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Hello and Greetings from Canada. I ordered and received a copy of Abrahams Children's TIME cd.While I was pleased with the musical content,I was disappointed with the environmentally friendly package it came in. Is a jewel case version available and if so,how do I specify this choice in my order and I will give this bio-degradable copy to a friend who attended their concert with me in Saint John,New Brunswick,Canada in 1974. All the Best.Laurie (read more)
AC ROCK AND SPARK CENTRE FOR A GREAT CAUSE - The George Weston Recital hall is just that, a recital hall. When I walked into this incredibly designed structure per l'arte de l'arte at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, I was quickly reminded of my days in Europe sprinting from one acoustically perfect theatre to another. There is almost a spiritual aura...(more) 
Jimi is back in Tinsel town...word is he took a terrible fall in a trendy restaurant in Toronto, leaving his left hand very damaged. His doctor said he would have to keep it in a splinter for as long as it takes...hey does this mean he won't be playing or touring? We spoke to Marisa Lang Jim's manager and she confirmed he will be off for awhile. Rumor is he will be hooking up with talented singer songwriter Carlo Coppola and to do some writing. Carlo just returned from Hollywood after performing two shows at the San Gennario Festival hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla. 
Bobby was the quiet....but not reserved member of the band. When it came to making a decision ...the wait was forever....oh those poor waitresses ...(more)  
Marisa Lang and Celine Dion's business advisor and attorney Paul Farberman in Toronto. Paul flew in from LA recently for the SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) symposium for Film & Television. As one of the panelists he shared many interesting anecdotal stories with the attending audience, including the story of how Ms. Dion came to record the hit song “My Heart Will Go On” for the highest grossing film of all time, “Titanic”.  
Order an original piece of art from OOMII designs that take risks. A portion of all sales will go to SPCA
BRIDGE UNCROSSED - Higgins Falls would never be on the map if it weren't for a strange phenomenon, of which the town's people firmly believe. With a population of about 200, this small village is well known for its quaint, Victorian homes and The World's Best Jerky.
The myth, or bizarre occurrences, started back in 1961 during a hot summer's day. The Hemingways, a family of four from Chicago, were on vacation and decided to take a detour to view the Falls, and taste some of the famous jerky. They had two choices; drive around the river, which would take an extra hour and half, or take the old bridge. They decided they would take the scenic route, going around the river, to explore the beautiful landscape and lush green fields and upon continuing their journey they would save time by taking the short cut, back over the relic bridge.
They eventually made their way into town stopping at Kearney's Family Market, which advertised the jerky with a big, flashy sign... Order the audiobook read by award winning actor Nick Mancuso. (get the story)

 I remember first meeting Jimi in BC. They were doing a concert at the arena and thought I would go to the show. He was very charming and asked where is there a good place to ski. I said Kimberly has some good runs. We got in the bands car and drove to Kim. It was a fun time and I will never forget it. Thanks for the memories. Beverly W. BC Canada

 The Black and Red Tour. The Hollywood is one of the hottest entertainment venues in Canada and when the word got out that AC was doing an intimate concert , the place was sold out in no time. Fans of all ages showed up for the show. The crowd was roaring from the moment the band stepped on stage. The surprise of the evening were all the celebrities that showed up, well-known actors Nick Mancuso, Lazar, Lina Giornofelice, film producers Lili Fournier, Alessandra Piccione and director Sergio Navaretta who's award-winning feature film Looking For Angelina is one of the most touching movies of 2006. There were friends of Jimi's from the old hood of Grace Street in little Italy and fans that saw AC perform in the past. Following the concert excited fans waited to have their photos taken with AC band members and their cds autographed.




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Nostalgia for a cause The Sun's Shawn O'Shea joins former bandmates for concert to benefit cancer victims. Seventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts...(read more)



Nostalgia for a cause The Sun's Shawn O'Shea joins former bandmates for concert to benefit cancer victimsSeventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The performance is part of the fourth annual Alli's Journey Take My Hand Gala, a charity that aids young cancer victims between the ages of 18-35, and was founded by Alli Shapiro before she passed away from the disease in 2006. It was her brother Shain Shapiro, who knows Jimi Bertucci, the lead singer of Abraham's Children, that got the band involved. "I'm not really into nostalgia (but) when Jimi called me and said, 'Hey, why don't we get together, we haven't played in 30 years, and it's for cancer,' I went, 'Yeah, okay,' " said Abraham's Children guitarist Shawn O'Shea... (read more)

Manfred Wewers is Toronto's "Harmonica Obscura" and a regular contributor to HH. SEE MORE OF HIS ARTICLES ON LINE AT SPAH.ORG. SPAH is a worldwide harmonica organization based in the United States. SPAH — the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica —is a 501 nonprofit registered in the State of Michigan. SPAH advances its mission of preservation and advancement since 1963 in many ways.
 iUpdate Corner
Hey gang the new AC contest starts Oct.31-2018. Here's your chance to win a "As Canadian As Maple Syrup" T-shirt. Great fit 100% cotton. Go to facebook and play.  . 10/29/18

By Michael Panontin (
Jimi Bertucci was just one of the many Canadian musicians who trace their roots back across the pond to Italy. Like fellow Torontonian and Mandala guitar wizard Domenic Troiano, along with Montreal producer Pat Deserio and the bulk of that fecund disco scene, Bertucci came to this country when he was just a child. His would have been a fairly typical Italian immigrant experience at the time. Born one Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in the Calabrian village of Serra San Bruno, the impressionable six-year-old found himself in a bustling Little Italy house chock full of extended family, including a talented uncle named Sam, who entertained the clan with a coterie of instruments from accordion to mandolin.

At thirteen, Bertucci was among those hysterical hordes at the Beatles' Maple Leaf Gardens debut (the tickets courtesy of a Sam the Record Man contest) and like many a teenager that year was thoroughly bitten by the rock and roll bug. When his parents later surprised him with a Hofner bass guitar, the young lad's fate was sealed. Bertucci formed the London Tones with high school mate Ron Bartley, eventually taking on keyboardist Bob McPherson and drummer Brian Cotterill, and settling on the name Abraham's Children.

The four gigged around the city until one night at Club 813, a West Indian night spot known as much for its lamb curry as for its music, they were approached by Jack Morrow (who would later produce Teenage Head among others). Morrow hooked the band up with producer Paul Gross and before long they had issued Bertucci's catchy AM-friendly 'Goodbye, Farewell' and backed it with Gross' gutsier 'Hot Love'. By November of 1972, Billboard magazine described 'Goodbye, Farewell' as "a confirmed national hit (which) has just been released stateside on Buddah."

That single, and the schizophrenic nature of its two sides, would prove to be the band's eventual undoing. By the time of their lone full-length record, Time, it was clear that Abraham's Children were being pulled in two clearly different directions. That first hit, along with follow-up chart singles 'Gypsy' and 'Thank You', marked the band as a Canadian version of Bread or Pilot. At the same time, unsuspecting teenies who had purchased the album looking for more of that syrupy AM fare would have found that the Children had somewhat more ambitious rock and roll visions. Side two in particular is stacked with lengthier keyboard-driven post-psychedelia more along the lines of Sugarloaf or Rare Earth.

Unfortunately, Abraham's Children only managed one more single, the r'n'b-tinged 'Goddess of Nature', which despite its au courant use of strings and its modest chart success, only managed to tear the group apart for good.



 Paul Kobak should check his facts.

Jimi continues to perform with his band JIMI B
One On One On Radio...(cont'd from contact) audience that would remain dedicated to this day. Change has a way of determining our direction and possibilities, and nothing lasts forever. He has seen many phases go in and out of style, but the integrity of his fun-loving personality sustains all stages of entertaining evolution. We could go on and on how he revolutionized FM radio by offering the listening ears more than your basic,, tossed salad, but Marsden is complex and mirrors many facets as both an artist, and an individual. He is the story teller, and whether it makes sense or not, you are drawn in and seduced, surrendering your complete attention to his entrée. This man's intrinsic airwave intuition has made him in demand and if you were one of the lucky stations that could afford his talent, ruled. His appearance at special events would dominate the scene, as his fans would swarm, to get his autograph or their picture taken with him.
The young dreamer was not only inhaling these vapors of attention, he was also beginning to reciprocate
the feelings of success, within a snub-nosed industry, calculated by foreign propaganda. David mocks the status quo. He believes that if one's platform is limited, the results will also be hindered. The transformation of radio has peaked, for now. The cookie-cutter shaped deejays, that can sometimes be as annoying as telemarketers during dinner, are trying to spoon feed a sense of mainstream mediocrity. So, where does David fit in, among all this candy-floss of musical merry-go-rounds? When I first heard that he was back in the radio rat race, I couldn't help but display a big smile, and tell my friends that the Marsbar had landed, making a galactic entrance, and all our dials must be precisely synchronized to encounter his schism. The new generation is able to grasp this faceless monitor, and his tribal messages that allow the young force to interpret the poetic jargon, within a social context, if there is any. Here, in Tinsletown, we can often be spoiled, or numbed, by the on-going themes of personalities. The search for creative, quality entertainment is of global proportion, and the rewards are programs that are best suited for the individual's needs. I recall the first time I watched...(read more) 





INFORMATION/WRITEUP - (cont'd from history) 2. Produced by Paul Gross (who contributed a couple of tracks to the LP), 1973's "Time" offered up a mix of the earlier singles and new studio material. Boasting three lead singers in Bartley, Bertucci and Contterbill, the entire set was enjoyable, with tracks such as 'Children's Song' and 'How To Be A Lady' showcasing the group's knack for writing and performing commercial pop. Imagine a Canadian version of Pilot, or The Raspberries and you'll get a feel for most of the album. The group also enjoyed a third Canadian hit with the bouncy 'Thank You'. It's interesting that the two best songs are also the least commercial. Both 'Woman 'O Woman' and the group-penned 'Workin' for the Man' are thumping rockers, albeit with harmony vocals that make radio stations so happy.
Following the album's release the band underwent an ongoing series of personnel changes that saw Bertucci, Cotterili and McPherson all quit. With replacements the band struggled on for three more years, during which time they shortened their name to 'The Children''. They also released one final non-LP single - 1974's 'Goddess of Nature' on Rampage. The group finally called it quits in 1976.
Bartley, Dinardo and O'Shea subsequently formed 'Bang'. Bertucci continued to record under the name 'Jimi B'. The band has reformed and continues to tour to this day, along with a retrospective double CD titled "30".
- BS, acid archives

3. An Italian immigrant, Jim Bertucci moved to Toronto with his family at the age of 6. Born Vincenzo Donato Bertucci, the singer/bassist formed Just Us while still in high school along with Ron Bartley on vocals and guitar. They changed their name to Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet after graduation, and along with Bob McPherson on keyboards and drummer Brian Cotterill, soon became staples on the Toronto club scene. They were peddling their home-made demo of the song "Hot Love" at the shows and their name soon spread. They were noticed in 1970 by Jack Morrow at one of the shows, who'd later help launch the careers of such stars as Fat Mouth and Teenage Head. He invited Paul Gross from Phase One Studios, who'd produced such heavy hitters as Rush and Triumph to see the band, who jumped at the chance to work with them.
Within weeks the group had built up a collection of writings and demos and entered Toronto's RCA Studios. However since Captain Midnight was the name of a comic book hero Stateside, legal issues ensued and the band changed their name to Abraham's Children. They inked a deal with GAS Records in '72 and re-released "Hot Love", this time as the 'b side' to "Goodbye Farewell". An Italian version of "Goodbye" entitled "Bye Bye Bambino Occhi Blue" was recorded for the European market, scoring big as well with the ethnic radio stations at home. They caught the attention of Neil Bogart of the US's Buddha Records (read more)

The Great Chameleon will premier in Hollywierd in Nov. No tours are planned for Abraham's Children as of yet. Jimi B is in California writing new material for his Calabresi project and preparing to produce the 2014 Italian Walk Of Fame event with partner Marisa Lang. Shawn O'Shea is writing a new novel and rumor has it that the new song from 'The Heymacs' is being mixed (so the new heymacs video can't be far behind!), Ronnie is boating on his yacht, Bobby is enjoying his golf time. Gerry is working on a television show, Glen is doing some recording sessions. Hey check out the Italian Walk Of Fame and see the stars. Yeah we hung out with Beverly D'Angelo, Joe Pantoliano and that beauty Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Check here for the scoop. Ciao
Marisa and Jimi were presenters at the 3rd annual Italian Walk of Fame Common Spirit Awards black tie gala. They joked and reminisced about growing up in an Italian family. Visit for more great celeb photos, stories and 2014 gala tickets. This is the event of the year. Now celebrating its 6th year. Join us this year and "help us celebrate all that is Italian" in the famous words by Frank Mancuso. The Italian Walk Of Fame celebrates Italians from all over the globe for their contributions. Photo by Mike Bellissimo.
ALWAYS FRESH - Maria Grazia Cucinotta The orange skies and balmy evening brought a melancholy rush to my body as I strolled down Santa Monica Boulevard towards the water. I noticed a long line of enthused patrons holding Starbuck coffee cups and chatting while waiting to get into the theater. My eyes happened to turn upwards to the marquee that read "Il Postino". Of course being a transplanted Italian to the city of Angels, I was intrigued by the large crowd waiting to see this artsy film. I continued towards the sound of the dark ocean which was relatively quiet in its stillness. The sand was warm between my toes and the occasional breeze that blushed over my face reminded me why I was here. I can't remember the last time I went to see a movie and, even then, I likely had to be persuaded to go. I made my way back to the theater just as they were letting everyone in. The worn purple velvet seats of the old deco theater had definitely seen their share of films. Most likely I was one of the few viewers who could actually understand the film without reading the subtitles. From the outset one is captivated by the beautiful Italian island and vibrant scenery. I have always had a thing for attractive Italian women in the cinema. They seem to jump right off the screen only to plant themselves in your head. Beatrice Russo played by the stunning Maria Grazia Cucinotta in "Il Postino" is a breath of fresh air. She puts the "quirky" in this unforgettable romantic story and leaves us wanting more. I was hypnotized by her beauty and her playful demeanor. This Sicilian bombshell made me a fan instantly. In her role as the sexy assassin in The World is not Enough, she convinced me that this hot mama is a serious actor. Her skills are without limits, whether it's a short role on the Sopranos or an intense workout in "The Rite", she can rock with the best of them. Maria's radiancy reminds us of those early screen divas like Gina Lollobrigida, only a dash more daring.  

Toronto, Canada - A fan reaches over to shake Jimi Bertucci's hand causing chaos. In the background Giancarlo Giannini smiles, enjoying the frenzied man's enthusiasm for the Canadian pop hero. The Italian Walk of Fame attracted thousands to Toronto's Little Italy. In addition to Giannini, Connie Francis embraced the community in style and hockey legend Phil Esposito had everyone feeling Italian. On that warm Labor Day weekend the inductees soaked up the sun and watched as the Blue Angels flew overhead, high above the stars placed proudly in concrete paving tradition and vision in the world. Photo by G. Onuska.
Canadian Cold Cuts - Jimi B (A&M) Jimi Bertucci's first album since leaving Abraham's Children and Angel is worthy of his potential as a solo artist, but it's variety has left his style to vague to establish a focal point. The two-sided-split concept he attempts here is emphasized by the cover photography -- wave experiments and sweet rock. Side one is fast and trendy, but falters at Shake and Touch Me when he mixes the wrong ingredients, starting with the basic riffs. Honourable mention goes to O'Dee an account of Jimi's experience with a hermaphrodite that is as weird as it's unique. The flip side belongs to AM and FM respectively with ballads Wickless Dynamite and Strange Feeling displaying a strong point inhis writing and AOP anthem. All American Boy flashing his his capability for an honest rocker. He penned all the songs except Red White and Blue and Shake which was co-written with BB Gabor. This album will probably receive lukewarm reception from the consumers but with radio support it is the type to catch on quickly into a brush fire. Although Jimi offers us nothing revolutionary, he has battered freshness into his form of today's music trends. His next step is either to patent himself as a musician of impressive variety or solitude into a style to receive recognition be is worth, as is apparent in this album. Rating Good (By Lola)  (read more reviews)
CRUSHING GRAPES - (cont'd from bubblegum) "hasta la vista". Not so with Robert Davi, the "bad boy" of Hollywood.
I first met Mr. Davi in Toronto in 2008 at the release of "The Dukes", a film in which he not only starred, but also co-wrote and directed. I found him to be very personable and extremely humble. Today I was meeting Robert in Beverly Hills at Café Chez Marie, a charming little restaurant in a circa 1935 French Normandy Cottage along the world famous Route 66. I apologized profusely for my tardiness and proceeded to set up my equipment on the small outdoor table where we were sitting.
I wasted no time. "You know what I want Robert, stuff that's not on the internet." I switched on my 39.99 RadioShack Vox recorder and began our session as I nibbled on a Ceasar salad topped with grilled shrimp accompanied by a bottle of Perrier water. Every so often someone would walk by and give us the nod, legitimizing Davi as a movie star. The devout Catholic walked me down memory lane and through the streets of Brooklyn where he shared moments to which only an Italian could relate...the "crushing" ritual of the red & white grapes in preparation for the holy wine. He described his father as a silent Sicilian; a Navy gunner awarded the Purple Heart who had once aspired to be an actor and a singer. "My father was a handsome man. He looked like Marcello Mastroianni...he made a demo record." In the forth grade young Robert got his feet wet on the live stage in the classic play George Washington Slept Here, playing Sam the black butler. His teacher, Ms. Alexander, was so impressed that she expressed her sincere admiration for young Davi's talent and recommended that they encourage him in the arts.....(read more)


THE NATURAL Have you ever felt a rush of silent energy that moves your inner soul? At seven in the morning, with eyes wide shut, I flopped myself onto the black leather couch against the mixing console that had probably seen a lot of rock n roll. Recording studios were designed to be dark for many reasons. The usual suspects shuffled in, all dressed in tasteful seventies garb, ready to lay down some tracks that would eventually become classic hits. The flower powering era was mostly a continuation of...(read more) 
Big check for a big cause. Justice Frank Iacobucci and Sam Ciccolini present a $15,000 check to The Abruzzo Earthquake...
Woodbridge, Canada - Proceeds raised during the Italian Walk Of Fame Gala Awards Dinner were donated to the Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund. The live auction during the lavish evening at the Riviera Parc offered an assortment of exquisite items, some autographed by the inductees honored that day including rare collectable movie posters donated by Marco Mastrangelo and signed by the one and only Giancarlo Giannini. A collection of Phil Esposito sweaters representing his NHL career, donated by Sam Ciccolini and signed by Mr. Esposito himself, were also in high demand. Up for grabs as well were a few cases of special edition bottles of wine commemoratively labeled in honor of the first annual Italian Walk of Fame, signed by all 5 inductees and donated by Central Valley Wines. Co-founders of IWOF Jimi Bertucci, Marisa Lang ,the honorable Mr. Justice Frank Iacobucci and Gala Chairperson Sam Ciccolini present a $15,000 check to The Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund 

 I. Every time we turn around you are working on a new with us man. J. It has been awhile since we spoke...what can I say I need to keep busy doing things. I. Italian Walk Of Fame. I was blown away when I found out you were one of the principals behind that project. J. Yea, I firmly believe that we have to give back as corny as that sounds and for a young boy from southern Italy I owe a lot to this simple stretch of community known as Little Italy. I. This is your hood or was. J. It was a world yet discovered. There was buzz happening. I remember when I was around 13 playing at the Copa Cubana on Euclid Ave.every Sunday afternoon or that other place, can't remember the name. The area hopped no doubt. I. So the Italian Walk Of Fame J. My apologies going down memory lane. I was having a coffee at the Diplomatico on College one day chatting shooting the breeze and it suddenly hit me...why not a tribute to the many Italians that have given so much to the world and the Italian Walk Of Fame was born. I. This was your third year and I have to admit I was very impressed with the inductees...I never had any idea that Connie Stevens was Italian, not a clue. J. She's an amazing person, she has done so much outside her acting and singing career it would amaze you. Can you imagine entertaining troops over seas with the legendary Bob Hope. I. You had one of my all time favorites there Franco Nero. I saw Django when I was young and would rush home to strap on my guns and an old towel with a hole in the middle as my pancho...I mean he was my hero. J. Franco was a gem. His speech really moved me, both at the unveiling and at the gala. He appeared a little serious but dynamic. Fans were all over him wanting to sign something. I. Funny I happened to be on a flight and watched Letters to Juliet I think that was the title and was surprized when I saw Mr. Nero ride up on his horse. He's married to Vanessa Redgrave I believe. J. He is and a wonderful woman she is. I. Was she at the event, I don't remember seeing any pictures of them together. J. No unfortunately she had prior committements. I. I don't mean to go on about the IWOF but you had another biggy there Roberto medalist for the Canada Team last year, great goalie J. Nice gentleman the fans couldn't get enough of him he must have signed autographs for an hour. I. What about Bobby Curtola J. It's as if we were friends forever. I sat next to Bobby at the gala and we had a chance to exchange war stories. So much alike...we both had a big dream and stopped at nothing to acheive it. I. Do you ever feel overwhelmed meeting such great people. J. I would be lying if I said no. But the more you meet the more you get the feeling that they are just like you and me with maybe a few more eyes on them. Men like Luigi Aquilini and Fred Degasperis are giants and yet when you speak with them, they're like your uncle. I. What about your music J. Ah yes the music the big question the music. Funny you should ask I. I feel guilty here I am going on about the Italian Walk of Fame and we haven't even touched on the real essence of Jimi B the music.. J. Wow thank you for those kind words. I've been working on a Calabrese Pop album. I. Did I hear that right a Calabrese pop album...this is so rad...can I use the word rad. J. You can use whatever word you like and yes Calabrese pop album. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time and when my dad passed away I knew it was the right time to get this happening. I.Now for those that don't know this Jimi was born in Calabria Italy a province in the south. All Italian or should I say Calabrese. J. From beginning to end. I'm very proud that I decided to actually use my dialect as I was growing up. I'm very excited. I.When can we hear something J. You can hear one of the songs in its rawest form on a video on you tube called Begin The Day. A song called Toccato. I. You know where everybody is going after they read the interview. We are always glad to have you here at and we wish the best. J. It's been my pleasure and thank you.
THE SILENCE THAT ROARED - He was a military man, a father, a husband and an individual that reached out and captured his dream. The tall trees became taller each day as Salvatore would wipe his brow and stare up at the blue sky. The local mill was an opportunity for this handsome young man, just out of the service, to work and envision a new world and life adventure for himself and his loved ones. The plans were set to make the big move. He and his small family would embark on a journey that would be etched in the minds of all future members of his clan. Like so many of that time he landed at the infamous Pier21, which has since become of historical importance in the development of a country that welcomed its new people. Canada was on a power move. Industry, growth and opportunity were enticng enough to anyone that could see the potential prosperity. Salvatore grabbed the bull by the horns. He settled in the downtown area of Toronto which would soon be known as "Little Italy." He took what little money he had and bought an old 3-story home on Grace Street. This would mark the beginnings of social acclimation and change for his family. He enrolled his son, Jimi and his daughter, Mary, in the local public school. Salvatore wanted his kids to have what he had been unable to have, an education. (I love you Dad) May 25, 1921 - June 02, 2010
in LOS ANGELES - were a new adventure for Jimi. After almost ten years of living in California and not performing, his decision to play live was a revelation as he puts it. Although he helped music companion Robert Slap on a collection of new age cds for the VOTS record label, his hunger to get active in rock was beginning to erupt. In 1993 he would put together once again a line-up of well seasoned musicians that would simply be know as JIMI B. Rehearsing in a 13,000 square foot mansion high up on a hill in Orange County, Jimi and his band would spend hours preparing to rock the clubs and concert halls.The first gig would be at the famous Galaxy Theatre with no other than The Rankin Family, a Celtic band from Canada that was well known internationally. While backstage, John Rankin approached Jimi and told him that one of the very first concerts he attended, was with his band Abraham's Children in Nova Scotia Canada. The reception was incredible as they hit the stage. Jimi would ask "do we have any Canadians here, EH" the crowd roared with enthusiasm. The next few years would see JIMI B playing some of the hottest venues in Los Angeles and Hollywood. His name was beginning to cause attention and interest by some of the bigger promoters and record labels. When his friend Kelvin passed away he would once again take a break In 2001 he reunited with his old AC bandmates Ronnie, Brian and Bob in Toronto, Canada at George Semkiw's Amber Studios to record some new tracks that would eventually end up on the 30 CD.  JB 
Rockin Ray of CKOC with AC at the REMFEST 2006  
Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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March 17 1973

Many companies plan to host product and artist presentations, including A&M, Ampex, Avenue of America, Capitol, Columbia, GRT, London, Quality, RCA, UA, La Buick Sound and WEA. In addition, Avenue of America will host a dinner gala, featuring Abraham's Children, Rose, David George, Greg Mitler and Side Effect. The Maple System will hold its annual meeting (closed to nonmembers) during the conference.

What do Randy Quaid and Jimi have in common? Well it seems that "Real Time" Randy's new movie features a song written by Jimi..yes it's "Goodbye Farewell" the big hit that put AC on the map of radio ears. 

 DYK...Jimi owned an Italian restaurant in Foutain Valley in the OC. The food was awesome.

Delicate Flower

She is a delicate flower
Flawless in beauty and color
Soft whispering musical wind
Confesses her love and sins
Gentle touches of vibrant realism
Wayfaring the body she desires
Giving from her inner self freely
Warm she comforts me from the cold
Holding the stems of my desires
She reminds me to be secure
We are confluent in spirit and body
Flying above the endless universe
I am madden when eyes undress her
Drawing my weapons ready to slay the felon
In the beauty of her silence I awaken
Grasping the breath of a soulful life
I abide in her serene soft arms
Never to feel unwanted or lost
(order some poetry signed)

Great Work Jimi!!! Wonderful to see your creative juices have not been stifled in the slightest!! Vito Rezza - Toronto Canada (feedback)
Serra - wood, silver cross, silver spacers, leather clasp $29.99 plus S&H





 CANADA'S FAB 4 - Like so many other bands, AC has gone through some changes over the years. Although the original line-up has altered, the spirit of the music remains strong and, in many ways, more fresh. With time, musicians hone in on their craft and in certain cases become mature players. Jimi Bertucci, read (more)



 ABRAHAM"S CHILDREN (G.A.S.) Dalhousie University Halifax , Nova Scotia July 6 & 7
Žádné výsledky pro požadovaný dotaz jimi bertucci nebyly nalezeny.

Abrahams Childrens Jimi Bertucci with Rock "N" Ray Michaels June 2006
To hear the Rock "N" Ray Michaels & Jimi Bertucci, June, 2006
click here 
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