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Very impressive! You know, all this time, especially being here in Malaysia, I felt my music collection wasn't complete (or even my soul) without having the song "Gypsy'. It's such a haunting beautiful piece that I almost melted just hearing the clip. Can't wait to get my hands on the CD. Was one of my all-time faves growing up and it still is. Allan - Malaysia (send us your feedback)
 A CULTURE HOOKED ON OIL - Do we even have a choice anymore of whether to drive or not? Face it, our society is car-happy, and I'm talking rev the engine, let it burn, straight addicted to gas-guzzling beasts! A slight glance into the me......(read the complete story)
This double cd set has it all including the kitchen sink. 30 songs, some are classic, some are lost treasures that any collector would give up their sister to own. There are songs in here I have never heard of and of course hit after hit. I enjoyed the interview (order now)  

Oh No!! Not Poetry - If you thought poetry was boring, think again! Moving, thought provoking, sensually erotic, are all words I would use to describe this newly released selection of writings by Jimi (aka Vincenzo) Bertucci. Already renowned as a well-respected and gifted songwriter, Bertucci is adding to his list of artistic writing credits by unveiling another dimension to his many talents. To say that he dabbles in poetry writing would be an understatement, rather he fearlessly plunges head first into those deep and sometimes dark waters. Be the first to read these delicious poems by Mr. Bertucci. ML  
Popular keyboardist in Toronto Bruce Hemmings sits in with AC for the Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund in Woodbridge ,Ont. Canada. Jimi and AC Manager Marisa Lang donated $15,000.00 to the cause, through the Italian Walk Of Fame event. Visit the Italian Walk Of Fame and read the full story. 
What?! All the HITS by Abraham’s Children on one CD? Yes, the rumors are true!! I’m told that fan requests were overwhelming. To their credit the record (more AC) 

 Mike Babbit toured with AC in 2004. Some of the dates took the band to Southern California and Eastern Canada.
 If you have any concert pictures or videos of Abraham's Children we would love copies...and yes we will give you credit. Thanks


Heads In The Sky
The brainchild of Oak Ridges, Ontario musician Russ WALKER. The band released one album and an EP on their own Illuminated Records. The full-length LP was also released in Japan, Holland and Germany. Gerry Fielding had previously been in FAT MOUTH, the house band at the original 'Electric Circus', and opened for acts like Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, and Lighthouse. Fielding lives in Pickering and is presently featured in a rock musical. He has also been producing other acts for years from Crash Kills Five to a solo CD by Abraham's Children member Shawn O'Shea; (send Gerry an email)


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AC ROCK AND SPARK CENTRE FOR A GREAT CAUSE - The George Weston Recital hall is just that, a recital hall. When I walked into this incredibly designed structure per l'arte de l'arte at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, I was quickly reminded of my days in Europe sprinting from one acoustically perfect theatre to another. There is almost a spiritual aura when you're standing in rooms still emanating the essence of music that has the ability to reach out and touch the inner soul. I was early and decided to try and catch the sound check. As I approached the back stage I was stopped by a security guard asking me for credentials. I showed him my press pass and satisfied his curiosity. In an authoritative tone he expressed that the band did not want anyone present during sound check. I said "ok" and walked to a local restaurant to kill some time before the concert. I knew AC was closing the show and decided I need not rush. An hour and a bottle of Masi red later I returned to the event, entering like a church mouse and found myself in the presence of what I presumed was the MC for the evening. I was just in time. I could hear the amps being turned on and a slight static sound coming from the stage. As soon as I heard the first chord I knew it was Gypsy, that haunting tune that sent the band on to international heights. Jimi sang the song with dedication in this live version although, originally, it was the late Brian Cotterill who crooned on the record. The crowd was mixed, young, old and a few who mistook the venue for an amusement park. They played Thank You, which I believe is the band's signature song. My mind was running like a greyhound and the emotional wheels of my youth began to spin as I recalled kissing a young woman to this song. Then, the almost sold-out crowd was treated to a new song as was indicated by Jimi as he struggled with his monitor. Wishing On A Star seemed so apropos to this wonderful occasion. I did not need to hear more than a couple of verses to realize that this is another great tune that Mr. Bertucci has penned both lyrically and musically. By the end of the song it was clear that the audience members agreed with me as they enthusiastically demonstrated their approval with thunderous applause. The evening was shaping up to be perfect until Ms. Mc appeared onstage and began to thank Abraham's Children. I could see the confused look on each of the band member's faces. The sign-off was obviously unexpected and premature on their behalf. Jimi interjected announcing that they would like to properly say good night to the pumped-up crowd who was still applauding and proceeded to asked them to clap to the groove as the next tune started, a song which I soon recognized as Goodbye Farewell, another in their string of top ten hits. It was at this point that the sparks began to fly. I could see the chaos and someone who appeared to be in charge asking the soundman to cut the power. Nevertheless, the band was not discouraged and they kept playing and singing like the motley crew that they were known to be. Finally, the sound engineer turned the mics back on as AC's heightened energy ripped right through the velvet seats of the theatre and the crowd of people clapping and singing along like it was the national anthem of pop. The song ended and the musically thirsty ticket holders applauded in appreciation of the memories.The new AC line-up included Shawn O'Shea on guitar, Glenn Olive on bass, Gerry Fielding on drums, Will Hare on keyboards and special guest Roxanne Tellier on background vocals. I would have to say this is the probably the best version of the band I've had the pleasure to hear since the original "Fab Four" members back in the day. With some of Canada's top musical acts performing, like Abraham's Children, the charity event benefiting Alli's Journey was a night not to be easily forgotten.  
Over the years AC has seen a few changes in its lineup. But this would be the band that would set itself apart from the others. These well-seasoned players can rock when needed or jazzercise if necessary. "Jimi writes some interesting material and it's always challenging." said Glenn Olive who recently reunited with Jimi after many years. Jimi and Glenn formed their first band together called The London Tones when they were young teens. The new AC lineup is Jimi on guitar and lead vocals, Shawn O'Shea guitars and backing vocals, Glenn Olive bass guitar and backing vocals, Gerry Fielding drums, percussions,
KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT - By Nick Krewen For NightLife: Now here's a real blast from the past--- remember the hits Goodbye Farewell and Gypsy? If you replied Abraham's Children, go to the head of the class. Better yet, if you answered Abraham's Children, why not just go see them instead tonight atthe Lil Big Horn. It'll be their first show in this area since 1976. " I think it was 1976," replies singer Jimi Bertucci 53, from Los Angeles, who co-founded the Toronto pop band as a high schooler. " That was probably our last tour of Canada." That was also the year Bertucci left the band, which had signed to United Artists Records and was operating under the name The Children, to go solo. He released one album as Jimi B on A&M before leaving for Los Angeles and forming the bands Angel (not the Gregg Guiffria-led unit) and Space Patrol before returning to his solo career... and, as fate would have it a few decades later, a refurbished Abraham's Children. "We've been doing a few things down here" says Bertucci, who was born in Calabria, Italy, before moving to Toronto age 6. (read more from Nick Krewen)
Malibu Series (cont'd from OTR) hear I was in town. He asked where I was. I told him I was on Lincoln Blvd. at The Palm, but was not sure what part of the city I was in. He laughed and said, " You are in Venice. What the hell are you doing there?" He quickly came over and picked me up. I stayed with him in his apartment in Beverly Hills. Now this was the Cali I had seen in movies and TV, tall mainicured palm trees and exotic cars. He lived in a hi-rise on Wilshire Blvd, with a doorman and a pool at the top of the building. One could get very used to this. I began looking in the newspaper for a place to live, although the luxury I was surrounded with would have suited me just fine. But I needed my space for creative reasons more than anything else. I was determined to live at the beach and preferably in the community of Malibu, home to the rich and famous...just kidding. After almost a month of living in luxury my search was not inspiring, not to mention the rent was so exorbadent I was beginning to get discouraged. David asked how my search was coming and I told him I was not having any luck. He told me not to worry and that I could stay with him as long as was necessary....(read more Mary)



Toronto - Roxanne originally trained for opera singing, which served her well when she performed with Oprah favorite Bernard Lachance at his Massey Hall, Toronto debut, as part of his chorus. After many years as lead singer for the rock bands Tangents, Performer, Delta Tango and Mambo Jimi, she now mainly does studio backups for local performers, as well as live background vocals for the Shawn O'Shea Project and Abraham's Children. Also known for her onscreen work on CHSN, as host/co-host of several community channel informational programs, and character work in short films and commercials, she still has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up.

Just bumming around on you tube and searched for Abrahams Children and lo & behold there they were. To me this was an awesome find, as I saw this band numerous times in the early 70's. A freind of mine at the time ( Ted Kalis ) booked bands into area hotels in the St. Catharines area and these guy's played at the Queensway hotel in a bar called the Purple Onion Room. Ted called me and said ,Gord I've just booked this band you have to see. I was amazed...(read more feedback) 


 In 2005 Doug was good enough to sit in with AC for the Black&Red Tour.

  SECOND COMING TOUR - In 2004 AC embarked on some California dates and Eastern Canada tour that took them to Pomona, Fullerton, Anahiem, Yucaipa, Palm Springs, Holywood, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, Liverpool, Halifax, St John, Fredericton, Moncton. This was the AC version from California Steve Mac on bass, Bryn Anderson - guitars, Mike Babbitt on drums, Jimi on vocals guitar and keyboards. The Canadian part of the tour was not promoted as well as it could have. been. There were border problems from Maine into NB. Luckily the border patrol agent had heard of AC and let the boys through.

Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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July 14 1973

The company has in addition announced the signing of Abraham's Children and the Ugly Ducklings to exclusive booking contracts. General manager of Music Shoppe International is Ron Scribner, who returns to agency work after threes years as a personal manager of Westbound's Funkadelics. He was the principal of Canada's two early rock agencies, Bigland and the Ron Scribner agency.

Toronto Canada: Shawn O'shea - First came to the attention of AC when Jimi suggested that a second guitar be added to the group, The material was taking a more heavier sound and the addition of another guitar would enhance the super pop group. After many auditions..(read more Shawn) 

Hey Jim ... I just YOU TUBE'D the song GYPSY ... wow ... I was 20 years old in 1973 and did that song ever give me goose bumps today ... I remember definitely seeing Abraham's Children in all of those festivals all those years ago but I had forgotten which song you guys did ... fantastic memories ... great song!  Fernando C. Canada 

Cool. When did you play the Whiskey? Peter Foldy. Hollywood, CA (send us your feedback)  
Hey Jimi, is a great pleasure to receive your news. I'm touring with Mauri Sanchis in Spain: Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, etc. Ok, we chat soon.
Ciao, my friend.We chat soon. Spain


Mr. Bertucci's wit is razor-sharp and he wastes no time in biting the innocent lurker.

Blogger: and then it will be me and u. i am serious i am so attracted to you i can tell u are a hotti.

Thank-you Marisa. Hard to believe that Brian is gone. He is surely not forgotten. The Seventies were so exciting for Canadian musicians. Brian and Abraham's Children played significant parts in the ultimate history of Canadian rock n' roll. Yours in great music ...Nevin CKOC Radio Hamilton  
 Jim Was that you in the photo with the lovely lady ??? George O - Mississauga Ont 

Video de Musica Abraham's Children - Gypsy (1973) Descripcion del video: Canadian bubblegum/rock band, popular in the 70's. From their only album, Time. Rare LP. Reissued on cd which is bound to become very rare as well. Abraham's Children Pop group formed in Toronto in the late 1960s with Jimi Bertucci (bass), Ron Bartley (guitar), Bob McPherson (keyboards) and Brian Cotterill (drums), and Shawn O'Shea (guitar) as of 1973. Known first as Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet, and later as Abraham's Children or simply The Children, the band played in Toronto clubs before being signed to Gas Records around 1972, and then to Buddha Records in the US. The band quickly became popular, largely for their energetic performance style, and played for large crowds, eg, at Toronto's Centre Island and Nathan Phillips Square, as well as on Canadian television shows such as Musical Friends and Canadian Bandstand. They began touring widely in Canada and the US. Their sound, initially verging on commercial "bubblegum," later evolved to classic rock. Their first single was the 1969 release "Hot Love," followed by "Goodbye Farewell" in 1972 (No. 10 in Canada on RPM's Adult chart and the top two hundred on Billboard) and its Italian equivalent, "Bye Bye Bambino Occhi Blue." filled the ethnic airways, established them as an internationl act. Their sole LP, TIME, was released in 1973 (GLP 2001 Gas Records), and the spun three additional hit singles "Gypsy" "Thank You" "Goddess Of Nature" and others followd.




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