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Hi Bob hope this finds its way to you. Your concert last night at the Performing Arts Centre was incredible. I heard on the radio that Jimmy was at the Liberace show and caused quite a scene with his white satin suit and pink shoes. I also heard he had a pretty model him. I'm going to try and make your Calgary show. Take care Donna Getty - Regina SK.

Hi Bobby I couldn't believe how many fans were outside your hotel room. They were all trying to get in. The security guards were bullys, they wouldn't even give you guys our messages. Anyway I hope to seen you soon. Love Gracie Langdon - St.Albert, AB

Juno award recipient Cathy Young (The Gypsy) has been a part of AC even before the band knew it. She continues to perform and recently met up with AC to do a concert at the Italian Walk Of Fame Common Spirit Awards black tie event... (Read The Killing Road)

This message is for Bob. It's been awhile. I was surfin the internet to see if I could find some information on The Children and yes lots of stuff to read about. I recall talking to Bob at length after one of their shows. I found him to be genuine and really nice even with all the popularity he was getting at that time. Anyway hello Bob and I hope you are well. Mary S. NB

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Email us or call 416 941-9905 Toronto or 323 536-6668 Los Angeles ....................................BOB MCPHERSON

Bobby was known as Nimble Fingers. Listen to Workin For the Man and see why..............Visit the store


Toronto Canada: Bob McPherson - One of the unique things about a band like AC was the individualism that each member had. Bob was a maticulious musician. His style was often compared to the likes of Keith Emmeron, Rick Wakeman and some of the other more progressive keyboard players. Bob was born in Curacao in the Dutch West Indies, a small island between Aruba & Bonaire in the Caribbean. His father was a pilot for KLM and moved them around to Holland, Montreal, Ottawa and finally Toronto. He grew up in a family that loved music and sports and his parents actively participated in his early passion to play professional hockey, which thanks to a serious ankle injury was not meant to be. His love of all things musical were mostly honed by his mother who loved the Hammond B3 and weaned him on the sounds of Earl Grant and Jimmy Smith (who, Iater had the most profound privilege of doing sound for, with his jazz quartet that included the late great Buddy Rich & Stan Getz). His father once suggested to Bob that he might want to learn how to make a living playing music after he was fired from a menial job at the Ontario Science Centre because he would continually be found playing the Hammond L100's that were there at the time. Toronto's music scene in the late sixties and early seventies was exploding with so many great bands and musicians incorporating a blend of Funk and R&B, they were creating a "Toronto Sound", and Bob wanted to be a part of it. He quickly found himself pouring all his energies into playing the B3 like the guys he had heard around town. He searched out musicians in the Scarborough area where he lived and began to form bands. Together with Brian Cotterill they silenced the critics in the neighborhood when they won the battle of bands at their high school with their group "The Haymarket Riot". He received a lot of calls because back then everybody wanted a guy who actually owned a Hammond, but this one guy asked him where he lived and when Bob told him he said he would be there in an hour. They barely hung up the phone when an old ugly green Thames English Ford like van, full of band gear and the word "Manna" painted on the side pulled into his driveway. Jimi and Ron had walked into his life as though it was meant to be. They began charting out their future as though it had already been written. Soon after Brian joined and "Just Us" was born, and the rest is history.  

I was listening to the radio station tis morning and the DJ was asking that if anyone that had Jimmy's ring and necklace brings it into the radio station they would get a signed album, a poster, a t-shirt and meet the band. Gee I wish I had the stuff. Your show last night blew us all away. See you again. Debbie Johnson - Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. (read more feedback and send us yours)
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Elton John Saves The Day (cont'd from Jimi page)...was confirming that. The taxi dropped me off at "Eastern Sound" an upper crust studio located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. It was the Rodeo district of TO as they called it. Expensive cars, clothes and women that just walked out of a Cosmopolitan ad. I tipped the cab driver well, only because I didn't have a smaller bill and besides the driver thought I was some important rock star. As I approached the gate of the recording studio, I noticed this huge mountain of a man standing tall and protective... or so he appeared. I walked towards him and attempted to go around him; he quickly pushed me away and said, "No one is to enter the building".1 tried to explain to him that I was 2 hours late for my session, and that the record company United Artists was not happy with me. He told me to get lost. We started arguing and at one point I made another attempt to go around him; once again he pushed me, except this time I pushed him back. This annoyed the giant and he began to get very physical with me. Web exchanged a few punches, which I can attest he got the best of me. I was probably half his size.A crowd was starting to gather and as I looked up...(read more)   

Before Bob and Brian found their way to AC they both played in a band in the Agincourt area, a suburb just north east of Toronto. Haymarket Riot won a battle of the bands contest that was being promoted by the local radio station.

They say you could never go home. Looking back on those days probably what I miss the most is the bus the planes and trains. A lot of the gigs kinda blended in together. I guess now I look back at it like a team. Watch the video.>>>

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Feb. 3 1973


#119 Bubbling under the HOT100

Long time my friend. Hope all is well. Would love to see you play sometime when your in town...I'm guessing 40 years since 70 Hucknall..
I'll never forget sitting outside your basement door listening to you guys rehearse.Rick R. Canada.

Bobby was one of my all time favourite rock stars. I loved watching them on Musical Friends with their outrages outfits and colorful shoes. Hope you come back to Montreal. Your friend and fan Monique LaSalle - Quebec City, Quebec (read more feedback) 

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 I? know that Brian Cotteril had passed away a couple of years ago I was able to see him and jam with him. Does anyone know what happened to Bob McPherson would,nt mind getting in touch with him tried all the Agincourt people.
Thanks Eugene
I was listening to Workin for the man trying to figure out you break. It's awesome, I have the first part and after that can't seem to get it all. Oh well I will keep trying. Your show in Montreal was great. Gil M. Trios Rivieres ADVICE By Briaakil
Bob I thought you were one of the finest keyboard players around. You always reminded me of Keith Emmerson, right down to his look. Anyway, God Bless an old fan. Oscar H. BC


 AC rehearsed at least 6 hours a day in their downtown studio.

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