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Although I'm a little older I still remember the day that Abraham's Children came to St. Andrews By The Sea, it was like the Queen had arrived. They were staying at the Algonquin Resort and the place was crowded by teenage fans hundreds of them, including myself. The best story was after their concert at a very private party that they attended. That's another story. Maggie B. - St. Andrews By The Sea NB (send us your stories)

Hi Ron I was surfin the net and thought, what the heck why not try and see if AC are around. I couldn't believe how much there is on you guys, you made quite an impact in those days. Anyway glad to see you here. Jeremy W. Winnipeg Man
Dear Marisa, I just recently received my copy of "Time" Abraham's Children. "Gypsy" is a masterpiece. Thank you kindly. 
I was wondering what the band is doing these days. I remember many years ago spending some time with them during one of their tours. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ron for about a week. It was quite a nice time. Silvia M. Michigan


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Kapuskasing was the end of the world and life as we know it. Although, the enthused crowds made the trip, very worthwhile. To all the bands that traveled for the love of their art, I salute you.

Going to an AC concert was like visiting a magic place filled with fantasy and lyrics. Every concert had a different feel. The music was just part of the event. The energy was like a trip.

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Email us or call 416 941-9905 Toronto or 323 536-6668 Los Angeles ....................................BRIAN COTTERILLL

Our prayers and thoughts go out to Ginny and Brians family on this sad day...Visit the store and buy a cd.

Rock Stars Canadian pop group Abraham's Children has performed for millions of fans all over the world and still continues to attract many excited supporters when touring. As this classic rock band now celebrates it's 30th anniversary, it will once again embark on the road of rock n roll doing dates in Canada and the US. A best of CD is available now whuch includes all the hits "Goodbye Farewell" "Thank you" "Goddess of Nature" and more. Included in this collection will also feature some never released songs. Abies Babies as they are sometimes called started out in Toronto like so many other bands, with hopes of maybe one day becoming well known and respected musicians. It was at Club 813 that these four young boys would first be discovered by the late Jack Morrow ( Fat Mouth, Teenage Head ) read more about the their history and where they are today. (more)  BUBBLEGUM HERO 

Hollywood, CA - When I think of 9-11 these days I 'm reminded of the loss of a musical brother and friend. During our time together we were challenged by life's inexperience and youth. We wanted to make music, not because we were gifted musicians, but in spite of it. The moment we began playing we felt the rush of togetherness and that was our commitment to each other. Our craft allowed us to become members in a club that very few have the honor of sharing. Brian was not only a member of this illusive fun house of creative energy, he was an ambassador. It helps when you have a hit record. And of course there is the serious side of the artist...dedicated and proud, offering valuable input always with a positive outlook. I don't recall a time that we as a band had any real combative confrontation in the group. At times we would pull the silent treatment with each other like big boys do...and chill. Brian would usually have the most logical approach to many of the compulsions we acquired living on the road. We were fratellos caballeros....from our early beginnings to our 15 minutes of fame. My vivid memories of 60,000 fans at Ivar Wynn Staduim and within minutes the frenzy crowd charged towards the stage. We dropped our instruments and ran to our limo. Brian was a rock star...and although he would never admit it....Brian was indeed a rock star. We made records, toured the world, met some incredible people. We saw life through the eyes of hungry young men with a desire to rock...and rock we did. Our lives were in full throttle, we would often look at each other and break out in ridiculous laughter....."is this the coolest or what" we would say like some characters from a Ted and Bill movie. Over the years AC would perform on many TV shows across the country and to this day there is no live footage to be found of the band that stormed Canada. I will miss my friend and bandmate. Jimi Bertucci AC history.

UXBRIDGE, ONT, September 11, 2007 - Brian Cotterill, drummer and vocalist for the top 40’s pop group Abraham’s Children, passed away today at the age of 55 after a courageous battle with cancer. The band, which included bandmates Jimi Bertucci, Bob McPherson, Ron Bartley and Shawn O'Shea, saw great success with songs like “Goodbye Farewell”, “Goddess Of Nature”, “Thank You” and their biggest hit “Gypsy”, on which Cotterill sang lead vocals. When asked about his friend, Bertucci, founder of the group, simply said, "Brian made playing in a band fun." BUBBLEGUM HERO  

Brian and Jimi having a brew in some airport. Following this fictional entourage of stardom has lead me to believe, fiction plays very little in this spoonful of rock syrup.The Killing Road written by Jimi, is a great read. The more I peruse the site the more I amaze myself..not because of the important information I discover...but the wealth of creative subject lines that intrigue my stubborn senses. My tolerence for mechanical stimulation is strangled by the very reason I don't go to movie theaters. Age has a way of enhancing the moments of truth. 
Hi squirrel I know you won't remember me, it has been quite awhile. I was the girl you gave a ride home in your limo and then you came in for a drink. All my friends were so excited to meet you. Jessica F. Montreal, Que.

Elton John Saves The Day (cont"d from Bobby)...I could see my band members standing over me. They were stunned, this man was attempting to hassle all of us. All of a sudden the door swings open and there he was standing yelling and cursing at the "mountain man". He came over to me and helped me up, asking if] was hurt. I responded, explaining I was fine, but that my butt was sore from landing on a piece of ice. We walked into the studio, he sat down and repeatedly kept apologizing for this man at the door, which I discovered was a security guard hired by MCARecords. He kept asking if I was alright. Saline, the studio manager came in the room with concern and asked if I needed anything. I explained I was ok and that should get in my room and start the session. As I entered the recording room "A", the President of United Artists Records, his A&R staff, and some other important looking characters were waiting anxiously. They were all shocked to see who was standing next to me. With some humor, the President asked if we could get started. "At $250.00 an hour, we'll have to sell a lot of records," he said. I thanked Elton John for caring enough to come outside and rescue me.... He asked if here was anything he could do. 1 assured him that I would live and that if I needed anything I would be more than glad to ask him. Later that evening he introduced me to his band members. Kenny Passerelli had this incredible new bass that he insisted I use on my session. It was an Alembic, the heaviest bass I had ever held, but the sound was like velvet and rock. We met later at the posh, Yorkville Four Seasons Hotel where Elton was still apologizing for this rude brute of a man. The next day I sat in the studio with Elton and some of his band members and listened' to some great tracks that would later become "Blue Moves ". Courtesy of Ciao Magazine USA. BUBBLEGUM HERO  (google photo)  Killing Road (Continued from ron's page) that attracted an eccentric crowd. Our popularity was on the rise and our live appearances were becoming more frequent and further away from home. We were often booked in smokey, beer-drinking rooms and no one stopped to ask how old I was, they just knew I was in the band. One of these dark, musty, imitation-leather filled spaces would be my nucleus de la vita. Club 813 was a predominantly Jamaican hangout, and the smell of curried lamb filled the air as much as the ganja and the tunes that four white boys were jamming on stage. During one of our rock-steady nights, this elderly man with a voluptuous woman wearing an extravagantly large, maroon, velvet hat was silently watching us play. He approached us after our first set and proceeded to hand me a business card. "Call me tomorrow, I've got big plans for you guys," he said nonchalantly, before leaving the club He was right, he did have big plans for us...As our marketing team was busy designing and distributing memorabilia to the masses, the band was racking up sky miles and every other day we would arrive in a different destination. The fan base was getting bigger and demand for the band was beginning to take its toll. We would sometimes do as many as 55 cities in 60 days; this would include meet-and-greet sessions, radio interviews, in-store appearances and how can we forget those special gatherings that promoters put together for after the shows. These theatrical events would consist of that old cliché...(read more) 

GOULD (cont'd from Jimi) ...a local boy who became one of the great musicians of the twentieth century. I would always hear his name, not in an Elvis or Beatle way but more like in an I'm cool, I know who he is way. He broke international musical grounds and continues to deeply provoke the listening ear. During this festival of back-patting, many performers paid tribute to this legend in their own musical way. Mr. LaPlante, I later found out, was named an Officer of the Order of Canada .....dah..I could list alI his achievements but that would only reveal that I read his bio in the program. I want to write about what I heard from this genius ivory tickler. I know I will probably sound so cliché, he was a virtuoso boy, do I need piano lessons.....The less said of this man the more. When the string quartet, which was made up of Erika Raum (violin), Aisslinn Nosky (violin), Steven Dann (viola), and David Hetherington (cello), joined Mr. La Plante I was taken to a mystic place feeling the passion of each string as it resonated through my head. How wonderful to be treated to a natural high. If the CBC continues to display this kind of adventure I will stop saying they are a foo foo organization...BUBBLEGUM HERO (google photo) 

Brian was one of the best musicians I ever worked with. He had great timing and was able to capture the song, within the percussive instuments. Jimi


Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

March 3 1973

Bubbling Under the HOT100

"Gypsy" #122 Buddah 340

 I remember they always wore incredible outfits and lots of makeup. By the end of the show their mascara was all over their face. Rudy Melford. Washington DC

Abies Babies were one of the most exciting live bands I have ever seen. They had so much ebergy on stage that by the end of the concert you were so worn out. Their outfits were awesome. I could see why all the girls used to go nuts when they saw them. Billy H. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Hello Brian is it true that you guys got busted in Moncton and the RCMP's took the band and a bunch of others to jail. I heard it on the 6:00 oclock news. My parents also saw it and commented on rock bands with long hair. They are so dull. Great show at the arena. Lilly H. Moncton NB (give us feedback)   

The nick name Canada's Fab 4 was given to the band by a dj at CKLW in Windsor Canada. " I remember as we were driving to our concert,the dj on the radio played Goodbye Farewell and said and here's Canad's fab 4...voila
 Was Brian a part of the Group called ROSE?... Seems I have memories of him.. my father Leon Margolis used to Roadie for them. My memories may be crossed a I was very young then.. I know that Abraham's Children was a big part of our lives back then? as well as ROSE..

I can't believe it's true!!! I just won 4 tickets to see Abies Babies in Halifax. Now I have to figure out how to get there. This is so exciting.Ok I going to call and ask Mary to come she has a car. This is so awesome. Thank you thank you. (read more feedback)OUND ADVICE By Briaakil
Did you know that Goddess of Nature was featured on a K-tel's true Music Power 22 Original Hits sold over 11 million copies...there were other great songs on it as well. 
 It was the talk of town how Liberace made Jimmy stand up in the audience. Jimmy wore this fabulous white satin suite and pink shoes with a pretty model on his arm. Liberace made notice of the diamonds on his lapels and then he said "does he remind you of anyone" This was told to me by my parents that were at the Liberace concert. Samantha Rich - Regina SK.

THE FAMOUS WHITE SATIN SUIT WITH CLEAR RHINESTONES ON THE LAPELS. Liberace could not resist saying "does he remind you of anyone"


Loved it then, love it now. I saw them in Stellarton in 1973. The song makes me cry as I was only 18? back then. What wonderful memories! Lois NS
WOW......Memories.....I? was 10..and loved this album. I sang in my room to it all....Thought i was good...hee he he heee.. Thank you for shring this. (Thank You)

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