marathoned on the free Labatts Beer. The red carpet which was inside only to be overwhelmed by an over-lit Canadian flag made the point. It was an interesting event. The Troubadour is a Hollywood landmark. The list of artists that have performed there is endless....... John Rowlands, photographer to the rock of all ages, was clicking like a lens junkie waiting for another hit of windex. My eyes feasted on a smooth stomach and a bellybutton you would introduce yourself to, only to find out later it belonged to Kelly Slatterey, a sultry young woman from Ontario now living in California strutting the stage, holding her hair back and throwing her vibrating hips in our faces. If sex appeal could help sell more cds in pop these days Kelly was definitely sharpening her tool. Nice tummy. The evening provided some music with Tal Bachman, the son of legendary musician Randy Bachman. His solo performance at times was overpowered by the the noise of the over-zealous crowd but there were many that gave him some dedicated attention when he played his hit " She's So High". My surprise of the night was the group Soul Decision. I'm not sure from where these talented young men hail, but their commercial r&b pop roots were a welcome to the room. Excuse me.... I spot Jimi Bertucci on the red carpet eating up the camera. He's talking about the upcoming tour with his band Abraham's Children that starts in September and focuses mainly in the Ontario area. Toronto, Burlington, Kitchener, Huntsville and others will be included on the tour known as Written In Stone AC2005. Have a good one Jimi.The hip-hugging crowd began to groove more as the evening progressed's funny, I could never decide if I liked going to these ladeedaddi affairs. I suppose the perpetual smiling and toe-tapping to the music wasn't all bad, free imported beer, ok you're right, you would have loved to have been there...So in conclusion, I say....when a room is filled with uplifting kaos does it really matter what we choose to celebrate or where.....Yes Marisa, there are many Canadians in L.A. cheers... (Photo by John R. Rowlands)  BUBBLEGUM HERO

Nostalgia for a cause The Sun's Shawn O'Shea joins former bandmates for concert to benefit cancer victimsSeventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The performance is part of the fourth annual Alli's Journey Take My Hand Gala, a charity that aids young cancer victims between the ages of 18-35, and was founded by Alli Shapiro before she passed away from the disease in 2006. It was her brother Shain Shapiro, who knows Jimi Bertucci, the lead singer of Abraham's Children, that got the band involved. "I'm not really into nostalgia (but) when Jimi called me and said, 'Hey, why don't we get together, we haven't played in 30 years, and it's for cancer,' I went, 'Yeah, okay,' " said Abraham's Children guitarist Shawn O'Shea, whose day job is working at the Toronto Sun. "I'm not really into going back to the '70s (or) Herman's Hermits, or some old band standing up there playing to 15-year-old girls. "I find that kind of obscene, actually. All the stuff that I've done in the last 10 years is more like rock, like The Stones or The Black Crowes, heavier riff-rock. And Abraham's Children was definitely a pop band when we were in our 20s." The reunion has meant three band rehearsals for Abraham's Children, who will be performing four songs tonight -- Gypsy, Goodbye Farewell, and Thank You -- and a new song written by Bertucci. "The strangest thing for me is that, back in the day, when we hit the first chord of our hit Gypsy, thousands of people would come to their feet," said O'Shea. "And now we're sort of a bunch of middle-aged guys in the basement in our socks learning these songs again. It's very weird to me. It's surreal. The fact that we're dipping into the past, for a guy who can't stand nostalgia, it's interesting."In the years since Abraham's Children disbanded, O'Shea has been a working musician, producer, written a pop musical, Crazy Nights, and sci-fi book, Sister Snow. He most recently released a second solo album, Rebel Station, on May 2. Still, despite his obvious desire to move on from his bubble-gum pop music days, O'Shea will admit Abraham's Children accomplished a lot during its short tenure. "The band, in the short time it was around, was kind of legendary," he said. "No one could stand on stage with us because Jimi was the most charismatic frontman I've ever seen in Canada. He was like Elvis. Women fainted when he walked in the room. LIKE THE BEATLES "Now, he's like a middle-aged Italian guy, but back in the day Jimi was incredibly star-like and charismatic. And Abraham's Children, every place we played, whether it was 20,000 people or 15,000 people, it was like the Beatles. The girls went insane. So for the short time we were together, the band was incredible." Tickets -- $25 and $75 -- for tonight's gala are available at Ticketmaster, with the proceeds going towards building an Alli's Journey room at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for people to relax in during chemotherapy treatments. Also on the bill is Ian Thomas and Rock Plaza Central. JANE.STEVENSON@SUNMEDIA.CA 

RESEDA CA - Yes it's the ageless Dick Clark. Back in the seventies Dick heard of a young upcoming band named Abraham's Children. He had heard one of the bands songs on the radio and inquired who and where they were from. An executive from Buddah Records the bands label in the USA sent Dick a copy of their hit song Thank You. He was quick to put it on his show. The song went on his famous Rate A Record. Bandstand would play two artists and the audience would decide which one was better and would be a hit or miss...well we would like to tell you that it won, but we're not sure. Ironically when Jimi moved to Malibu, California Dick was his neighbor and although the question did pop up he couldn't remember if it did for all the trivia buffs out there we put this task on to you....Did "Thank You" win on American Bandstand Rate a Record?....WIN A CD IF YOU CAN FIND OUT. BUBBLEGUM HERO





Toronto, Canada The Police Busted - Two members of the band The Police were busted outside a concert hall in Hamilton, Ontario. The lead singer bass player and keyboardist for the group were caught behind the venue they were to perform in. While on a routine inspection of an alley outside the concert hall, two officers turned their headlights on what appeared to be, two characters sitting and smoking a cigarette. Upon investigation the officers asked the two men to show them identification. The one man said we are performimng here and our id are in the dressing room. When the officer asked what group it was, they said The Police. Everyone snickered and joked. The officers continued to ask what they were smoking noticing that both men had something in their hands. One officer asked them to hold out their hands open. The two were booked for possession of marijuana. They were give a citation and were told that they would get a court appearance date in the mail. The two officers proceeded to take the roaches a put them in an evidence envelope. ( This is not the end of this story. Read how Jimi and Laurie were picked up by four police officers during an appearence at the Picadilly Tube while The Police from England played half a mile away in another club. They were cuffed and spent the night in a Toronto jail..(read more about the Police)   DAVID MARSDEN - ONE ON ONE ON RADIO - My fascination with pop culture has always been entertained by the very special individuals I had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Of course, it helps if you, yourself, have some of these qualities as well. Growing up in the 60's in Toronto, Canada, I found that the choices for convincing entertainment were still an import product. Then one day I turned on the TV to see this lanky, good-looking, young man with an Everly Bro's haircut. The show was called Mickey A Go Go, and for the first time, I was watching a local show that appeared as American as apple pie. (From Ciao Magazine) We are attempting to get the whole interview as was done by Ciao Magazine in California.
Sherman Oaks, CA - Hold that in......Audio genius and Jimi B's sound engineer Rich Kluth, of System 2000, having a few laughs and more with our Guess know it, Burton Cummings. The surprise party that was thrown for the canuck star by wife Cheryl had a sixties theme, called Burtonstock. Every room in the house was decorated with touches of psychedelic flavors. The "by invitation only" gathering was a treat for about 50 of his friends. Guests included Knack drummer the late Bruce Gary and pop artist Jimi Bertucci, who performed a duet of the classic "Whiter Shade of Pale" with Cummings. The evening was documented by videographer and producer Gary Strobal (The Monkees) for future viewing. Gary's gift to the Canadian super star was a video copy of Burton's appearance on The Dating Game. As we all sat around oohing and ahhing over the hit TV show , Burton watched in amazement. "I don't think I've ever seen this," he commented. photo by Jimi B .BUBBLEGUM HEROES't t 

Robert Davi - Crushing Grapes

The 10 Freeway into Los Angeles has to be the baddess freeway in the world. It was constructed by Satan. An asphalt and concrete road of toxic hell that challenges the Angelino raged raccoons and their metal monsters. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit. Usually my drive into town helps me prepare for the direction of the conversation and to fine-tune the questions that continuously dance in my clouded head. I say this because I have yet to ask someone I have interviewed any questions that were actually prepared well ahead of time. I was forty minutes late. I imagine this would have been enough of an excuse for anyone waiting at the other end to get up and bid the interview, and...(read more)

Live at Hollywood On The Queensway in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The band kicked off their Canadian dates at this famous rock landmark. AC performed all their hits including material from their latest cd 30. The new cd is filled with cuts that have never been released, a couple of live songs and some radio interviews. This disc also includes a 16 page booklet with lots of neat pictures and stories. After the show the group met with dedicated fans that waited with CD's, albums, books and pictures hoping to get autographs and chat. Over the years Abraham's Children went through some musical changes as well as members, but the essence of the music still remains. The meet and greet saw fans of all ages. The band plans on taking a couple of days off and then continue on the road. Manager Marisa Lang explained that many dates are being added and the possibilities of Europe are looking good.   O.P.P. – The 100th anniversary of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was more than a celebration of beginnings, it was a tribute to the men and women who, for 100 years, have been patrolling the highways and roadways within the province of Ontario. Commissioner Julian Fantino and his crew allowed us into the history and workings of this prestigious force that began in 1909. Our host, Sam Ciccolini, is no stranger to the duties of contribution and welfare to this province. A recipient of the Order of Canada, Mr. Ciccolini eloquently guided us throughout this milestone event. Premier Dalton McGuinty gave his campaign speech (not really) and showed sincere gratitude to these men and women in uniform that, for a century, have helped keep the province of Ontario a safe place to live. BUBBLEGUM HERO

I don't imagine that Ron will remember me but I knew him before he and his then girlfriend lived in the annex. I have been checking the web for along time to see if there was any updated info about the band. I am pleased to hear that you are still making music and would love the opportunity to see you play again. It would be great to hear from you and to catch after all these years. Donna (read more feedback from around the globe.) TORONTO - TIFF, as it is known in the industry, is perhaps the biggest schmooze circus in a city that is as diverse as some of the films being promoted. I took a ton of pix and my friend and co-worker Tony Morrone captured many of the events on film. Look who's Out There with Melissa DiMarco. Why, it's our own camera candy, Jimi Bertucci. The two met up at Italian Cinema at the Toronto International Film Festival. The gala was held on the Kajama Tall Ship at Toronto's beautiful Harbourfront. Melissa, gearing up for her show, was seen schmoozing with and interviewing some of the guests. She is no stranger to the tube having appeared on many series as well as movies including Duct Tape Forever, a comedy based on the Red Green Show. Jimi was promoting his new sitcom All About Me currently shooting in Toronto, which also stars Marisa Lang, and Nick Mancuso. BUBBLEGUM HERO

DAVID AND GOLIATH- (cont'd from History) ...of Graham Electronics. The flap started last July when Besprozvanny left Mira Mesa based Electronics Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Zero Corp., a multi-million dollar electronics firm. Before he left Electronics Solutions, Besprozvanny was involved in the development of the backplane. The company hired an outside consulting firm to assist in the design, and it spent $170,000 on the project, Bolton said.
The backplane took six months to develop and it hit the market last August, Bolton said. Upon leaving Electronics Solutions, Besprozvanny rehired the same outside consulting firm, Electro-CADD of San Diego, to design an identical piece of equipment, alleges Bolton. "It's like coping a test," Bolton said. "They copied our test and they didn't have to study." Bolton said his company wants Graham Electronics to cease development work on its own backplane because it "pirated" Electronics Solutions' "trade secret." Bertucci at Graham Electronics said the premise of the injunction is "ridiculous." A product no longer retains "trade secret" protection once it is released to the market, for more than six months, he said. Also, the backplane being developed by Graham Electronics is completely different from the one being sold by Electronics Solutions, Bertucci said. Graham's backplane uses three signal layers, while Electonic Solutions ' uses four signal layers, he said. The Graham backplane would have a special signal-routing system that does not exist on the Electronic Solutions back plane. Also, Graham's backplane would probably use six pin power plug. Electronic Solutions' power plug has ten pins, Bertucci said. "We have built a better mouse trap and they're angry," Bertucci said. " They simply don't want the competition." Besprozvanny, a Russian native, said he has many years of experience in the backplane technology, and designing another backplane from scratch was easy. And although the same consulting firm was used by Graham to design the new backplane, Besprozvanny said Electro-CADD strictly guarded the plans it developed for Electronic Solutions. "They promised us that they would generate the database completely from scratch," Besprozvanny said. Bertucci said he believes the petition was filed solely to keep Graham Electronics from debuting its design at a national trade show Feb. 14 - 17 in Long Beach. The case is scheduled to be heard at 9:00 am Feb 13 in San Diego. Bolton said competition has nothing to do with the injunction petition. " Frankly, we wouldn't be wasting our time or money if we didn't feel we had a case. We have reason to believe they have used our technology and we're going to do something about it.



Check out AC on the right having a brew in some bar. Are those Molson's bottles still around...>>>>>>>>>>>>>  
Have any photos of the band we'd love to have copies. 
Caddy , Later, he produced the Canadian band Teenage Head for the A&M label and whose self-titled debut album is now out on CD, featuring the original Caddy mixes. Abrahams' Children was another band Caddy produced whose first LP produced no less than three hits and whose Jimi Bertucci - lead singer and songwriter since inception - reports that he learned a lot from Caddy, who continued producing through to the late 1980's. 

HEARTBEAT RUN (cont'd from history)... "Ladies and gentlemen, please give a welcoming round of applause to one of the greatest bands to come out of Canada....Abraham's Children." "The roar of the crowd was like a constant sound of white noise hissing in the air. We were escorted on stage by three security guards. The stage was flooded by a million watts of lights that blinded our vision of the crowd. I plugged in and approached my microphone. Good evening Hamilton, are you ready to rock? The screams got louder. We opened with one of our hits, Goodbye Farewell. As soon as the crowd heard that trademark intro with the bass, they began rushing the stage in herds. Still blinded by the overwhelming lights, we could see the playing field of the stadium begin to fill up with young fans rushing towards the stage. There must have been thousands. The security guards jumped on stage and asked us to stop, unplug and move to the side of stage left near our trailer. The crowd was frantic. The dj came back on stage and announced that, if the crowd did not move back, the concert would not continue. After about 10 minutes of reorganizing the excited stampede of fans, the dj announced once again, "Ok, let's try this again...Abraham's Children." Ok, here we are again. Are you having a good time, I asked. The crowd yelled out a big YES of approval. We began with another one of our hit records, Gypsy. Once again, the over-enthused fans began approaching the stage. This time, it seemed the numbers had doubled. They pushed and shoved their way closer and closer, crossing the fence that separated the stage and the field. Hundreds managed to knock down the barricade and climb onto the stage. We jumped off the stage with our instruments into the long stretch limo waiting for us. We began driving away on the field, being chased by teens. It was a weird experience, almost frightening. As I looked back through the limo window, I could see people on stage trying to take cymbals, microphones and whatever else they could get before the guards got to them. We drove back to the hotel where we were staying and were greeted by fans in the lobby. After signing a bunch of autographs, we headed to our rooms where we remained until the next day." 
SCOTT CARPENTER - ICON DJ I took a drive up Yonge Street while visiting Toronto last summer, only to notice that the monster CHUM sign was absent. Staring at the remains, I took in a deep breath of nostalgic air. What had once been the radio king of a bubblegum nation was now just another brick and glass building blending in with a city that had, at one time, craved music to dream by.
When I spoke to Scott Carpenter I wasn't only speaking with an icon of radio, but also with a musician and somewhat of a modern day entrepreneur. The spinmaster, now retired and living in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is enjoying mocha lattes, the Carribean and his musical family. Scott, also known as the "Boogieman" on the most influential radio Station in Canada , has seen his share of rock stars, one hit wonders and an ever-changing industry.
My predictable question came as no surprise to the airwave giant. "Where is radio going I asked." He paused and in his retired dj voice explained, "I think we're probably going to see more consolidation. Let me put it another way. I think we are going to see two tiers of radio. One tier will be the consolidation stations like Clear Channel and others, and the other tier will be the local and smaller group ownership stations. Those will be where most of the creativity will come from." The New Radio, as it's known, is now a reflection of old radio. When rock n roll was discovered in the fifties it blasted...(read more)

This Toronto, Ontario group's roots go back to the late sixties as a band called Just Us and they were later known as Captain Midnite's Dirty Feet (from an American comic strip), but when the strip's owners would not allow the use of the name in the U.S. they adopted the new moniker, Abraham's Children. A 1968 45, The Lovin' Things is also attributed to them.

They basically played melodic pop/rock and Goodbye-Farewell and Gypsy in particular, were hits (the latter an international one). These both figured on their album. Indeed, Gypsy was the stand-out track and one of several melodic pop rockers which included How To Be A Lady, Thank You and Children's Song. Side two is a little more progressive and the rockier Woman "O" Woman catches the ear. Recommended. In 1974 they veered towards a heavier sound and became known as The Children. Shawn O'Shea formed a new group, Bang, in 1976, which also featured Ron Bartley.

They also had one track, Goddess Of Nature, a melodic, mid-tempo soft rock number with strings in the background and a short, but loud, lead-guitar break on K-Tel's Music Power compilation.

(Vernon Joynson/Costas Arvanitis)

When Jimi met up with Sting in Los Angeles,during one of Stings concerts, they had a chance to talk about that awkward evening in Toronto when both bands were appearing a mile a part from each other.Jimi was performing at the Piccadilly Tube and The Police (England) were at The Edge. Sting mentioned to Jimi " hey it could of gone either way"...sure Sting.(read more)   

Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

August 10 1974

In a rock vein, the Toronto quintet Abraham's Children have had two hit singles with UA and will be recording an album in August.

This is one of the very few sites that offers exclusive items and music of Abraham's Children and its members.(more) 

Oldies 1310 morning host Brother Bob weekday mornings from 6:00am - 10:00am! and request "Thank You" "Gypsy" Goodbye Farewell" from Abraham's Children.(REQUEST)
Serra - wood, silver cross, silver spacers, leather $29.99 plus S&H clasp

 Bobby was the quiet,but not reserved member of the band. When it came to making a decision ...the wait was forever....oh those poor waitresses ...(more) 
Just had a chance to listen to some of your songs, actually all of them WOW they were great. You don't often get songs of this caliber on the web, I'm very impressed. Rudy - Brazil...more feedback
CANADA D' EH There's something magical, without getting too ethereal, when a group of people can get together for a....(read more) 

DYK - Before they were CMDF, AC, JIMI B, THE POLICE, they were simply know as Just Us.

Through My Window

Through my window there are many worlds
Some created some visible only to my eyes
The flying machines the crashing beams
Waterfalls clouds that resemble cotton balls
Aging man youthful girls purple trees
Through my window I can fly high
Converse with the moon touch the sky
Slide on rainbows soak in the rain
Build castles of sand feel no pain
Through my window she waits for me
To journey in lands of fantasy
Never a clock or time to rush
Treasures of love that ooze and gush
Through my window my music is free
Profound are the words meaning to me
Naked I stand without fault or shame
Never to judge the riches I gain
Through my window life is precious
Full of hope and unpretentious
Children laugh with sound elation
God smiles



My days as a blogger or forum gladiator are behind me. Ok, perhaps I will indulge in the odd verbal sparring on occasion to satisfy the addict endorphins I created while spinning my opinionated views. The lesson learned during this combative rebuttal of wit made me come to several conclusions. When you are in a political forum or blog, no matter what your craterous ideals are, the chances of converting others to your ideologies are slim to nil. However, if one displays some form of intellectualism during the font-trading refutation, intimidation will appear obvious causing a noticeable affliction on the screen.  For example, I appeared on a blog that was praising a newly released film by Bill Maher called Religulous. I was amazed by how many people supported the actions of this unscrupulous low-life character. Here is a man with the opportunity to use HBO and its affiliates to promote peace and unity in an environment that is so hurting for compassion and a positive spin on everyday existence, and yet he continues to condemn one's spiritual or religious beliefs. I was very aware of his atheist persuasion and his overwhelming dislike for the Christian and Catholic communities. His lack of moral behavior I attribute to his low self-esteem as a youth and askew upbringing. Educated at a couple of decent schools and colleges I could not comprehend his direction of demoralizing the fabric of our establishment. This was my first of many offerings to this blog, that would later become a personal assault on this despicable excuse for a human being. I chose to appropriately name myself.  

VDB: Bill I would not waste my time or money to see a hacker like you on the big screen. It's bad enough I accidentally see you on TV and that irks me deeply. Why don't you try washing your hair…you see Bill, with HD television we can all see your ugliness, physically and what's in that small pea of a brain. Bill am I being too hard? Gee! You and Maxine Waters would make a great couple; you are both from the same place, the sewers of society. And let's talk about your nose that fills the screen. I imagine it comes in handy when you are bent over sniffing Liberal butts. The main reason I don't order HBO is you Bill that's right. Until they change their format and put someone in your slot that has some integrity, just then I might order it…NA. Ok Bill I have to go and watch O'Reilly at least he baths and washes his hair. (The Blog 

SAN DIEGO The 3 amigos. What would a great concert be without friends getting together after the show to share a couple of drinks and some old tales? Gordon Lightfoot's songs still stand the test of time, as witnessed the other night at The Pechenga Casino. After almost 4 decades the man can still deliver these songs as if they were fresh from the market. Long time friend and drummer Barry Keane has known and worked with Jimi for..well, let's say a heck of a long time. Jimi met up with Gord at the CHUM 50th anniversary bash, at Nathan Phillip Square, where he performed and Jimi signed many autographs for enthused fans. Photo by John Rowlands   

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