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After the demise of The Police...let's back up. The Police were beginning to attract a lot of industry attention. Early on, they would pack every club where they performed. Jimi Bertucci, Danny Smith, Laurie DelGrande and Ron Bartley were rockers. The energy that came off the stage during their concerts was enough to exhaust anyone in the immediate crowd. Of course, it helped that two of the members had been with the hit-making band Abraham's Children. Their fans loved these boys and followed them from city to city. This band was hot. The group and its management company Strawberry Productions were being schmoozed and entertained by many of the major record labels. Frank Bennett, one of the principal owners of Strawberry, decided to weigh all his options before committing to anyone. During one of the band's gigs they were approached by A&M...(read more)  

 Jimi's 1967 Fender Jazz has some history in itself. All the hits were written and recorded with this bass. Originally it was black and fretted. After many years Jimi decided to have it made fretless and painted candy apple red. The BadAss bridge was a birthday gift from the great bass player himself Prakash John. WOW!!!!Read more about the Jazz bass


Andrea  Trentadue broadcaster on CHIN TV in Toronto and Jimi B. Funning
TORONTO - CHIN PICNIC PRESS A HIT - Upon entering the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) we passed the Bandshell. A wave of nostalgia passed through me. The memories of victorious melodies and white-noise teenage curiosity were as vivid now as they were nearly 35 years ago. We pulled up to the main doors of the Liberty Grand and were greeted by a welcoming committee with clipboards and sharpees. OMG, between the tight swimsuits and the delicatessen runway of tempting eats, my eyes bulged in every direction. The annual CHIN press party was an event in itself. Lenny Lombardi you have huzpah. Ok enough patting on the metaphorical backs. As I strolled the flagstaff floors of the Grand garden sipping on an Aquafina orange something or other, I sighed in awe of the wonderful stone monuments that lined the walls of this old building. This suave affair in the middle of a workday afternoon was definitely worth playing hooky for. The speeches were made, the wine runneth over like waterfalls of joy for some and the flame was lit for the 43rd annual CHIN Picnic. This cultural carnival of ethnic groups is a gathering of celebration bringing language, tradition and color to a city that represents unity. Johnny Lombardi was visionary as well as bright. The CHIN picnic is more than entertainment, food and sun... it is appreciation for each other as people.
DYK...That Jimi was part owner of a computer design company that designed special application computers. They were hit with a big law suit early in the companies start. Read the David and Goliath story below.
 There are many that don't know what an 8 track is...
DAVID AND GOLIATH- San Diego - A San Diego Electronics company is trying to stop a competing Escondido company from developing a new printed-circuit board because it alleges the local firm " pirated" the designs. The Escondido company, Graham Electronics Manufacturing Inc., is dismissing the claim as " ridiculous." San Diego-based Electronics Solutions has petitioned San Diego Superior Court Judge Philip Sharp for an injunction to stop Graham Electronics from developing and selling the "backplane" a printed-circuit board that allows electronic signals to pass from one part of a computer system to another with minimal signal degradation. Rod Bolton, president of Electronics Solutions, said his former director of engineering, Leonid Besprozvanny, who has a doctorate in electrical engineering, left his company in July and joined Graham Electronics, taking the technology for the backplane with him. But Graham officials say their backplane design is completely different, and an injunction is merely an attempt bay a larger company - Electronics Solutions -to eliminate legitimate competition. "What we have developed here is totally different. This is a case of them trying to stifle us, said Vincenzo Bertucci, president ...(read more about the "pirate") 
 DYK that Jimi opened for James Brown. At the ripe age of 14 he was in awe. When Mr. Brown asked "what you doing here boy" Jimi stood up and said " I'm opening for you sir " Many years later Jimi and James would make contact again. Read about The King of Soul and The Death. (read the story)
Toronto, Canada Glenn Olive and Jimi met at the age of 13. Glenn had a band called The Jr. Beetles at the time. When the two got together it was magic. Jimi, with his Hofner Beatle Bass, made quite an impression in the neighborhood and Glenn, (more)   

In 2004 The Children reunited and went in to George Semkiw's Amber Studio and recorded 4 tracks. We are attempting to retreive those tunes and make them available to their fans. 

Rare photo of AC with engineer George Semkiw, producer Paul Gross and manager Jack Morrow in RCA Studios on Mutual Street in Toronto, Canada.

 Drummer Mike Steinberg toured with AC during the Black & Red Tour.




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Los Angeles CA - Abies Babies, as they are sometimes called, started out in Toronto like so many other bands, with hopes of one day becoming well known and respected musicians. It was at Club 813 that these four young boys would be discovered by the late Jack Morrow (Fat Mouth, Teenage Head). When Morrow first saw them they were performing in front of an all black crowd. He was overwhelmed by the energy coming off the stage, and the crowd’s acceptance of the music. Band members Jimi Bertucci, Ron Bartley, Brian Cotterill and Bob McPherson were in for the surprise of their lives when Morrow asked producer Paul Gross (Phase One, Triumph, Rush, Saga etc.) to work with the group. Within weeks he and the group were writing and demoing songs. During the early 70's, Abraham’s Children was led by founder and principal songwriter Jimi Bertucci. It was the writing skills of Jimi Bertucci and Ron Bartley that would pen some great classic songs still heard on radio stations today. Their first single, Hot Love, was released in 1970. Hot Love would later become the flip side to their 1972 hit Goodbye Farewell on G.A.S. Records. It would be almost one year later before the release of their first international hit, Gypsy. Soon they would be recognized by record mogul Neil Bogart of the famous Buddha Records in the US who was quick to sign the band. The releases of Goodbye Farewell, Gypsy and Thank You confirmed that this was a group that would not go unnoticed. The release of their first album TIME in 1973 which included all the hits and songs like Workin for the Man, Woman O Woman featuring congo hero Dick Smith, Moses Hazan on flute, and Dave Marsden, would show a different side to The Children, a heavier side. To support this album, a second guitarist, Shawn O'Shea was added. While preparing for the next album, The Children would release Goddess of Nature full of big strings. Once again, Abraham’s Children would have another hit that would end up on K-Tels Music Power album. After the success of Goddess of Nature in 1975 the group went for a heavier and more intricate sound, attempting to leave behind the famous sound that had made them a Canadian household name. The Children were growing up. The collective songs for the new album would never be released due to problems with their record label and musical differences. Jimi Bertucci decided to pursue a solo career. Ron Bartley and the other band members would continue to tour and record some new songs, but were never able to capture the magic that The Children were known for on stage and on record.The 2004 “2nd Coming Tour” gave many dedicated fans had the opportunity to see the boys at their musical best. They performed all new material and, of course, some old favorites.  <<<<<<<< The band signing recording contract with Abe Salter Chairman of Avenue of America and G.A.S. Records. The company had an impressive line-up of acts including ROSE, DAVID GEORGE, SIDE EFFECT, ROBBIE RAE and many more.

 Vagabonds - An Ontario-based motorcycle gang that was more or less absorbed by the Hells Angels when it expanded into Ontario in 2000-2001.  (CBC News) The Black and Red Tour. The Hollywood is one of the hottest entertainment venues in Canada and when the word got out that AC was doing an intimate concert , the place was sold out in no time. Fans...(read the story)

Like so many other bands, AC has gone through some changes over the years. Although the original line-up has altered, the spirit of the music remains strong and, in many ways, more fresh. With time, musicians hone in on their craft and in certain cases become mature players. Jimi Bertucci, lead singer/songwriter and founder of the band, has done just that with Abraham's Children. The group explores the possibilities of the now sound and uses their AC experience as a foundation to create a tasteful and unique pop adventure. It's interesting to note that these guys have been rockin' and rollin' for over 40 years and still maintain a bright and positive outlook about their music in a business that can sometimes make you cynical. Their sex-appeal hasn't waned either. Bertucci, in particular, still exudes his rock-star sexuality to the glee of the females in the crowd. Unlike some bands that have come before, AC has managed to retain their long-time fan base while appealing to, and ultimately attracting, a new younger audience. Their live performance is nothing short of dynamic so it's easy to see why their popularity continues to grow. Originally considered a bubblegum pop group, AC's sound can now be categorized more along the lines of classic pop/rock. RS

Abraham's Children. Groupe pop formé à Toronto à la fin des années 1960 avec Jimi Bertucci (basse), Ron Bartley (guitare), Bob McPherson (claviers) et Brian Cotterill (batterie) et, à partir de 1973, Shawn O'Shea (guitare). D'abord connu sous le nom de Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet et, ensuite, d'Abraham's Children ou tout simplement de The Children, le groupe joue dans les clubs de Toronto avant de signer avec Gas Records en 1972 et ensuite avec Buddha Records aux États-Unis. Le groupe devient rapidement populaire, en grande partie grâce à son style énergique, et joue pour des grandes foules - par exemple à la Centre Island de Toronto et au Nathan Phillips Square - ainsi qu'à des émissions télévisées telles que Musical Friends et Canadian Bandstand. Ils font des tournées importantes au Canada et aux États-Unis. Leur son, tendant à l'origine vers le " bubble-gum " commercial, évolue vers le rock classique. En 1968, ils produisent leur premier 45 tours " Hot Love ", suivi en 1972 de " Goodbye Farewell " (no10 au Canada d'après le palmarès du RPM) et sa version italienne " Bye Bye Bambino Occhi Blue ". En 1973, le groupe sort son unique 33 tours, TIME (GLP 2001 Gas Records), et le 45 tours additionnel " Gypsy " (no 5 au Canada et succès international) et, en 1974, le 45 tour " Goddess of Nature ". Bertucci (né Vincenzo Donato Bertucci à Calabre, en Italie) et Bartley (né à Verdun, au Manitoba) écrivent la plupart des chansons du groupe. Bertucci commence sa carrière solo en 1975 et s'installe en Californie et, même s'il enregistre toujours des 45 tours et se produit encore en tournée, le groupe se sépare en 1976. Presque 30 ans plus tard, les membres d'origine de Abraham's Children enregistrent un album de retrouvailles (intitulé 30) à Toronto. En 2004, Bertucci et les membres remplaçants jouant sous le nom des Abraham's Children entreprennent des tournées en Californie et au Canada.
Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67...I remember working with David at RCA studios in Toronto Canada. I was in awe to be musically connected with this icon arranger. His unique and innovative style had my ears perched ready to be filled with notes and melodies that would become the trademark sound for Abraham's Children. Actually, it was that Van De Pitte sound that he made so famous with such great artists as Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album, considered to be a masterpiece and one of the greatest contributions to soul music. He arranged the sensual Lets Get It On album, Ball of Confusion and Psychedelic Shack by the Temptations, Darling Dear by the Jackson 5, "I Hear the Bells by the Originals, Keep on Truckin by Eddie Kendricks, Indiana Wants Me by R. Dean Taylor, f I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight, "If You Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder and "Thank You" and "Gypsy" by Abraham's Children among many others. I learned so much in such a short time from this creative soul that I continue to find myself applying the wayfaring knowledge he generously left with me. JB (google photo) BUBBLEGUM HERO
NORTH YORK, ONT - Jimi and long time friend and dedicated Abraham's Children fan Gary Gotlieb had a chance to schmooze just before the band went on stage at the Toronto Centre For The Arts. Gary is the son of the late Harry Gotlieb, Vice President of G.A.S. Records, who personally handled the extensive marketing and promotions for AC. Harry was responsible for seeing the band sell millions of records worldwide and chart on Billboard, RPM and Cashbox. "I remember Gary as a kid with a contagious smile and a positive outlook on life", said Jimi. The two remain friends and you can often catch Jimi at Gary's cottage when he's in Toronto.
(cont'd from call us)... It didn't take much thought for the Canuck rocker, Jimi Bertucci, to dive in and paint a very visual picture for my anticipated pen and paper. "I would have to say, Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Canada. It was an unforgettable night of events that stayed with us throughout the years. "My ears perked up as Jimi explained that, prior to that historic concert, they had performed at Center Island in Toronto to a crowd of about 30-thousand hungry pop fans who proudly displayed many of the t-shirts and posters that were available for them at the show. "The Ivor show was a trip, I recall. The dj from the local radio station, I believe it was CKOC, came on stage and started doing his thing, reminding the crowd to stay back from the stage for safety reasons. Well, that was a lost cause. After about 5 minutes of ranting about community efforts and other related things, the show began. We were in our rented trailer, parked at the side of the 40-foot stage. The lights were flashing like a storm of colors from the dark skies...our cue to get ready. I was sitting back, sipping on my Canada Dry ginger ale, when the dj made his annoucement." "Ladies and gentlemen...(read more)


I was wondering when the band was planning any tours or dates in the next year. It's been awhile. I last saw them in Liverpool NS Henry Jordon. NS

Chelsea London Alan Caddy - It was in the early part of 1972 that I first met Alan. I recall he was a slender man, that stood about 6' tall, with a very heavy British accent. He was introduced to us by Gary Salter, then president of Avenue Of America record label. Upon my initial encounter with Alan we hit it off and I could see that I would like this man. Gary had mentioned that he would probably be producing our album which we were ready to start. This would be the follow-up to our first commercial hit single, "Goodbye Farewell". Before I get into the session, let me give you a bit of history on Mr. Caddy. He was born in Chelsea, London, was classically trained, and served as a soprano in Westminster Abbey. He studied violin and was the leader of the orchestra at his school in Battersea. Alan joined a skiffle group called the Five Nutters as a guitarist. In 1958 he would join Johnny Kid and The Pirates and was regarded as real rock n roller musician. He made his first TV debut with that band on ITV's Disc Break in 1959 with their song "Please Don't Touch", a moderate hit that established the group. In 1960 the Pirates would come out with "Shakin All Over" that would comfirm them as a staple pop band of the time. The song would knock Cliff Richard from the top of the charts. After about a year the band would begin to fade and soon decided to pack it in. Alan would go on to form The Tornados. The band's hit "Telstar" would stay on the British charts for over 25 weeks with 5 of those at number one. It was released in the US and Canada on the London label and would be the first British record to reach number one on the Billboard Charts. The Tornados would continue to release records but none of them could achieve the success of "Telstar". By 1964 the group was going through changes and Alan was well-placed to make a living as a session musician, and even become a star in his own right. In the early 70s he moved to Canada and started producing cover albums for Avenue of America. Ok... back to AC. We began recording the TIME album and the idea of having a British producer was exciting and at times elevating from the standards that Canadian bands were used to. His arrangements were magical. I would spend many hours even after the sessions just watching and listening too him work. Over the next couple of months we became really good friends and shared many private moments together. When the album was completed he came up to me and said, "I really enjoyed working with you and I believe you are going to be a star". I was wowed and thanked him for a incredible experience. We would go on to begin a second album that would never see vinyl heaven, but my memories of Alan are as vivid as if it were yesterday. I was very sad when I heard of his passing in 2000. He will be missed but can always be heard on "Gypsy", "Thank You" and the rest of TIME BUBBLEGUM HERO

Toronto Center Island 1972 This was one of the bands first big concerts and to their surprise, the crowd went nuts. I recall these four guys on stage with no shirts on and painted art on their chests and faces. They reminded me of warrior indians ready for battle and perhaps they were. They climbed on their instruments an0d began the mighty roars of melodic thunder. I was blown away. I could feel the energy come off that stage as if it were a raging ball of fire. This band was hot. I was taken by the lily pad review the Toronto Star gave them. Was the writer blind and deaf. Although the words were kind, the reviewer missed the purpose of this atomic fusion that we just witnessed. I have never been to a concert with this many people, what an experience. Anyway read what the Star had to say.The Toronto Star newspaper wrote. "The most impressive group of the day was Captain Midnite, four-man, Toronto-based band, formerly known as Just Us. They were impressive because they put everything they had into their music, going from song to the next without a break never allowing the audience to come down. " Toronto Star. 

 Jimi and Bobby Toronto Center Island 30,000 people rockin and rolling... they can't be wrong. 
Keyboardist extraordinaire Will Hare was good enough to fill in on a few Abies Babies gigs. Will is currenty on a worldwide tour with Classiic Rock Albums.

LOS ANGELES - were a new adventure for Jimi. After almost ten years of living in California ...(read more)
  COVER STORY ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN A NEW CHAPTER - "Mrs. Norton once referred to children as Fragile beginnings of mighty end." Avenue of America's Gary Salter is now preparing his Abraham's Children for a mighty beginning rather than "mighty end." Their release on the G.A.S. label, "Goodbye Farewell", was slow to start but with the combined efforts of manager Jack Morrow and A&R man Paul Gross, they have now had the single listed on almost seventy stations across Canada - a rarity, so early on release. Morrow's telephone hype included calls to John Oliver/CHEC Lethbridge: Al Jenssen CHAK Inuvik: Greg Stewart/CKWS Kingston: Mike Christie/CKOM Saskatoon: Dave Hammond CFCY/ Charlottetown: Doug McAllister CHNL/ Kamloops and many others in both principal and breakout markets. Salter received their first boost from radio with CKOC Hamilton who recognized the single as a "Potential Hit". This was quickly followed by CFCF/ Montreal: CHED/Edmonton: CKOM/Saskatoon: CKLC/ Kingston: CKLW/Windsor, and CKCK/Regina. That started the hit churning and created a national breakout with listings from coast to coast. Salter made a quick trip to the US and firmed a deal with The Buddah Group who released the the deck almost immediately. Because of the play on CKLW, several US markets within the glant's listening area have provided a healthy sales picture for the single. Abraham's Children now have a firm foothold on the market, confirming Salter's faith in the group. Says Salter: " When producing a record whether it be a single or an album, we the people who finance the project, must keep in mind to be competitive in the world-wide trade. We also must remember that Canadian radio is more than capable of breaking what can turn out to be a world-wide hit. This means producing the kind of product that their programming requires, and not taking advantage of the fact that under present legislation, radio stations are required to play 30% Canadian content. I feel "Goodbye Farewell" to be one of those records. Abraham's Children; Brian Cotterill, drums: Ron Bartley, guitar: Bob McPherson, organ: and Jimi Bertucci, bass who penned their hit single, have been together in various, form, for more than five years. They, like so many of their contemporaries, have hung on, hoping their day would come, and knowing that when it did, they would be ready. Under the capable guidance of independent writer/producer, Paul Gross, the band finally came together. He believes that "Goodbye Farewell" and Abraham's Children are "a super combination that is only the beginning of what is destined to be the Canadian success story of the year." On a recent tour of the Atlantic Provinces, Abraham's Children pulled capacity houses and received rave reviews. Brian Dunnine, a reporter for the St. John's Journal-Pioneer, wrote; " What perhaps sets this group of young Canadian talent aside, is their friendliness. They have not acquired the attitudes associated with top recording artists, that of the mighty visiting the small. Rather, all four could be described as being average young Canadians, if you could call producing two hit songs both of which are on local hit parade, average". According to their manager, Jack Morrow, the group " is the most dynamic, hard-working band in North America", and further predicts that they will be " without a doubt, the hottest act in show business in one year." He also challenges any other band to match Abraham's Children on the same billing. That's manager talk-but Morrow's proof of this claim is their 30,000 draw at Toronto's Center Island and another 25,000 at the Toronto CNE and packed house after house wherever they appear.
One On One On Radio...(cont'd from contact) audience that would remain dedicated to this day. Change has a way of determining our direction and possibilities, and nothing lasts forever. He has seen many phases go in and out of style, but the integrity of his fun-loving personality sustains all stages of entertaining evolution. We could go on and on how he revolutionized FM radio by offering the listening ears more than your basic,, tossed salad, but Marsden is complex and mirrors many facets as both an artist, and an individual. He is the story teller, and whether it makes sense or not, you are drawn in and seduced, surrendering your complete attention to his entrée. This man's intrinsic airwave intuition has made him in demand and if you were one of the lucky stations that could afford his talent, ruled. His appearance at special events would dominate the scene, as his fans would swarm, to get his autograph or their picture taken with him.
The young dreamer was not only inhaling these vapors of attention, he was also beginning to reciprocate
the feelings of success, within a snub-nosed industry, calculated by foreign propaganda. David mocks the status quo. He believes that if one's platform is limited, the results will also be hindered. The transformation of radio has peaked, for now. The cookie-cutter shaped deejays, that can sometimes be as annoying as telemarketers during dinner, are trying to spoon feed a sense of mainstream mediocrity. So, where does David fit in, among all this candy-floss of musical merry-go-rounds? When I first heard that he was back in the radio rat race, I couldn't help but display a big smile, and tell my friends that the Marsbar had landed, making a galactic entrance, and all our dials must be precisely synchronized to encounter his schism. The new generation is able to grasp this faceless monitor, and his tribal messages that allow the young force to interpret the poetic jargon, within a social context, if there is any. Here, in Tinsletown, we can often be spoiled, or numbed, by the on-going themes of personalities. The search for creative, quality entertainment is of global proportion, and the rewards are programs that are best suited for the individual's needs. I recall the first time I watched...(read more) 

Guitarist Ron Bartley, bassist Jimi Bertucci , drummer Brian Cotterill and keyboard player Bob McPherson got their start in the late 1960's with the Toronto-based Just Us. That outfit subsequently morphed into Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet (great name), but ran into a problem with Captain Midnight's publishers. The threat of legal action was enough to see the quartet opt for another name switch - this time around Abraham's Children. Signed to the small Toronto-based G.A.S. Records, the band enjoyed a Canadian top-40 hit with their debut 45 'Goodbye-Farewell'. Their 1973 follow-up 'Gypsy' went top-10, leading G.A.S. to finance an LP. Unfortunately, by the time the group started recording the album, musical tensions had begun to flare. G.A.S. executes demanded the band continue to work in a commercial pop vein, while the band members were interested in a harder-rock sound. Guess which side won the fight? (read more)


THE RIDE was a project that Ron and Dan had put together after the demise of AC. We will attempt to get more info on this band when we speak to Dan Smith or Ron Bartley.
Danny Smith>>>>>>>>>> became a very intricate part of AC. We started to have more control over the music and Danny made it solid, hard and tight."My bass became a part of the drums."

TORONTO, CANADA When a company celebrates 50 years of existence it is a big deal. When Chum radio lights the 50 candles it's a humungos city celebration. One of the hottest dj's to hit the airwaves, was a good looking young man with a voice that said RADIO. Scott Carpenter returned to the helm as comfortable as he was 30 years ago when he hosted The Scott Carpenter Show. The Boogie Man as he was and is still known. displayed the same enthusiasm on air today as if it were yesteryear. Chum has been spinning hits and entertaining the metropolis since we can remember. Jimi and his band Abraham's Children have a lot to thank the monster of AM radio, they've been playing his music since 1972. When Jimi received an email from Scott asking if he would be his guest artist while in Toronto, Jimi was honored. He remembers the Boogie Man and all the kind words he would always say about AC. Jimi thought it would be fun to bring Nick Mancuso along for some humorous tech decor. They arrived at the landmark station and were greeted by Brad Jones program director.The studio was buzzing and the air was so thick of nostalgia you'd swear Elvis was hanging around. Jimi and Nick settled in their chairs and the circus began. cheers...
Toronto, Canada Jimi signs the celeb wall. Listen to the interview with Gord James on CHUM radio. Chum prepares to celebrate fifty years of putting music in the airwaves. Jimi has appeared on Chum radio many times over the years and still enjoys the mystery of radio interviews."I'm sad that CHUM is no longer around, we have lost a bit of misical history. ( listen to the last interview on CHUM )   1050 CHUM radio personality the late Marc Chambers goofing off with Marisa Lang manager and publicity agent for Jimi Bertucci and Abraham's Children. The Hollywood on Queensway is a very popular night spot in Toronto, Canada and features some of the top recording artists in music today. Besides spinning the hits at the club,Marc also played AC hits on his show on CHUM radio almost daily. He said " Abraham's Children is a great Canadian band ". It's been rumored that AC may be doing a live concert this summer at the club. If you want to find out more about the possible gig send Marisa an email for an update. 
Having listened to this one a half dozen times, I've got to tell you these guys barely qualify as a rock band, let alone a psych act. Quality pop outfit yeah, but psych? Definitively not... Guitarist Ron Bartley, bassist Jimi Bertucci , drummer Brian Cotterill and keyboard player Bob McPherson got their start in the late 1960s with the Toronto-based Just Us. That outfit subsequently morphed into Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet (great name), but ran into a problem with Captain Midnight's publishers. The threat of legal action was enough to see the quartet opt for another name switch - this time around Abraham's Children. Signed to the small Toronto-based G.A.S. Records, the band enjoyed a Canadian top-40 hit with their debut 45 'Goodbye-Farewell'. Their 1973 follow-up 'Gypsy' went top-10, leading G.A.S. to finance an LP. Unfortunately, by the time the group started recording the album, musical tensions had begun to flare. G.A.S. executes demanded the band continue to work in a commercial pop vein, while the band members were interested in a harder-rock sound. Guess which side won the fight? Produced by Paul Gross (who contributed a couple of tracks to the LP), 1973's "Time" offered up a mix of the earlier singles and new studio material. Boasting three lead singers in Bartley, Bertucci and Cotterill, the entire set was enjoyable, with tracks such as 'Children's Song' and 'How To Be A Lady' showcasing the group's knack for writing and performing commercial pop. Imagine a Canadian version of Pilot, or The Raspberries and you'll get a feel for most of the album. The group also enjoyed a third Canadian hit with the bouncy 'Thank You'. It's interesting that the two best songs are also the least commercial. Both 'Woman 'O Woman' and the group-penned 'Workin' for the Man' are thumping rockers, albeit with harmony vocals that make radio stations so happy. Following the album's release the band underwent an ongoing series of personnel changes that saw Bertucci, Cotterili and McPherson all quit. With replacements the band struggled on for three more years, during which time they shortened their name to 'The Children''. They also released one final non-LP single - 1974's 'Goddess of Nature' on Rampage. The group finally called it quits in 1976. Bartley, Dinardo and O'Shea subsequently formed Bang. Bertucci continued to record under the name 'Jimi B'. The band has reformed and continues to tour to this day, along with a retrospective double CD titled "30". [SB] Patrick The Lama
Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

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August 10 1974

In a rock vein, the Toronto quintet Abraham's Children have had two hit singles with UA and will be recording an album in August.

This is one of the very few sites that offers exclusive items and music of Abraham's Children and its members. Over...(more) 

Reseda, CA Yes it's the ageless Dick Clark. Back in the seventies Dick heard of a young upcoming band named Abraham's Children. He had heard one of the bands songs on the radio...curious 
Serra - wood, silver cross, silver spacers, leather $29.99 plus S&H clasp

Bobby was the quiet,but not reserved member of the band. When it came to making a decision ...the wait was forever....oh those poor waitresses ...(more) 
Just had a chance to listen to some of your songs, actually all of them WOW they were great. You don't often get songs of this caliber on the web, I'm very impressed. Rudy - Brazil...more feedback
CANADA D' EH There's something magical, without getting too ethereal, when a group of people can get together for a....(read more) 

DYK - Before they were CMDF, AC, JIMI B, THE POLICE, they were simply know as Just Us.

Through My Window

Through my window there are many worlds
Some created some visible only to my eyes
The flying machines the crashing beams
Waterfalls clouds that resemble cotton balls
Aging man youthful girls purple trees
Through my window I can fly high
Converse with the moon touch the sky
Slide on rainbows soak in the rain
Build castles of sand feel no pain
Through my window she waits for me
To journey in lands of fantasy
Never a clock or time to rush
Treasures of love that ooze and gush
Through my window my music is free
Profound are the words meaning to me
Naked I stand without fault or shame
Never to judge the riches I gain
Through my window life is precious
Full of hope and unpretentious
Children laugh with sound elation
God smiles



My days as a blogger or forum gladiator are behind me. Ok, perhaps I will indulge in the odd verbal sparring on occasion to satisfy the addict endorphins I created while spinning my opinionated views. The lesson learned during this combative rebuttal of wit made me come to several conclusions. When you are in a political forum or blog, no matter what your craterous ideals are, the chances of converting others to your ideologies are slim to nil. However, if one displays some form of intellectualism during the font-trading refutation, intimidation will appear obvious causing a noticeable affliction on the screen.  

For example, I appeared on a blog that was praising a newly released film by Bill Maher called Religulous. I was amazed by how many people supported the actions of this unscrupulous low-life character. Here is a man with the opportunity to use HBO and its affiliates to promote peace and unity in an environment that is so hurting for compassion and a positive spin on everyday existence, and yet he continues to condemn one's spiritual or religious beliefs. I was very aware of his atheist persuasion and his overwhelming dislike for the Christian and Catholic communities. His lack of moral behavior I attribute to his low self-esteem as a youth and askew upbringing. Educated at a couple of decent schools and colleges I could not comprehend his direction of demoralizing the fabric of our establishment. This was my first of many offerings to this blog, that would later become a personal assault on this despicable excuse for a human being. I chose to appropriately name myself.  

VDB: Bill I would not waste my time or money to see a hacker like you on the big screen. It's bad enough I accidentally see you on TV and that irks me deeply. Why don't you try washing your hair…you see Bill, with HD television we can all see your ugliness, physically and what's in that small pea of a brain. Bill am I being too hard? Gee! You and Maxine Waters would make a great couple; you are both from the same place, the sewers of society. And let's talk about your nose that fills the screen. I imagine it comes in handy when you are bent over sniffing Liberal butts. The main reason I don't order HBO is you Bill that's right. Until they change their format and put someone in your slot that has some integrity, just then I might order it…NA. Ok Bill I have to go and watch O'Reilly at least he baths and washes his hair. (The Blog 


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  Buddah Records: Was the ultimate bubblegum label . It was the home to 1910 Fruit Gum Company, Neil Sedaka , Paul Anka, Abraham's Children, Ohio Express , Shadows of Knight, David Cassidy, Melanie, Gladys Night and The Pips, and an endless list of others. The founding member of Buddah was a visionary man named Neil Bogart. Abraham's Children first met Neil, when he was invited to attend a showcase of the band, in Toronto, Canada. GAS Records , the Children's Canadian label , had set up this elaborate concert showcase in the premier hotel, Inn On The Park , Neil was flown in with around 15 other major US labels.  

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Published on Feb 23, 2013

For me writing has always been a form of anthropologic dig. Over the years I have stored many memoirs in the database of my mind, the recollections of which are often triggered by daily happenings. I call this clipboard of tales...a mental canvas covered with oddities of script that have somehow managed to penetrate my inner soul. It may seem arrogant of me to think that other people would enjoy the tidbits of my colorful life but, in true form, I nevertheless proceed to smother you with my ramblings and music. I do hope you enjoy listening to these gathered thoughts that reflect a brief moment in space and time.
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